Tommy Thumb's Song Book/To Nurse Lovechild



Dear Nurse,

Your diligence and tenderness in bringing up my children, will always command my utmost endeavours to serve you. And as I cannot but approve, so I recommend this your laudable design, of compiling a Collection of Songs, so fit for the capacities of Infants, both in words and tunes, by which they are often lull'd to rest, when cross, and in great pain. The first Songs are very suitably compos'd for a Baby, but pray be careful, not to sing them too loud; lest you frighten the child, when you design to lull it to sleep, or divert it; for you know, great care ought to be observed as to the early sense of children, some arriving to a knowledge, and notice of animals and their sounds, much earlier than others.

And now I am speaking of frights, I will recommend a method that is very useful, to prevent them in some cafes, such as in making them familiar with domestic, or other animals, as the Dog, Cat, Horse, Cow, &c. by persuading them to stroke, or touch them, as they happen to fall in their way, which will make them as they grow up, bold in their carriage, to all such creatures, otherwise timorous to a misfortune,

But this in particular, I insist on, above all others, that you never mention a Bull Beggar, Tom Poker, Raw Read and Bloody Bones, &c. lest you make such frightful impressions on their tender minds, as may never be eradicated

Likewise, as many of the following songs while the Nurses are singing them, are attended with dancing, or exercising infants, I seriously intreat all who have the care of children, not to swing them by the arms with their heels backwards, lest they dislocate their Backs, whch has ruined many a fine child.

I hope your experienced sister Nurses will not be displeased, as my design is not to direct them; but as it very often happens, that young girls are entrusted with the care of children, I think these precautions and songs may be of use to them, as they have been to,

Yours, &c.