Toast-master's companion (3)

Toast-master's companion (3)  (1832) 




A Collection of the best and newest Loyal, Patriotic, Military, Naval, Love, Masonic, Drinking, Sporting, and Miscellaneous Toasts and Sentiments.


Our beloved Sovereign the King
May the King always live in the hearts of his subjects
Brunswick's glory, and may it last till the end of time
All our Nobles, and all noble hearts
The constitution of Great Britain and Ireland, and may it
flourish to the latest posterity
Firmness in the senate, valour in the field, and fortitude on the waves
May our commanders have the eye of a Hawke, and the heart
of a Wolfe
May the sword of justice be swayed by the hand of mercy
May the seeds of dissension never find growth in the soil of
Great Britain
May the meanest Briton scorn the highest slave
Church and King
Britons in unity, and unity in Britain
A cobweb pair of breeches, a porcupine saddle, a hard trotting
horse, and a long journey, to the enemies of Ireland
The commerce of Britain and Ireland
The true Briton's three favourites, peace, plenty, and the father of his people
May the worth of the nation be ever inestimable
May he who has neither wife, mistress, nor estate in Britain,
never have a share in the government of it
A speedy export to all the enemies of Britain, without a drawback
May British virtue shine when every other light is out
May the united kingdom of Great Britain, and Ireland be ever
equally distinguished by their love of liberty and true patriotism
May the enemies of Great Britain, and Ireland never meet a

friend in either country
May the Gallic cook never tread among British poultry
May those who would revel in the ruin of Britain, or her
daughters, dance in a hempen neckcloth
May loyalty flourish for ever
Laurel water to the enemies of the constitution
May revolutions never cease while tyranny exists
May the frowns of avarice never disfigure the face of a Briton
May the produce of Britain never exceed her consumption
May every Briton be loyal, and find a loyal protection
Our constitution, as settled at the Revolution
May the rights of Great Britain never be invaded by foreigner
May the hearts of our sons be honest and brave, and our daughter
ters modest and pure


The Brtish Army- May its distinguishing characteristic always
be fortitude in the hour of disaster, courage in the hour
of danger, and mercy in the hour of victory
Field-Marshal the of Wellington, and our gallant country
men who fought under him
Lieut. Gen. Sir T. Maitland, and the staff of Ireland
The heroes of Waterloo
The magnanimous Emperor Alexander
All those who have fought and bled for great Britain
Marshal Beresford, and the brave Portuguese
Marshal Blucher, and the gallant Prussians
Prince Platoff, and the brave Cossacks
The Marquis of Huntly, and the brave 42d Regiment
The Earl of Hopetoun, and the gallant 92d Regiment
To the memory of Sir Thomas Picton, and all our brave country
men who fell at Waterloo
All our brave allies who so nobly assisted in the late sanguinary war
To the memory of Sir Ralph Abercrombie; and may the
laurels which Scotland gained when he fell, bloom to the
latest ages untarnished by any of her future warriors
Every soldier his right, and every deserter a halter
When honour is to be decided by the sword, may it never find
its way to the heart
May the Soldier never fall a sacrifice but to glory
The brave warriors of Russia


The British Navy-May it ever sail on a sea of glory, and
waſted by the gales of prosperity, enter the port of victory
May the ensigns of the British Navy always prove the harbingers
of dismay and defeat to our enemies, and of
confidence and security to our allies
The Sea, and may it always bring a spring-tide of joy to Great Britain
May the tar who loses one eye in defence of his country, never
see distress with the other
May our Seamen, from the Captain to the Cabin-boy, be like
our ships, hearts of oak
the voyage of life may content be our cabin passenger
May gales of prosperity waft us to the port of happiness
The tar that sticks like pitch to his duty
Pretty Frigates well rigged, and jolly boys to man them
broadside of comfort to every distressed heart
May the memory of the noble Nelson inspire every Seaman to
do his duty
The foes well tarred, and our Tars well feathered
The world's check-string-the british navy
May no true son of Neptune ever flinch from his gun
May rudders govern and ships obey
May no Son of the ocean be devoured by his mother
Baitain's sheet-anchor, her Tars and wooden walls
May our Navy never know defeat but by name
Britain's pride, and the world's wonder-


The spring of Love, and the harvest of Enjoyment
Love in a cottage and envy to none
Beauty without affectation, and virtue without parade
Days of ease, and nights of pleasure
Love without licentiousness, and pleasure without excess
Beauty, innocence, and modest merit
Artless love, and disinterested friendship
May the cautious Fair never be deceived by the appearances of love
May Love and Reason be friends, and Beauty and Prudence marry
May Lovers' Vows never end in Lovers' Quarrels
May who find the way to be married, find A Cure for the Heart Ache
The Roses of Love without the thorns
The spring of life and the fountain of enjoyment
The life we love with those we love
Sincerity before marriage and fidelity afterwards
All that love can give and sensibility
Beauty's best companion-Modesty
Charms to strike the sight, and merit to win the heart
Here's a health to the maid that is constant and kind
Who to charms bright as Venus adds Diana
Laughing lovers to merry maids
Love and opportunity
Love's slavery
Love, liberty, and length of blissful days
The Masters and Wardens of all regular Lodges
Love for love
May the lovers of the fair sex never want means to support and
to defend them
May the villain who robs my daughter of her virtue outlive
every friend May the joys of the fair give pleasure to the heart
May the sparks of love brighten into a flame
May the bud of affection be ripened by the sunshine of sincerity
The dignity of the fair sex
Fair faces and fair game
May we be loved by those we love
May we kiss whom we please, and please whom we kiss
May a virtuous offspring succeed to mutual and honourable love
May the confidence of love be rewarded with constancy in its object
May the presence of the Fair curb the licentious
May the honourable lover obtain the object of his wishes
May the wings of Love never loose a feather
May the lovers of the Fair be modest, faithful, and kind
May the passions of women be stronger than the prejudices of education
Success to the lover, and joy to the beloved
Sweetbriars, and the aggreeable rubs of life.
The lass we like, and the friend we can trust
The single married, and the married happy
The comforts of matrimony, and the single happy

The fountain of love in all its purity
The companions of Beauty-Modesty and Love
The greatest blessing Heaven can send-a good wife
The pillars of love-Kindness and constancy
Friendship without interest and love without deceit
When love attacks the heart, may honour be the proposer of a truce
Delicious nights to every virtuous heart
Constancy in love and sincerity in friendship
Sense to win a heart, and merit to keep it
May the blush of conscious innocence ever deck the faces of the British Fair
May our joys with the Fair give pleasure to the heart
May the generous heart ever meet a chaste mate
May the union of persons be always founded on that of hearts
May the tempers of our wives be suited to these of their husbands
May those who love truly be always believed,
And those who deceive us be always deceived
The union of two fond hearts
The lady we love, and the friend we dare trust
The love of liberty and the liberty of love


Our royal King and the royal and ancient Craft
All the Kings, Princes, and Potentates, that propagate or
protect the Royal Art
All the Fraternity round the globe
All noblemen, and Right Worshipful Brothers, who have been
Grand Masters The Grand Lodge of Scotland
The Grand Lodge of England
All well disposed Masons
The Grnd Lodge of Ireland, &c.
The Masters and Wardens of all regular Lodges
To the memory of him who first planted the vine
To Masons, and to Masons' bairns,
And Women with both wit and charms,
That love to lie in Mason's arms
To all the female friends of Free-masons
To him that first the world began
To the memory of the Tyrian artist
To him that did the temple rear
Who lived and died within the square

And lies interred there none knows where,
But these who Master Masons are
To all Masons who walk in the line
To all that live within the compass and square
To the increase of perpetual friendship and peace among the
ancient Craft
To all ancient Free-masons wherever dispersed
To all those who steer their course by the three great lights
May the Lodges in this place be distinguished for love, peace
and harmony
May all Free-masons be enabled to act in a strict conformity
the rules of their order
May our actions as Masons be properly squared
A proper application of the 24 inch gauge, so that we may
measure out and husband our time wisely
To him who uses the mallet in knocking off those passions that
degrade the Mason
May the Mason's coudret be so uniform, that he may not
be ashamed to take a retrospective view of it
The absent Brethren of this Lodge
May the Brethren of our glorious Craft be ever distinguish
in the world by their regular lives, more than by the
gloves and aprons
Every Brother who keeps the key of knowledge from intrude
but cheerfully gives it to a worthy Brother
May Masonry flourish until nature expire,
And its glories ne'er fade 'till the world is on fire
May Concord, peace, and harmony, subsist in all regular
Lodges, and always distinguish Free-masons
May every Brother learn to live within the compass, and
watch upon the square
May the prospect of riches never induce a Mason to do that
which is repugnant to virtue
May our conversation be such, as that youth may therein find
instruction, women, modesty, the aged respect, and
men civility
May peace, harmony, and concord, subsist among Free men,
sons, and may every idle dispute and frivolous distinction
be buried in oblivion

May the square, plumb line, and level, regulate the conduct
of every Brother
The Mason that knows the true value and use of tools
May every Brother, who is lawfully and regularly entered into
our society, be as duly instructed in the true morals thereof
May Masonry prove as universal as it is honourable and useful
The memory of he distinguished Three
May every Brother have a heart to feel and a hand to give
May we never condemn that in a Brother which we would
pardon in ourselves
May covetous cares be unknown to Freemasons
May we be more ready to correct our own faults than to publish
the errors of a Brother
May we never rashly believe any report which is prejudicial
to a Brother
May discord, party-rage, and insolence, be for ever rooted
out from among Masons
May all Freemasons go hand in hand in the road of virtue
May the hearts of Freemasons agree, although their heads
should differ
May the conduct of Masons be such as to convince the world they dwell in light
May honour and honesty distinguish the Brethren
Relief to all indigent Brethren
May all Free-masons live in love and die in peace
The heart which conceals
And the tongue that never reveals
May no Free-mason taste the bitter apples of affliction
To the innocent and faithful Craft
May the gentle spirit of love animate the heart of every Mason
May every Free-mason be distinguished by the internal ornament
of an upright heart
May every Free-mason have as much genuine philosophy, as
that he may neither be too much exalted with the smiles
of prosperity, nor too much dejected with the frowns
of adversity
May the Brethren in this place be united to one another by the bond of love
To our next happy meeting
May the frowns of resentment be unknown among us
May Free-masons ever taste and relish the sweets of domestic

May every Free-mason have health, peace, and plenty
May every Free-mason find constancy in love, and sincerity
in friendship
May the Free mason's conscience be sound, though his fortune be rotten
May Temptation never conquer a Freemason's virtue
Honour and influence to every public-spirited Brother
Golden Eggs to every Brother, and Goldfinches to our Lodges
May our evening's diversion bear the morning's reflection
As we meet upon the level may we part upon the square


May we always have a friend and a bottle to give him
May our love of the glass never make us forget decency
May fortune resemble the bottle and bowl, and stand by the
man who can't stand by himself
May we act with reason when the bottle circulates
When wine enlivens the heart, may friendship surround
the table
May the moments of mirth be regulated by the dial of reason
A bottle at night and business in the morning
A drop of good stuff and a snug party,
To spend the evening gay, social, and hearty
Friendship in a palace, and falsehood in a dungeon
A mirth inspiring bowl
Cheerfulness in our cups, content in our minds, and competency in our pockets
Champaigne to our real friends, and real pain to our sham friends
Good wine and good company to the lover of reasonable
May the juice of the grape enliven each soul,
And good humour preside at the head of each bowl
May mirth exalt the feast
Old wine and young women
We meet to be merry, then let us part wise,
Nor suffer the bottle to blind reason's eyes


May the blossoms of friendship never be nipt by the frost of
May the friend of distress never know want nor sorrow
May he who once betrays his friend (or his trust) never have
confidence reposed in him

Friendship in marble, animosity in dust
Gratitude to our friends and grace to our foes
May the laws of friendship submit to love
More friends and less need of them
May we never, by over-leaping the bounds of prudence, trespass
upon the bosom of friendship
Friendship without formality, and love without flattery
The friend that will tell us our faults
Friendship without interest, and love without deceit
Gratitude to preserve old friends, and good behaviour to procure
new ones
Heaven's best gift—A Friend
In friendship and love we may never know vexation
May the hinges of friendship never rust
May friendship draw the cork, and lave the curtain
May the bark of friendship never founder on the rock of deceit
May we bury our sorrows in the friendly draught
May we be rich in friends rather than money
May he who wants friendship also want friends
May we never want a friend to cheer us, or a bottle to cheer him
May old friends never be forgot for new ones
May friendship be enlivened by good humour, but never
wounded by wit
May our friends have no burden, and futurity no terrors
May the lamp of friendship be lighted with the oil of sincerity
May we always have a friend and know his value
May our friends always possess the three H's——Health Honour
and Happiness
Ability to serve a friend, a honour to conceal it
May difference of opinion never divide friendship
May friendship smile in our cups, and content on our loves
Our favourite friends and a favourite girl
Reconciliation to our friends
The sunshine of the soul—A Friend
Our absent friends
May the friendly bosom never want a friend
May he that turns his back on his friends fall into the hands of
his enemies
To the secret and silent


May the end of the chase prove the beginning of happiness
May every sport prove as innocent as those of the field
May thirst after blood-shed never disgrace a British sportsman
The fox's brush over the thatched tavern
The beagle that runs by nose and not by sight
The staunch pack that a sheet will cover
The cunning hare who flattens on seeing her pursuers
The staunch hound that never spends tongue but where he ought
May the horns of a buck never disgrace the sportsman's brow
May our hounds, horses, and hearts, never fail us
May every fox-hunter be well mounted
May those who love the crack of the whip never want a brush
to pursue
The jolly sportsman that never beats about the bush
The jolly sportsman that enters the covert without being bit
by the fox
The huntress that never fails to start game
The gallant huntsman, that plunges into the deep in pursuit of
his game
The brave sportsman, that always erects his crest when he sees his game
The huntsman's deer that does not wear horns
The face that nature paints, and the heart that knows no deception
The maiden's blush, and she virgin of fifteen


May the folly of those who ape the manners of the great be always
held up to ridicule
May opinion never float on the waves of ignorance
May we look forward with pleasure and backward without regret
May our actions ever evince this belief, that honesty is the best
May the chilling blasts of adversity, prejudice, and ignorance,
never blight the early dawnings of merit
Delicate pleasures to susceptible minds
May the honest heart never feel distress
May we never break a joke to crack a reputation
Gold to every lad dietressed by misfortune's leaden hand
May the plesures of youth afford us consolation in old age
May bashful merit rise to favour, and daring insolence fall into

May the wealth of rogues devolve on honest men
May every virtuous woman be happy, and every vicious one
May fortune fill the cup where charity guides the hand
May our injuries be written in sand and our friendships on
May health paint the cheek and sincerity the mind
May our endeavours to please be always crowned with success
May the heart that sympathizes in the distress of another never
sorrow ever its own misfortunes
May the morning of prosperity shine on the evening of adversity
May flattery never sit in the parlour, nor plaindealing be kicked out of doors
Fortune to the brave and contentment to honesty
May poverty be always a day's march behind us
The man that feels for sorrow not his own
May never war be among us
Sunshine and good-humour all the world over
May we around us with pleasure and upward with gratitude
May the bud of sincerity ever blossom in the bosom of friendship
May liberty never degenerate into licentiousness
May we never swear a credulous girl out of her virtue, or an
honest man out of a just debt
May the pleasure of return bear up the spirits of the absent
May our wants be reduced and our comforts multiplied
Humanity in prosperity and fortitude in distress
May the sunshine of comfort dispel the clouds of care
May we never know want till relief is at hand
May those in place be what they profess when out out of place
Gratitude to remember and sense to forget
A blush of detection to the lovers of deceit
All fortune's daughters except the eldest-Mis-fortune
All our wants supplied and virtuous wishes satisfied
A head to earn and a heart to spend
All tails but tell-tales
All we wish and all we want
All charitable institutions
Community of goods, Unity of hearts, nobility of sentiment,
and Truth of feeling to all lovers of the fair
Emulation in virtuous breasts

Envy in an air-pump, without a passage to breathe through,
Faith in every kind of commerce
Freedom to those who dare contend for it
Frugality without meanness
Great men honest, and honest men great
Good luck till we are tired of it
Gratitude to acknowledge favours done
Good trade and well paid
However secure we are by birth may we never be renowned for crimes
Heaven to those who wish for it, and repentance to those who do not
Gaiety and innocence
Hastiness in doing good and tardiness in doing evil
Health, happiness, riches, and a good wife
Honest men and bonny lasses
Humanity in prosperity, and fortitude in distress
Health of body, peace of mind, a clean shirt, and a guinea
Integrity in those who wear the robe of justice
In the comedy of life may errors be excepted
May the mind never feel the decay of the body
May the rich be charitable and the poor grateful
May the best day we have ever seen be the worst we have to come to
May the devil cut away the toes of our enemies, that we may
know them by their limping
May we live to learn, and learn to live well
May virtue find fortune always an attendant
May reality strengthen the joys of imagination
May harmony arise from the ashes of discord
May temptation never conquer virtue
May wisdom and discretion be our topsail
May meannss never accompany riches
May we never be blind to our own errors
May we cherish hope and conquer fear
May generosity meet its own reward
May the tear of sensibility never cease to flow
May we be slaves to nothing but our duty
May we never feel want nor never want feeling
May we always look forward for better things, but never be
discontented with the present

May hemp bind those whom honour cannot
May our happiness be sincere and our joys lasting
May we never know sorrow but by name
May the honey of rectitude sweeten the bitterness of sorrow
May the cheerful heart never want a companion
May we never sacrifice at the shrine of deceit
May we never masque but at a masquerade
May the laws of humanity be put in force against the perpetrators
of cruelty
May poverty never stare us in the face without presenting
hope as her successor
May our principles be upright and our morals, pure
May discerning eyes bestow charity, and deserving objects receive it
May we never envy those who are happy, but always strive to imitate them
May we never murmur without a cause, nor ever have a cause
to murmur
May we derive amusement from businesss, and improvement from pleasure
May we never make a sword of our tongues to wound the
character of good men
May private grief never affect the public welfare
May hotesty never want a competency
May the hand of lenity heal the sores of calamity
Fidelity to our friends and feeling to our enemies
May we be always as merry as wise, and as wise as merry
May our commodities of all kinds be fairly and honourably
May our conduct be such as to bear the strictest scrutiny
May length of days be crowned with prudence
May we always be in possession of the power to please
May we live long and enjoy the providence of Heaven
May our looks never be at variance with our thoughts
May the good name that is lost be always retrieved
May our pleasures be free from the stings of remorse
May the miser live unfriended and die unlamented
May misfortunes make us wise
May the extremities of modes be only imitated by fools
May modest dulness be always preferred to learned arrogance
May those of high birth be of a humble mind
May the body be as active as the mind

May we never suffer for principles we do not hold
May the prison gloom be cheered by the rays of hope, and
liberty fetter the arms of oppression
May vanity be punished with inattention, and merit be rewarded
with respect
May might never overcome right
May we always be bumb-proof against villainy
May we never be stranded at Cuckold s point
May we never want courage when put to the shift
May we live in pleasure and die out of debt
May we never cease to deserve well of our country
May the journey through life be as sweet as it is short
Everlasting life to the man who gave the death-blow to the slave-trade
Annihilation to the trade of corruption
Addition to our trade, multiplication to our manufactories,
subtraction to taxes, and reduction to places and pensions
All the honest reformers of our country
Lots of beef and oceans of grog
A broadside of comfort to every distressed Seaman
Success to the Fair for manning the Navy
All free-born sons of the ancient and honourable Craft
All true and faithful Brothers
Success to our army, success to our fleet,
And our foes be compelled to bend at our feet
May the brow of the brave never want a wreath of laurel to adorn it
The British trio-Wellington, Hill, and Gaham
Love without fear, and life without care
Life, love, liberty, and true friendship
Love to one, friendship to a few, and good-will to all
May the foundation of every Lodge be so laid, its building sure,
and its members numerous and happy
May the growth of the Rose, Thistle, and Shamrock never be
prevented by the Fleur de Lis.
May the devil never pay visits abroad, nor receive company at home
May we never want a bait when we fish for content
May every worthy Brother, who is willing to work and labour
through the day, be happy at night with his friend, his
love, and a cheerful glass
May religion and civil liberty always go hand in hand

May every mirror in which we look cast an honest reflection
May reason be enthroned a supreme monarch, and our passions subject to his laws
May wisdom be the umpire when pleasure gives the prize
May the road of discretion lead us the way to tranquil repose
May honour allow honesty the duty to a parent
May the ascent of innocence show clearly the descent of infamy
May the deformity of other men's vices teach us to abhor our own
May the gates of consolation be ever open to the children of
May our wants never proceed from our own negligence
May the morality of individuals be the policy of nations
Modesty in our discourses, moderation in our wishes, and
mutuality in our affections
May bad example ne'er corrupt the morals of youth
May prosperity never make us arrogant, nor adversity mean
May our thoughts never mislead our judgements
May the charms of music harmonize our hearts
May avarice loose his purse and benevolence find it
May hope be the physician when calamity's the disease
May virtue be our armour when assailed by wickedness
Plenty to the poor, and feeling to the rich,
Paddy O'Blarney's toast - Arrah may we live all the days of our lives
Palsy to the hand of the assassin
Riches to the generous and power to the merciful
Religion without priestcraft, and politics without party
Success to those who fight for their country's freedom
Sprightliness in youth, stability in manhood, and serenity in old age
Success to our hopes and disappointment to our fears

Confusion to those, who wearing the mask of patriotism, pull it
off, and desert the cause of liberty in the hour of trial
Community, unity, navigation, and trade
Confusion to those despots who combine then selves against
the liberties of mankind
Disappointment to all who form expectations of place and
pensions on the ruin of their country
Health to the king ; prosperity to the people ; and may ministry
direct their endeavours to the public good rather than
engage in party distinctions

A lasting cement to all contending powers
Improvement to the inventions of our country
Improvement to our arts, and invention to our artists
May all partial and impolitic taxes be repealed
May truth and liberty prevail throughout the world
May the tree of liberty flourish round the globe, and every
human being partake of its fruits
May the protecting arm of the civil power always defend our
May every new married lady resemble the late Mr. Pitt-have
a quick conception and an easy delivery
May the turnpike road to happiness be free from toll-bars and
bye ways, and furnished with guide-posts
May care be a stranger to every honest heart
May we do as we would be done by
Virtuous desires, and these desires gratified
May they never want who have a spirit to spend
May he that made the devil take us all
May every honest man turn out a rogue
May fortune recover her eye-sight, and be just in the
distribution of her favours
May good nature and good sense ever be united
May generosity never be overtaken by poverty
May our afflictions bring our virtues into practice
May we succeed in all our lawful undertakings
May we be happy and our enemies know it
May the benevolent never knew poverty
May justice overtake oppression
Conscious honour when peace of mind is absent
Desire and ability to do good
Every thing af fortue but her instability
A hearty supper, a good bottle, and a soft bed, to every man
who fights the battles of his country
May every Free-mason participate in the happiness of a Brother
To Masonry, friendship, and love
All the friends of the Craft
Fidelity to our friends and feeling to our enemies


This work was published before January 1, 1928, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.