Tides (Howard)

For works with similar titles, see Tides.

I am weary of birth and battle,
     Seasons and Time and tide,
Of the ocean's empty rattle.
     And the woman at my side.

I am weary of pain and revel,
     And eyes that glitter or weep;
I will sell my soul to the Devil
     For a thousand years of sleep.

Then never a dream shall haunt me,
     And never a star shall rise,
Nor a shadow come to daunt me
     In the blackness over my eyes.

There shall be no name or number
     Of the seasons over me;
I shall know the tides of slumber
     As a sunken ship, the sea.

And when I shall wake hereafter,
     And the Devil comes for his gain,
I will crush him with crimson laughter
     And turn to my sleep again.