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United States Supreme Court

74 U.S. 342

Thomson  v.  Dean

THIS was a motion to dismiss an appeal from the Circuit Court for West Tennessee, on the ground that the decree from which it was taken was not final.

The record showed that the controversy related to the ownership and transfer of two hundred and four shares of the stock of the Memphis Gaslight Company, and to the rights of the parties under contracts relating to the purchase, sale, and transfer of the stock.

The decree directed that Dean, the defendant below and appellant here, transfer forthwith upon the books of the company one hundred and ninety-four shares of the stock to one of the plaintiffs below, who are appellees here, and ten shares to another. It directed further, that account be taken and stated as to the amount paid and to be paid for the stock, and as to dividends accrued, and to be credited under the contracts between the parties. This decree was rendered on the 12th of March, 1868, and appeal was allowed on the same day. Bond was given on the 23d.

Mr. Phillips, in support of the motion:

It is, perhaps, not quite easy to reconcile all the decisions of this court on the question as to what is a 'final decree' upon which an appeal will lie.

In Forgay v. Conrad, [1] Taney, C. J., delivering the opinion, says:


^1  6 Howard, 204.

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