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Tynan, Katharine (Mrs. Katharine Tynan Hinkson)
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TYNAN, Katharine (Mrs. Katharine Tynan Hinkson), novelist and verse-writer. Educ.: Sienna Convent, Drogheda. Began writing at the age of seventeen; published first volume of verse in 1885; began to write prose, 1887. Pubns.: Louise de la Valhere, 1885; Shamrocks, 1887: Ballads and Lyrics, 1890; A Nun: Her Friends and Her Order. 1892; Cuckoo Songs, 1894; A Cluster of Nuts. 1894; The Land of Mist and Mountain. 1895: An Isle in the Water, 1895; The Way of a Maid, 1895: Miracle Plays. 1896; Oh! What a Plague is Love. 1896; A Lover's Breast Knot, 1896: The Handsome Brandons, 1898; The Wind in the Trees (poems), 1898; The Dear Irish Girl. 1899; She Walks in Beauty, 1899: Three Fair Maids, 1900; A Daughter of the Fields, 1900; A Union of Hearts; A Girl of Galway; Collected Poems: That Sweet Enemy, 1901; The Handsome Quaker; A King's Woman; Love of Sisters, 1902: A Red Red Rose; The Honourable Molly, 1903; The French Wife; Judy's Lovers; Julia; The Luck of the Fairfaxes, 1904; A Daughter of Kings: A Favourite of Fortune; Dick Pentreath; Innocencies, 1905; A Yellow Domino: The Adventures of Alicia; The Story of Bawn; A Book of Memory, 1906; For Maisie, 1907: Her Ladyship; edited Cabinet of Irish Literature, new edition, 1903, and Irish Love Songs, 1892: Mary Gray; The Lost Angel; The House of the Crickets: Experiences, 1908; Peggy the Daughter; Cousins and Others; Lauds: Kitty Aubrey; Her Mother's Daughter; The Book of Flowers (with Frances Maitland), 1909; Betty Carew; Freda; The House of the Secret, 1910: The Story of Cecilia; New Poems; The Story of Clarice, 1911; Princess Katharine: Rose of the Garden; Heart o' Gold: Honey, my Honey, 1912; Mrs. Pratt of Paradise Farm; Twenty-five Years; The Daughter of the Manor; Irish Poems, 1913; A Little Radiant Girl, John Bulteel's Daughters; Lovers' Meetings; A Shameful Inheritance; Molly, My Heart's delight; The Flower of Peace; 1914; Men not Angels; Countrymen All; The House of the Foxes; Flower of Youth; The Squire's Sweetheart; Since First I saw your Face: The Story of Margery Dawe. 1915; The Web of Fraulein; The Holy War; The West Wind; John-a-Dreams. 1916; The Middle Years; Lord Edward; Kit; Late Songs: The Rattlesnake; Miss Mary, 1917; Miss Gascoigne; My Love's a Lassie: Herb o' Grace, 1918; The Years of the Shadow; The Man from Australia, 1909; Love of Brothers, 1919. Recns.: talking to a good listener; the companionship of dogs; collecting china; the society of her children; auction bridge; fourth dau. of Andrew C. Tynan, of Whitehall, Clondalkin, Co. Dublin; m. 1893, H. A. Hinkson (d. 1919), and has issue two sons and one dau. Res.: Brookhill, Claremorris, Co. Mayo.