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At a Friend's Burial (En el entierro de un amigo)  (1907) 
by Antonio Machado, translated from Spanish by Wikisource


They gave him to the earth one awful afternoon
in the month of July, beneath the blazing sun.
   A step from the open tomb,
there were roses with rotten petals,
between harshly fragrant geraniums
and red flowers. The sky
pure and blue. A strong
dry wind blew.
   Heavily, with thick ropes
suspended, the two gravediggers
lowered the coffin
to the bottom of the grave...
   And when laid to rest the thud sounded out
solemnly in the silence.
   The thud of a coffin in the earth is something
entirely serious.
   Over the black box dusty clumps
of earth crumbled.
   The air rose from the
deep grave with a pale breath.
    –And you, now without a shadow, sleep and rest,
a long peace to your bones...
   For good,
sleep a tranquil and true sleep.