Transactions of the Geological Society, 1st series, vol. 2

Transactions of the Geological Society  (1814) 
1st series, vol. 2

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The following is a list of authors and titles. The short titles used for running heads are normally a simple abbreviation of the full title but in some instances the short titles are quite different and they are indicated below the full title. Both short titles and full titles are used in references to this volume from later volumes in the series and other publications.
Title   [Short title] Author Page
I On certain Products obtained in the Distillation of Wood, with some account of Bituminous Substances, and Remarks on Coal. Mac Culloch, J.J. Mac Culloch 01p.1
II Mineralogical Account of the Isle of Man Berger, J. F.J. F. Berger 02p.29
III On the Granite Tors of Cornwall Mac Culloch, J.J. Mac Culloch 03p.66
IV Notes on the Mineralogy of the Neighbourhood of St. David's, Pembrokeshire Kidd, JohnJohn Kidd 04p.79
V Account of the Brine Springs at Droitwich Horner, LeonardLeonard Horner 05p.94
VI On the Veins of Cornwall Phillips, WilliamWilliam Phillips 06p.110
VII On the Freshwater Formations in the Isle of Wight, with some Observations on the Strata over the Chalk in the South-east part of England Webster, ThomasThomas Webster 07p.161
VIII Remarks on the Vitrified Forts of Scotland Mac Culloch, J.J. Mac Culloch 08p.255
IX On the Sublimation of Silica Mac Culloch, J.J. Mac Culloch 09p.275
X Observations on the Specimens of Hippurites from Sicily, presented to the Geological Society by the Hon. Henry Grey Bennet Parkinson, JamesJames Parkinson 10p.277
XI An Account of the Coalfield at Bradford, near Manchester Bakewell, RobertRobert Bakewell 11p.282
XII Some account of the Island of Teneriffe Bennet, Henry GreyHenry Grey Bennet 12p.286
XIII On the Junction of Trap and Sandstone, at Stirling Castle Mac Culloch, J.J. Mac Culloch 13p.305
XIV On the Economy of the Mines of Cornwall and Devon Taylor, JohnJohn Taylor 14p.309
XV On the Origin of a remarkable class of Organic Impressions occurring in Nodules of Flint Conybeare, WilliamWilliam Conybeare 15p.328
XVI A Description of the Oxyd of Tine, the production of Cornwall; of the Primitive Crystal and its modifications, including an attempt to ascertain with precision, the admeasurement of the angles, by means of the reflecting Goniometer of Dr. Wollaston: to which is added, a series of its crystalline forms and varieties Phillips, WilliamWilliam Phillips 16p.336
XVII On some new Varieties of Fossil Alcyonia Webster, ThomasThomas Webster 17p.377
XVIII Miscellaneous Remarks accompanying a Catalogue of Specimens transmitted to the Geological Society
[On the Geology of various parts of Scotland]
Mac Culloch, J.J. Mac Culloch 18p.388
XIX Remarks on several parts of Scotland which exhibit Quartz Rock, and on the Nature and Connexion of this Rock in general Mac Culloch, J.J. Mac Culloch 19p.450
XX Notice relative to the Geology of the Coast of Labrador SteinhauerMr. Steinhauer 20p.488
XXI Memoranda relative to Clovely, North Devon Conybeare, J.J. J. Conybeare 21p.495
XXII On Staffa Mac Culloch, J.J. Mac Culloch 22p.501
XXIII On Vegetable Remains preserved in Chalcedony Mac Culloch, J.J. Mac Culloch 23p.510
XXIV On the Vitreous Tubes found near to Drigg, in Cumberland Secretaries(The secretaries) 24p.528