Thom's Irish Who's Who/Fitzgerald, Denis P.

FITZGERALD, Denis P., B.A. (1890): M.B. (1896); Nat. Univ. of Ireland; Profess. of Anatomy, University College, Cork: Lecturer on Artistic Anatomy, Municipal School of Art, Cork; Member of Senate, National University of Ireland; Member of Governing Body, University College, Cork; Member of Anatom. Society of Gt. Britain and Ireland. Educ.: Presentation Bros'. College, Cork; University College, Cork. Scholar, Exhibitioner and Prizeman. Univ. Coll., Cork. Pubns.: Some Abnormalities of the Ocular Muscles.—Brit. Med. Jour. 1898; The Pituitary Fossa and Certain Skull Measurements—Dublin Med. Jour., 1909; The Study of Human Abnormalities as an Aid to that of Human Embryology.-Ib., 1909; A Brief History of the Medical Profession in Ireland, 1917; History of Old Cork, 1920, et seq.; b. April 29th, 1871. Res.: Summer Lea House Tivoli, Cork. Recns. cycling, photography.