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Notebook 30 - The wild flower's song 1

The wild flower's song

As I wander'd the forest,
The green leaves among,
I heard a wild [thistle del.] flower
Singing a Song:

"I slept in the [dark 'del.] earth, &c."[1]


Wikisource notesEdit

  1. The rest of the poem:

    I slept in the earth
    In the silent night
    I murmurd my fears
    And I felt delight

    In the morning I went
    As rosy as morn
    To seek for new Joy,
    But I met with scorn.

    The title and introductory stanza and were written two pages after the 2nd and 3rd stanzas. G. Keynes printed them separately and numbered as Nos. 20 & 30. In some other editions they unnumbered and printed together.