Thom's Irish Who's Who/Green, Alice Sophia Amelia

GREEN, Alice Sophia Amelia, Litt D. (Liverpool). Educ. by private reading at home. Pubns.: Short Geography of the British Islands, 1880; Henry II. (Twelve English Statesmen), 1888; Town Life in the Fifteenth Century, 1894; contributions to Nineteenth Century; Revue de Paris; Studies, etc. Edited: The Conquest of England, 1883; revised ed. of the Short History, 1888; illustrated ed. of Short History (with Miss K. Norgate), 1892; Oxford Studies (with Miss K. Norgate), 1901; edited: Historical Studies, 1903; Stray Studies, 2nd series, 1903; The Making of Ireland and its Undoing, 1908; Irish Nationality, 1911; The Old Irish World, 1912; Woman's Place in the World of Letters, 1913; new edition of the Short History, with an added Epilogue, the history of the Nineteenth Century, 1916; pamphlets: Ourselves Alone in Ulster; Loyalty and Disloyalty: what it means in Ireland, 1918; b. Kells, Ireland; 7th child of Edward Adderley Stopford, Archdeacon of Meath, and Anne Catherine Duke, Co. Sligo: m. 1877, late John Richard Green, LL.D., Hon. Fellow Jesus College, Oxford. Res: 90 Stephen's Green, Dublin.