Thom's Irish Who's Who/Villiers-Stuart, Gerald

VILLIERS-STUART, Gerald, D.L. Co. of Waterford: honorary rank of Captain in Army. Educ.: Elstree, Haileybury: A.C., Cirencester: engaged in ranching and various manufacturing enterprises in U.S.A.: Member of Waterford County Council. 1908-1918: served in the Army from Sept. 1914, to March. 1919. Novels published: The Soul of Croesus; The Flight of Lord Rhincren; The Lost Destiny; The White Shrine; several plays produced in England and America: author of many short stories. Recns.: games and small game shooting, sea fishing; b. Jan. 1869; second son of the late Henry Villiers-Stuart, of Dromana. Res.: Landyot Lodge, Helvick, Co. Waterford. Clubs: Junior Constitutional, Piccadilly, London, W.