Translation:Chávez visits "Fountain of Dreams" Self-Development Centre

Excerpt from Speech at "Fountain of Dreams" Self-Development Centre  (2003) 
by Hugo Chávez, translated from Spanish by Wikisource
The following is only part of a speech given by Hugo Chávez, President of Venezuela, on December 24, 2005 at the "Centro de Desarrollo Endógeno Integral Humano “Manantial de los Sueños” in the Municiplaity of Acevedo, Miranda State, Venezuela. It was translated as needed for WikiNews.
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First, it must be acknowledged - all of us must recognize, I the first - the great effort on your part, of the pioneers, of Fabiola, of Juan the mayor, of the Citizens' Affairs Department, and of the citizen of the mayoralty of Greater Caracas. Take note of how important the political consolidation and the advance of the Revolution are are. Fabiola had been saying so, and Leida was saying so: One fine day the elders were taken from here. "Why?", I asked. "Because there was no money" they said in the Miranda Administration, and surely not in the Caracas Governanance. There was no money. And where was the money? The money in Venezuela was concentrated... just like in the rest of the world, because this is a global phenomenon, you know? I just finished reading the latest information from the United Nations about the global situation, and it is alarming. That is why I say that now more than ever before in 2005 years, we need Jesus Christ. Because the world's resources are ending every single day. The riches of the world. God, nature is wise! The world has enough water so that everyone can have water. The world has enough riches, enough land to provide food for the world's populace. The worlds has enough rocks and minerals for construction so that no one would be without a home. The world has for everyone. But it turns out that some minorities, the descendants of the same who crucified Christ, the descendants of the same that ejected Bolivar from here and, in their way, also crucified him in Santa Marta up in Colombia. One minority became owner of the world's riches, one minority became owner of the world's gold, of the silver of the minerals, of the water, of the good lands, of the petroleum, of the riches, and concentrated the riches onto the hands of the few. Less than 10% of the world's population own more than half of the world's resources... More than half of the planet's population is poor, and every day there are more. We here have decided to change history. We are joined with others every day, and we will be joined by more cheifs of State, of presidents and leaders. Look at how the Bolivians... Bolivia, the poorest country in South America and one of the poorest in the world, that Republic founded by Bolívar and by Sucre, the one that carries name of our Bolivar, that Bolivia... It is very rich: Minerals, gold, silver, tin, petroleum and gas, fertile lands, and great mountains. And yet, it is one of the poorest nations on the planet. But the poor are resucitating, and have just finished electing an indian, for the first time in their history, as President of Bolivia.