Lapsus Calami (Apr 1891)/To One Smoking

Lapsus Calami  (1891)  by J.K.S.
Sincere Flattery of F. W. H. M.: To One Smoking

This Frederic W. H. Myers parody was first published in the "Sincere Flattery" section of Lapsus Calami. A second parody, "To A. T. M.", immediately followed in the same section and subsection. In the third edition this was immediately preceded by "Drinking Song," the intervening pieces having been omitted.

I. Of F. W. H. M.

1. To One that smokes.

Spare us the hint of slightest desecration,
Spotless preserve us an untainted shrine;
Not for thy sake, oh goddess of creation,
Not for thy sake, oh woman, but for mine.