To Jessica, Gone Back to the City

To Jessica, Gone Back to the City  (1897) 
by Ellis Parker Butler
from The Century Magazine, Nov 1897

To Jessica, Gone Back to the City.

Sence fair Jessica hez left as
Seems ez ef she hed bereft us,
When she went, o' half o' livin';
Fer we never knowed she 'd driven
Into us so much content.
Till fair Jessica hed went.
(Knowed a feller once thet cried
When his yaller dog hed died.)

We hain't near ez bright an' chirky,
An' the sun shines blue an' murky,
Kind o' sadly an' dishearted,
Like ets sperret hed departed;
Just ez ef ets joy hed ceased
Sence fair Jessica 's gone East.
(Not but what ets always sober
Sort o' weather in October.)

Then the posies, too, seems human,
An' hez all quit o' their bloomin';
An' the trees they show a pallor
An' hev turned a heart-sick yaller,
Sayin', "No use livin' on
Ef fair Jessica hez gone."
(Folks thet knows sez this ez all
Very common in the fall.)

Truth ez, I 'm a-feelin' sadly;
Things ez goin' kind o' badly
Round my heart an' other vitals
(Brings on poetry recitals
O' my woes 'most ev'ry day)
Sence fair Jessica 's away.
(Kind o' think thet I will haf ter
Smoke a leetle less hereafter.)

But with fun aside, you know.
We 're blamed sorry she must go;
An' we hope she 'll think, maybe,
'Z well o' us ez we o' she.

Ellis Parker Butler.

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