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Shooting. No one is advised to come to Japan for sport. Deer and even bears do, no doubt, exist in the northern island of Yezo; pheasants, snipe, quail, wild-duck, teal, hares, and other small game in the Main Island, but not in sufficient numbers to wander so far afield for, seeing that Europe and America offer superior attractions. Shooting licenses may be obtained at the prefectural office (kenchō) of the various open ports, and at the Tōkyō Fu, or city office, in Tōkyō. The fee varies according to the income of the applicant, but practically all foreigners likely to require licenses come under the 20 yen clause.[1] The shooting season, speaking generally, lasts from the 15th October to the 15th April. These dates will seem late to English sportsmen; but it must be remembered that the seasons begin later in Japan than in England, spring as well as autumn.

  1. Raised temporarily to 30 yen during the continuance of the war.