Tibby Fowler  (1824) 
The jolly sailor


A Lady born of birth and fame,
To Greenwich town for pleasure came.
Where she a sailor did behold,
Both tall aud trim, of courage bold.

She view'd him with her lovely eyes,
Her heart was fill'd with great surprise,
For he was handsome, tall and trim,
This Lady fell in love with him.

Her chief care was to let him know
How she did love this Sailor so;
And as they met once on a day,
She to the Sailor thus did say.

I understand you have no wife,
What makes you lead a single life?
The Sailor thus to her reply'd,
I for myself can scarce provide.

And if I had a family.
Their wants I could not well supply,
Besides, Lady, there's one thing mote,
Was I to go where cannons roar.

And if any mischance should be,
There’s no one left to mourn for me
This is a sad argument, she laid,
Many a Lady would be glad.

Of such a brisk young man as you,
I'd have you bid the sea adieu
You are welcome, Lady then sa'd he,
Thus to joke and jest with me

No, I am serious, Sir, she cry’d,
And a match for you I will provide
She has wit and beauty as you'll find,
I make no doubt she'll please your mind.

She’s much like me in each degree,
I wish it were the same, quoth he,
You have your wish home take your love,
And I'll adore you by all above.

Ten thousand pounds a year she had,
It's enough to quite the ocean wide:
She clothed him that very day,
And they we e married straightway.

This work was published before January 1, 1928, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.

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