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Translation:And who wants pleasure to use

And who wants pleasure to use  (1858) 
by Władysław Tarnowski, translated from Polish by Wikisource
[„A kto chce rozkoszy użyć” in: „Lutnia. Piosennik polski.”, Zbiór 2, F.A. Brockhaus, Leipzig, 1865, pp. 202-203.]

And who wants pleasure to use
   Let him go to army to serve!

How this nicely on the war,
   When uhlan falls from horse.

Colleagues do not regret him,
   Yet they will trample horses him.

The captain [1] from the list will efface him,
   Sergeant Major [2] orders to make a coffin.

And for his work and trouble
   Trumpeters will play trumpet-call.

Only lumps rumbled,
   Flags whirred.

Sleep colleague, hard bed,
   We will see you tomorrow mayb.

Go ahead forward! Tzars out of the way!
   Thugs go hell! Enemies out of the way!

Sleep colleague in your grave, and
   Let appear you in a dream Homeland.

So who wants pleasure to use,
   Let him go to army to serve.

  1. „Rotmistrz” – captain of horse – captain.
  2. „Wachmistrz” – Sergeant Major, Cavalry sergeant.