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Translation:Arukh ha-Shulchan/Orach Chaim/240

Section 1Edit

The obligation to honor and fear ones parents are Scriptural positive commandments, as it says " You shall honor your father and mother". and "A man shall fear his father and mother".

And how great and stringent is the commandment(!), as the Scripture equates honoring ones parents to honoring G-D Himself, as it also [uses two verses to describe the honor that honor and fear that one must have] for God:] 1. "Honor God with your wealth" 2. "And Hashem your G-D you shall fear". [From the similarity between the verses mandating that one honor their parents to these, we learn that:] In the same way that one is required to honor and fear God, one is required to honor and hear (his parents). And in the Talmud Yerushalmi (1:7), it says (that one's honor for one's parents) triumphs the honor (that one is required to have for G-D), as it says there:

Rabbi Shimon the son of Yochai learned: Honoring ones parents is so great that it overrides His (G-D's) Honor. As it says there "Honor (your mother and father)" and it says (concerning honoring G-D), "Honor G-D from your wealth"- With what (is one required to honor G-D with)?- "with your wealth"- i.e. with your money. But concerning the honor (that one is required to show towards ones parents)- whether one has money or not- one is required to honor them- even if he has to feed the pigs (to honor them)

We will, G-D willing, elaborate on this in section 18.

Section 2Edit

The commandment of honoring ones parents is intellectually (understandable) which anyone can understand. Even those who disregard the Torah are careful to keep this commandment, because it makes sense and is natural.

We, the children of Israel, are commanded