Thom's Irish Who's Who/Appelbe, Brig.-Gen. Edward Benjamin

APPELBE, Brig.-Gen. Edward Benjamin, C.B. (1902), C.M.G. (1917); entered Ordnance Store Department, 1876; became Assistant Commissary Gen., 1893; Hon. Major, 1893; Major, 1896; Lieut.-Col. 1898, and Col., 1900, and Hon. Brig.-Gen., 1919; served in Zulu Campaign, 1879 (medal with clasp); Boer War, 1881; Soudan Expeditions, 1884-5 (medal with two clasps, bronze star) and 1888-91, as Senior Ordnance Store Officer S. Africa 1899-1902, first as Ch. Ordnance Officer on Lines of Communication, then as Ch. Ordnance Officer, Natal, and finally as Principal Ordnance Officer, S. Africa; present at relief of Ladysmith (despatches three times. Queen's medal with three clasps. King's medal with two clasps, promoted Col. and 1st class Ordnance Officer, C.B): was Senior Ordnance Store Officer, Egyptian Army, 1887-93 (3rd class Osmanieh); Ch. Ordnance Officer 1st Army Corps, 1903-4; Assist. Director of Ordnance Stores at Royal Arsenal, WoolMich, 1904-7; second son of late Edward Alexander Appelbe, of Kildarra House, Bandon, Co. Cork: b. 1855: m., 1st, 1885, Annie Margaret (d. 1905), dau. of the late David Napier: 2nd, 1907, Helen Florence Mabel, dau. of the late Brig.-Surg. Thomas Wright, Army Med. Staff.