Thom's Irish Who's Who/Ussher, Brandram Boileau

USSHER, Brandram Boileau, bishop, physician; b. Dublin, Ireland, Aug. 6th, 1845; son of Capt. Richard Beverly (of H.M. 86th Regt.), and Henrietta (Boileau) U.; Diploma Royal Dublin Society at 17; studied medicine at University of Mich., 1865, 66; received Degree of Doctor of Eclectic Medicine after exam, by Bd. Nat. Med. Assn.; Chicago session, 1870, 71; M.D., Univ. Medical Coll., Kansas City (allopathic), 1894; grad. English course, Harvard Summer Sch., 1899; m. E. L. Thompson, of Chicago, July 16th, 1867; 2nd, Mary Reed Whitney, widow of F. W. Pelton, of Bedham, Mass., Aug. 6th, 1897; began course of divinity under direction of Bishop Whitehouse, of Ill., 1871; left P.E. Ch. for R.E. Ch., 1874; ordained deacon by Bishop Cheney in Chicago, presbyter in Ottawa, Canada, by Bishop Cheney, 1876; pastor, Toronto and Montreal; consecrated bishop Reformed Ch. of Eng., June 19th, 1882, and elected bishop of Canada: resigned, 1891, and tilled pastorates at Kansas City, Mo., and Peoria, Ill., until 1898, when retired; pastor emeritus, Emmanuel Union Ch., Lakeview, N.C.; Lecturer Emerson College of Oratory; a founder, mem. exec, bd., and pres., 1909, Victorian Club, Boston; mem. council Actors' Ch. Alliance; mem. Nat. Geog. Soc, British Charitable Soc. of Boston, Ministerial Club (Dedham, Mass.), Canadian Club of Boston; charter mem. George Washington U. Memorial Assn.; mem. Am. Assn. for Internat. Conciliation; Lecturer Jamaican Inst., Jamaica, and commr. from that island to the Pan-Am. Expn., Buffalo, 1901. Club: Elliot. Address: 824 6th Street, Santa Monica, California, U.S. America.