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Daany Beédxe by Guillermo Marín Ruiz, translated from Spanish by Wikisource
Fourth Part

D A A N Y B E É D X E.


The majestic roar of the waves that struck rocks of the cliff awoke Night Eagle. He was on a rocky ledge; the immense blue sea was below.

The Warrior was waking up from a deep sleep. As a distant and vague fantasy, was the memory of Fire Jaguar and his expedition partners in the southern jungles; Night Eagle opened his eyes in Acajutla at the top of a cliff. A quasi memory of a night flight over the coast quickly vanished from his mind. He had conflicting and confusing feelings wrapped him in a heavy fog, which did not allow him to think clearly. Only his body vibrated with the shivering need to find his home.

A profound feeling ran through his being. The urgent needs to encounter his identity, to know his origins, recognize his own face and his true heart, dragged him defenseless to the deepest crisis.

Was not prepared to die nor live; without having found the truth. Knowing his personal history, as well as allowing him to understand where he was and what was he doing, was the most basic right of every human being. Without the knowledge of his past, his present did not make any sense. Without the knowledge of his past, he had no future. Without the recovery of his memory, he would never find fulfillment. Night Eagle decided to start walking along the coast towards the west. The quasi memory of flying northwest along the coast took him without thinking and as if by instinct, he let go to a distant feeling.

He walked for hours by the cliff. Below, the tireless waves crashing over and over again into the formidable stones. The white foam rose from one place to another, on the wave’s crests, to eventually crashing and jumping in millions of drops, moistening the breeze. Crabs with their gigantic pincers, walking quickly at intervals, as if measuring the time they had to hold onto a rock, when the wave rush came in.

When the Lord of fire darts began to approach the vast sea, beyond the horizon; the afternoon was lit with shades of orange and red. A few clouds at the top of the sky were tinted with colors. Small waves moving in the distance, reflected light from the Sun, as if they were alive. The sea was preparing to receive the incandescent eagle and dressed in gold to honor his arrival. Pelicans in formation were flying near the water. Small fish jumped everywhere. The warmth of the afternoon was accentuated.

Night Eagle walked without any thoughts in mind, yet his body was feeling everything around him. Walking by instinct on the coast, towards the place where the Sun fell. He had not eaten any food nor drank water all day. The Sun was about to go under the sea. For brief minutes the light of the Sun turned red and reflected vibrant throughout everything it lit.

He reached the end of the cliff and began to move down a sandy slope to the beach. His bare feet touched the wet sand and refreshed his body in the sea. The immense Sun, began sinking in the horizon. The sky was filled with color and for brief moments, all the objects took the faint light of Sun as its own and began to glow on their own. The first star of the night appeared and the sea kissed the day goodnight with powerful bumps, which flogged the defenseless beach.

Night Eagle continued walking by the sea edge. The beach was swept away by the wave’s water that after crashing ran up, smoothing the sand. Tiny crabs appeared in the sand, leaving their small and playful tracks, once the undertow returned noisy and playful to the ocean. The sea and the sand buzzed, as a giant shell. The air smelled of salt. The breeze was flying Night Eagle's hair.

The night slowly came; from behind the Apaneca-Ilamatepec mountain range. Marine phosphorus lit up the beach. Night Eagle continued walking, when in the distance he saw a small fire at the edge of the beach. He continued walking towards the light, without any thoughts, he followed the light as a nocturnal insect. It felt his toes sinking into the wet sand. The hidden pleasure of leaving his footprints on the beach was constantly denied by envious waves.

When he reached the fire that was illuminating the beach, night had already taken over the coast. The stars adorned the firmament and the strength of the sea had ceded. In front of the fire was an old man preparing a few fish in fire embers. On green branches, the fish were impaled and placed at a prudent distance from the fire.

The warrior sat down next to the old man without saying a word. After a while the white-haired man passed a gourd with fresh water. Night Eagle despite his thirst drank very little and returned the gourd with an expression of gratitude.

The bonfire raised fire columns. The enigmatic flames seemed to dance. The warrior stare was completely concentrated in their movements. It seemed that he could enter a world of mystery and danger, where thought was foreign. The warrior body was calm. The unknown old man inspired him confidence and peace.

When the fish were cooked, they were slowly eaten by the two men without any word. Everything was said, or rather, there was nothing to be said. After eating Night Eagle stretched like an animal and laid down next to the campfire to fell asleep.

That night he slept uneasy. Huge amounts of memories cascaded through his mind, such as flocks of ducks flying over ponds; memories flying in formation and always a memory was leading, behind, at the proper place came all the others. But when the memories came to amazing jump from a cliff in a high mountain, appeared a huge block of thick fog, which made it impossible to see or think. After the last flock of memories, only clouds crossed through his mind. As those stormy nights, in which vertiginous clouds enter the land from the sea, before triggering the storm, so his dreams were tinted with dense banks of clouds.

Night Eagle began to penetrate the haze, wanted to reach the end and the mist seemed increasingly impenetrable and infinite. He felt fear and returned in the dream, through the mist. He struggled to get out of the emptiness and desolation that nothingness produce.

He wanted to reach the safety and light of his memories. Suddenly, the fog began to thin and gradually appeared small spaces of lucidity and clarity, but suddenly felt as if his body was falling freely from a cliff. A shocking scream bounced in the vertical walls of the mountain. It was his voice, but at the same time he did not feel he was screaming.

His body vibrated; the air blow by the speed of the fall. His head was ahead and the arms fully extended. Despite being at night, his eyes perceived energy that all bodies fired, allowing him to see through a strange and opaque luminosity. A buzz that increased its frequency made his body explode in millions of luminous particles and he lived in each one of them at the same time. A powerful electric shock preceded a thunder. Suddenly, he felt his consciousness scattered in millions of consciences and at the same time he sharply perceived, the birth of his distress, the need to recover each and every one of the scattered consciences, to fully and completely rebuild his identity. That was the true search.

When Night Eagle awoke, he was alone. The old man with long white hair had left, leaving him a water gourd and a container with toasted corn. He looked for the old man around and the only thing he found, were his footprints in the sand heading to the west and disappeared on the beach towards the sea.

The warrior walked for seven moons along the coast. During the day he walked without thinking. His mind was blank and opened his vision, without focusing on anything in particular. He just felt throughout his body. Over the days, he began to feel the ocean spoke to him, the Sun, the vegetation. He heard without sounds and words, the dialogue of life.

Every now and then, in the afternoon, Night Eagle saw a bonfire burning in the distance and when he reached it, there were always fish and gourds with corn and water. And throughout those nights, the old white-haired man came to his dreams and without talking accompanied him, inspiring in him an immense feeling of tranquility and spiritual peace.

Through the walk, with the perception wings fully extended, sweeping from the earth to the sky; the warrior began to recover the energy that he once had internally. By the long and exhausting walks without thinking, Night Eagle not only had managed to temper his spirit, but his body strangely strengthened dramatically. It seemed that by not wasting energy with thoughts and by capturing surrounding energy, thanks to keeping the perception wings open while walking, the warrior was recovering his vitality.

There were many days of dialogue with the sea, who told him many power stories, incredible descriptions of what was the world before the four previous suns. The Sea also taught him to sing magical songs invoking the forces that humans share with this world.

The sea taught him, that almost all the large energy conglomerates have consciousness, which is not exactly life as understood by humans. They simply are unaware of being; and this awareness has millions of years of existence; mountains, forests, jungles, rivers and lakes; large stones, large trees and of course all the stars. The consciousness of being a human, before these ancient and immeasurable energy conglomerates, is insignificant and fleeting. The consciousness of a common human being is influenced by these large forces, although they do not realize it due to their limited perception and because the mind uses most of the power available to "create" a world that is always adjusted to him.

But a human being that develop his sensitivity and controls his mind can communicate or at least invoke the attention and if necessary the help of these great consciences, that in the end, are pure energy and shares the same space and time.

Throughout the days the sea shared with the warrior, from exiting the underworld, from the night and matter, the Lord of the darts of fire, accompanied by those impeccable warriors who had died trying to be the best of themselves and flourish their heart in the florid battle; up to the peak where he was received by female warriors, who accompanied him guarding his way, to again go and fight against the darkness and the inertia that degrade and destroy matter. At night he was accompanied in his dreams by the old man of long hair, who led him to strange worlds and amazing places. Night Eagle each night dreamt of this mysterious man; woke up with a serene heart and a profound joy that gave him balance and well-being throughout the day.

But one day he saw in a small beach as he walked through the jungle bordering the sea, at the end of the afternoon, a light that illuminated more than a bonfire. Walked out of the jungle and walked along the beach towards the fire, strangely the Sun retired quickly and quietly. The light was a whitish blue, which made it impossible to see it directly. With intermittent discharges, it seemed to be looking for something. Small and powerful blue light emissions, entered the jungle and under the water.

Night Eagle felt the need to get near and be illuminated by it. He left the jungle and walked along the beach. As he moved closer, the light began moving more quickly, emitting a low sound, rhythmically changing tone, much like the sound made by cicadas before falling into the water.

The Warrior felt as if all of his energy went into a great shock. Something was happening inside of him. Suddenly his body began to slightly vibrate and heard a sound from the interior of all his being. A buzzing sound that was reminiscent of the sea, wind and fire, intermittently, as a purr that sought to merge with the sound emitted by the light source. Night Eagle closed his eyes and felt all the sea, the wind and all the fire of the universe, that mixed circulated at an incredible speed all over his body in search of an exit. He felt the need to explode, but the buzz produced by his body, held him at a very high frequency, as he had tuned with the sound emitted by the light, producing a strange sound, that he had ever heard. The sound had its own life, was sound energy that had consciousness of being. The light then began to increase its intensity. It was no longer nervously moving and was concentrated in the warrior body, which almost turned purple. It was no longer intermittent and on the contrary its intensity was growing, together with the sound emitted by the light and Night Eagle’s body.

With the eyes closed and with a blank mind, Night Eagle abandoned himself to the sole and intense perception. There was no time or space, only energy that flowed and sought to integrate with the immeasurable external power. Suddenly, as a the fleeting vision produced by lightning, Night Eagle managed to see that the light was cross-shaped.

After that fleeting image, something at the base of the warrior skull cracked and darkness fell at once. The darkest darkness invaded his body, but there were no thoughts or feelings, only darkness and absolute silence.

The sound of the gentle waves licking the beach brought him back with difficulty from a remote location. He first heard the sound water playing with the sand very distantly and then increasingly closer. He could not open his eyes. His body felt as a trunk, hard and porous, swollen by the marine moisture. He could not move his body; he felt he was stacked in the sand of the beach.

Whole days had gone by and Night Eagle had been immobile, standing in the same place where he had found the intense light.

Time passed, he felt as the sun began to decline. His ears listened to all the sounds of the world, and one by one he was recovering them in his memory. Gradually began to restore the sensitivity of his body, he was gaining spaces that immediately recognized, until he recovered the fullness of his entire body as a whole and then felt the need to open his eyelids. Slowly light began entering through his eyes windows, something more than light entered his body and flooded it with confidence and tranquility.

When he had the total perception of their surroundings, he saw that he was standing in front of a huge cross made with two large timbers. When he saw the cross, he had a memory or a feeling, telling him, that he had already been there and that his home, Etla Valley, was inland on the other side the mountains.

With fullness and vitality, immediately headed for the rugged mountains. An inner joy, a serene rejoice pushed him. On each stretch of the road, came not understood memories, unexplained images, which although he did not understand, he knew they had to do with his past. Emotion vibrated in his throat, when from the top of the mountain range, saw the beautiful valleys that went to the foot of the mountain range. An immense sky blue, clean, and transparent, covered the ochre lands. In the distance he saw another chain of mountains, on the horizon a profile was drawn in very dark blue tones. The warrior walked faster with emotion.

In few places of the world, earth and sky touch so intensely and crystal clear as in these valleys. Stalked by wild and deserted mountains; the valleys condense human energy and exalt into the atmosphere, uniting the human being, with the divine and sacred.

Each mountain is an energy mass, a consciousness separate from the other. The powerful and challenging mountains and high sky blue, transparent and luminous; represent a millennial multiplier of the spiritual force that communicates the sky with earth, men with the immeasurable and wonderful.

Night Eagle walked full of emotion. The generous valleys received him with flowers and aromas. Something inside told him that he was stepping on the land where he was born. At night, he reached a small farming community. He was invited to have dinner by the family that sheltered him.

Night Eagle had physically changed a lot. Those were intense years that he had lived in the land of the Feathered Serpent. Years of physical work, suffering, of intense profane life, surrounded by common people immersed in common actions.

The fresh and young expression of the young man, who one day came out of the Etla Valley, was now converted into the face of a mature man. With tanned skin and callused hands. His hair now had a reddish color, from the years he lived as a fisherman by the sea. His body had fully grown, without losing strength and elasticity. But what changed the most were his face and especially his deep stare.

Temperance and sobriety were features that dominated his expression, now quiet and serene. His look conveyed peace and confidence. An impassive face, that seemed to have seen everything in life; but above all, a strong and relaxed stare, full of humility and wisdom.

The presence of Night Eagle emanated respect and admiration. The peasants without asking knew that the walker was a very special man, so immediately, as is an ancient custom of the men in the field, they gave him their humble hospitality.

Night Eagle sat on a stone near the fire, where three women made tortillas on a red clay comal, which was supported by three large stones. Around the comal were three men and two young men, beyond, distant and respectful, five children of different ages, attentively listening to the adult conversation and patiently waiting for their turn, to receive their tortilla; all drank atole from clay containers. In a molcajete was a tasty sauce. For farmers dinner time is very special. It is the most familiar space, where the ambiance darkness and the kitchen fire, are accomplices of all the stories told about the way to live, think and feel, of those who live shaking the ground. Because the peasant is an amorous artist who through his works makes the earth trembles.

The warrior, very respectfully heard the talk with silent intervals from the men, rarely interrupted by a woman and in the full expectation of minors. Without thinking suddenly he heard the voice of the white hair old man, who told him within his head:

—To hear farmers talk is to hear the voice of earth. Farmers are the most tangible voice of earth. Our dear mother keeps in them all her secrets, her intimacies, her wisdom, her needs. Our dear mother makes all her children in her likeness, fertile or sterile, moist or dry, soft and dark or hard, pale and stony. Her sons, likewise turn out to be warm, smooth, arable where all germinate and flourish, or are mouthy, rough, tough, made from tepetate, impenetrable. Listening farmers talk is to put an ear on the ground.

Night Eagle then felt the presence of the old man in that kitchen and understood that he would accompany him until the end of the journey. The farmers laid out their petates and prepared to relax after dinner.

The next morning Night Eagle continued walking. After saying goodbye to the family, the elder woman handed him a net with food and a water gourd for the road.

It took the warrior five days to cross valleys until you reach the Etla Valley, which was in the eastern, very close to the feet of the other mountain range.

As he approached his home, the land was laboriously worked. It was clear that he was coming to a city, as there were roads and small houses complexes around the fields. Large series of channels, where water flowed feeding the Valley. This water came from the large mountains in the eastern side.

As he walked down from some hills he saw in the distance the city of the Etla Valley. A huge pyramid towered, which was in a very large square, with stairs facing the west.

Night Eagle walked with the heart in hands. That land spoke to his spirit and his body recognized it. The warrior's mind was confused; because he wanted rationalize his feelings.

Upon entering the center of the city, Night Eagle went to the House of all, place citizens were attended by the authorities. After waiting for his turn he was attended by he who speaks, who felt very moved by Night Eagle story, but he said that he did not remember a person named Night Eagle and did not known his family. He was then sent to the land administrator, he would perhaps have some information. The administrator did not know him or remembered, so he sent him to the person in charge of the work in the middle, because he knew all the families that were obligated to cooperate with voluntary work, for the projects and improvements to the community. Nobody one knew him or remembered.

Night Eagle was internally confused. His body almost spoke, as he fully recognized that place, his mind was trapped and confused between unbelief, excitement and frustration; and his feelings at the time were exalted by the possibility that someone would give information about him and his family, and when they told him that they did not know him, the sadness and pain overtook his heart.

Night Eagle was taken to the administrators of the four quarters; no one knew him. He spoke with priests of the temples of the city and did not get an answer. Finally back went back to he who speaks and he told him to speak with the authorities of row of houses, that maybe they knew something of his past.

When he reached the site where long ago he studied, his body vibrated with emotion. These old walls immediately recognized him as one of its best fruits, not so the teachers and instructors, because such a long time had passed since his departure, the older had died and the others didn't know him.

Night Eagle was invited to stay at the school. The Venerable Teacher of the House of measure said that he needed to stop the world, undo its tumult and regroup emotionally. He said that he had lost his balance, so he needed to withdraw himself, that perhaps through isolation he could reach him clarity. —"You must calm your heart"—, the Venerable Teacher told him.

During a moon, Night Eagle was isolated in a small room. He had engaged in an internal struggle that tore him. Everything was for him, confusion and pain. The long search for his home had led him to a place in which nobody knew him. He was a man without a face and his heart was torn and confused, in a stormy sea of semi-memories and mixed feelings. In his chest only remain the deepest and most desolate sadness.

Without knowing his history, without the inner strength given by identity, he was nothing more than a leaf in the wind; an ignorant stranger of his own life, a foreigner in his own destiny. Life in this way made no sense. Live in the hollow of live just for living, to do just to do, lacking a direction, a purpose, an inner strength.

Desolation grew largely; the anguish of not knowing who he was in life overcame him without truce. Sadness was rapidly expanding, first throughout his body, then entered his torn heart and began to climb all his feelings. Night Eagle did not want to eat and wanted to die of sorrow. One evening he was lying in his petate waiting for death, he began to hear a buzz resembling a bumble bee. Then he saw in the total darkness of the small room, a speck of light. He thought that it was the product of his weakness. The speck began to grow. The light projected was white with a light blue tone. The light grew the size of an avocado and later became a cross, to finally become the white-haired elder, who accompanied him during the return journey.

The old man he smiled to the Warrior.

Night Eagle had no forces even to talk. He stared at the old man with a deep gaze and tears rolled from his eyes.

The old man, without talking, told him that Night Eagle was a warrior and that warriors do not concede death like that; that a warrior fights until the end, letting his spirit flow, without interest for victory or defeat, but the exercise of his impeccability. That a warrior is trained for war and therefore has strengthened his body; tempered his will and tuned his spirit. A warrior is not to die as an old dog. A warrior fights until his last moment. A warrior never surrenders to anything and much less to death.

Night Eagle felt that his body temperature rose. A powerful energy current ran through him. The old man ordered him to get up and follow him; he turned around and left the room. The warrior felt this body unresponsive and suddenly, he was already up, but he looked over and saw his body lying in the petate sleeping. He followed the white-haired man. Did not walk, he slid impulsed by his will. He went by the buildings of the House of measure and reached a pyramid complex.

He entered a patio surrounded by four high and steep pyramids. In the center of the square, was a rectangular stone oriented north-south. The old man ordered him to lay down on the stone with his head to the south. Here you will recharge your energy and you will lose all the compassion you have for you.

Later asked him to follow him again, the old man was going east. At the end of the buildings was a large green stone, which surprisingly to the south became suddenly a small cliff.

The warrior felt very well there. The Elder informed him, that they were on one of the largest rocks in the world rocks, that what he saw, was only a fraction of what was buried below and that it reached the heart of our dear mother.

—This Rock is so old, that when the Feathered Serpent sacrificed himself, bathing with his blood to the bones of human beings, who had lived in the fourth sun and that from them the Fifth Sun was born. The feathered serpent came to this place and in one of these stone hollows, placed the bones and sprayed them with his own blood, giving them life and movement. As a memory of this event, the stone was engraved with the Feathered Serpent mark, as you can see.

This stone is the place of the requests, when you can return here, put a light and make a request. This enormous stone will surely hear you and will help you. Remember, you are a warrior. Fulfill your destiny.

When Night Eagle opened his eyes it was noon, he immediately asked for food, had light in his eyes.

After fifteen days, the warrior was almost recovered and one afternoon turned to the formidable stone. He carried in his backpack, copal, cocoa, coal, beans, corn and a few pieces of ocote pine, to make a fire. The afternoon was cool, although it had just rain, the sky was clean and clear. A heavy bank of clouds rested on the range to the east of the valley. A smell of damp earth mixed with the flowers and herbs aromas of the field. The land had been prepared for sowing and its color was dark.

Night Eagle lay down at the top of the stone and was stroking her. He spoke very softly and rubbed against it. He asked for advice to solve his problem. The warrior fell asleep.

Then a warrior appeared wearing a splendid plume of feathers, spread like a Sun; on his forehead had the head of a dried snake. A band of rattlesnake skin passed through his forehead and adjusted to his head. By the temples, the tails of two snakes came down with their rattles reaching his shoulders.

In the face he wore a nose gold fitting and his face was painted red and black. He wore a cloak and a white cotton cloth. Night Eagle got up immediately and the warrior told him he was the keeper of the stone.

The Sun was hiding behind the cloud people mountains and in the eastern mountains a strong storm had started. In the distance he could see heavy gray clouds, discharging on a part of the Valley and on the slopes of the mountains. A fresh wind was blowing from the North.

The warrior keeper spoke to Night Eagle:

—Sacrifice is the essence of life. Mankind has come to sacrifice in this land. You well know that we are only in passing here. We are going to our true home.

Warriors, does not matter what knowledge they possess, are just human beings, caught up in the everyday world. There are two kinds of sacrifice in life. The first is that of the common man, which generates the existence in the everyday world. The second is selected by the warrior, aimed at purifying his spirit, warming the heart and strengthen his body. The two sacrifices bring suffering and pain. The difference is that the first is sterile and the second produces flourished hearts and free spirits. While one is born in pettiness and is a product of clumsiness; the second is the shining path of the warrior, his temper, his florid battle, his intimate predilection.

There are two ways of dealing with life, the one seeking pleasure running away from pain; and the one that assumes sacrifice as a personal decision and selects the personal battlefield.

Human beings have come to earth to suffer. The difference is that one such suffering weakens and destroys; and the other strengthens and prepares the warrior to for the flight to freedom.

You are a warrior, born on this land and you have fulfilled as very few with their destiny. A stage of your path was to form yourself and leave, to return with a teaching that the years of study in knowledge centers, could not give you. I am referring to the profane world, the everyday, to the everyday world, the world of men and their passions. As you know, equilibrium is the result of balancing the spiritual with the material and the rational with the irrational, the pair of complementing opposites with which the profane world is made.

You have been an immaculate warrior and you got lost in the depths of the everyday world and you were on the verge of not returning, but miraculously you are here. The spirit of the warrior forged you and transcended.

You have invested many years of your life in this test of knowledge; so many that no one remembers you now that you have returned, because you also managed to impeccably disappear off the face of earth and that's only achieved by immaculate warriors. You shall never again be Night Eagle, perhaps you never were, perhaps from the very beginning you were a spirit embodied in a solo a flight of nocturnal Eagle, which very few mortals saw flying in the darkness of the night.

Despite all your sacrifice, you have not yet fully recovered. You're still on the path, spirit traveler, you are not there yet. You've discovered, in the everyday world, pain in your own flesh, one of the rules of the aspirants to total freedom. The warriors have no name, land, or family, or attachment to people, feelings, ideas and much less objects. The Warrior is invulnerable because he has nothing to defend. He is powerful because he does not want anything. The Warrior is invisible and transparent, because he has no personal importance to impose and carry. The Warrior is impeccable because he does not waste his precious energy in acts and feelings sterile and failed. Uses the world as a battleground for their florid battle and at the same time he avoids touching and hurting that same world, as much as possible.

After many years, you return and you are here, and still you have not arrived. You need to reach the final renunciation. You need to get to the end of the path, so that you find your own face and your true heart. When you know where you come from, you will know who you are and where you want to go in life. You will be the true owner of your destination.

I will finally give you a gift sent you by the stone of the requests, through my person; Night Eagle listen well.

"—The bird to be born, needs to break the shell."

Night Eagle woke up when the moon was at the top of the sky. The cold of the night had cooled his body. From the rock, he saw his hometown sleep. The moon was radiant and the atmosphere completely clean and transparent. Wind from the north wind was flying the warrior’s hair.

That night, Night Eagle cried all tears remaining for the rest of his life. He contemplated his village as a ghostly image. That night, Night Eagle was going to get out of his hearts, all the affections and passions that he felt for that yearned and at the same time unknown village. That night, under the bright moon, as a nocturnal sun, Night Eagle renounced to his village, to his name, his past. He had decided to get rid of all feelings, from all ideas and wanted to merge with the whole; with the night, the wind and the moon. He knew that never again would he drop a single tear, over nothing in this wonderful and terrifying profane world. After that night, his spirit would be free from earthly ties.

When daylight began to cautiously show up at the east, behind the mountains, Night Eagle headed to the grounds of the House of measure, converted into a night wind, which repeated a verse as a chorus.

"I only look for you, our father giver of life:
I am suffering: are you our friend,
let's talk your beautiful words to one another,
say why I am sad:
I search for the delight of your flowers,
the joy of your songs, your wealth!

They say in good place, in the sky,
There is general life, there is joy:
Drums are upright:
Perpetual is the singing that dissipates
our tears and our sadness:
is where they live, it is their home:
hopefully you thus knew, Oh warriors!"

"Will only my heart leave
as the flowers that perished?
Will my name be nothing one day?
Will my fame be nothing on earth?
At least flowers, at least the chants!
How will my heart do it?

Oh, in vain we passed through earth!"

Night Eagle spoke with the respectable Teacher of the row of houses, about his decision. He tried to persuade the warrior, but his decision was already taken and fully assumed.

The respectable Teacher asked him to fast for 40 days, to purify his body and spirit, to confirm his decision.

—Earth is our mother, —the respectable Teacher said— we come from her, from her we eat and to her we will go when death touches us on the left side. Fast and ask her to help you clarify your mind and feelings. Bury yourself and receive the "impulse" of her energy.

The warrior was then taken to a patio surrounded by four pyramids. In the center of the patio, facing the east was a stairway that descended over two bodies deep and reached a narrow tunnel, where a squatting person could barely pass.

A few steps from the tunnel entrance, was a stairway going up, and to climb a person needed to lean forward in order not to hit the roof.

The stairs led to a narrow hallway, carved in stone and covered with gold sheets, with the symbols of spiritual sacrifice by two sort of inverted hooks and the equilibrium frieze between two pairs of complementing opposites, symbolized by a cross bordered by a broken line. There were also friezes representing the luminous and spiritual energy.

The corridor was part of an underground cross, symbolizing the four directions of the existence. Walls covered with gold, gave the enclosure beauty and majesty, flowing a very subtle energy that flooded the four corridors of the mysticism enclosure. Following the teachings of the Lord of fire darts, the warrior would go underground, to fight his battle with the gravity forces, which attract bodies, precipitating its downfall and generating their corruption.

Just like the Sun, Night Eagle would enter the world of matter and corruption; the domains of the Lord and Lady of death. He would battle the forces that corrupt the luminous and spiritual energy; and would return purified and renewed to the surface, to start his luminous ascent.

The warrior prepared himself, taking a Temazcal bath, where his body was rubbed with plants that removed all his energy impurities and revived his tissues. Then a request ceremony took place, so that all devotions of the "One for who we live" helped the warrior at his symbolic funeral. Finally one night he was taken by four priests inside the crypt, who gave him instructions.

Night Eagle should spend ten days in each of the ends of the underground cross. Every ten days a priest would enter at midnight and would sound a snail so the warrior changed his position and would leave at the entrance a water container and close the entrance again, with a large stone as door.

Forty days later a procession would come to unearth him and return him to the world of light, clean and renewed by the mother earth energy.

Night Eagle was taken to the northern corner of the cross, representing the world of reason. When the priests with torches left, the warrior stayed in the most absolute darkness. He heard as a distant echo, the noise of the great stone, which was moved to close the entrance. The ambiance was hot and humid. The underground cross had its own energy, in fact it was a live being with its own consciousness and that it had been built in the remote antiquity, to heal and purify human beings.

The Earth has certain energies that stimulate human beings for good and evil. The old Toltec grandparents, from immemorial times, taught humans to use these energies to balance and develop their own.

Night Eagle despite having to be for forty days, pointing to the four directions of the existence, would make his trip in three parts, this is the mystery of how four becomes three.

The first confrontation occurred in the rational field and was related to the material part of the existence. No matter how defined and developed ideas are, thought crashes into the world of matter, because in the end we are dealing with a universe of energy fields and rationality is nothing more than an agreement of how to interpret these fields.

The human being takes refuge thinking that he lives in a material world and that he is surrounded by objects, from a tree to the moon, but these objects are nothing more than energy charges, perceived as objects by our reasoning, who adjusts reality accordingly, to delimit his world and make existence safer, by his rationality parameters.

The second confrontation takes place, when men are lost in the material land, where rationality is way behind. Matter is energy, the energy is in permanent movement and transformation; and energy fields are immeasurable. When a human tries to get away from the known limits, immediately realizes he is surrounded by the infinite and unmentionable, the unknown. As soon as the rationality and matter safe field ends, the man falls into the unknown depths of the irrational. The irrational and unknown world is part of the human being and at the same time forms part of the universe itself. The unknown and the irrational, occupy most of the human being and the universe. The rational and material is extremely and surprisingly limited.

Finally, when the human being goes beyond the rationality and material world boundaries; managing to return intact from the immeasurable, the mystery and the irrational. He reaches the fields of the spiritual, as the only real means of exceeding his own physical and mental limitations. The spiritual capacity of the human being is the only real difference, with the other energy entities that have being awareness, and the only real alternative, to get in touch with the immeasurable and abstract. If humans have any advantage over other forms of life, is his ability to generate spiritual energy.

It is not through reason and matter, how humans manage to break their limited existence spaces; it is the spirit power, which propels humans to the immeasurable and opens a slit to achieve total freedom.

Night Eagle lived firsthand this teaching. His burial in the cross led him to engage a battle of power. The isolation, darkness, fasting and the magical place, combined in such a way, that the result was devastating. The four directions of existence: reason, matter, irrational and the spiritual, found a balance in the warrior.

Uncontainable rationality, the matter gravitational force, the seductive power of irrationality and the spirituality passion; are forces that pull and push humans’ trough existence, and they found the balance point, the center, in the warrior solar plexus and made the five petal flower flourish.

When the forty days passed and when the Sun was at the top of the sky. The priests ordered to open a chamber that was on the central part of the cross. The entrance was made from below and the exit of the buried had to be from the center on top.

When they finished removing the last stone of the upper tunnel, light fully penetrated, illuminating the cross; because the walls covered with gold sheets, the light rays were multiplied and produced a very special light effect, because it seemed that light flowed from the underground cross, and from the light the warrior, now clean and clear, calm and quiet.

In the afternoon Night Eagle spoke with respectable Teacher of the House of measure and confirmed his decision.

Night Eagle had decided to take his life.

At the top of a hill, Night Eagle saw the Lord of fire darts sink in the distant mountains. At his feet was the beautiful Etla Valley, with its cultivated land and the peasants’ houses, fire at the homes, produced plumes of blue smoke out the sky, where herons and grackles flew, searching for their nests.

The town was preparing to receive the night. Night Eagle was preparing to receive death. The warrior had cut the few links he had with this world. His decision was born from the depths of his being.

Many years had passed since the day he came out of this town in search of knowledge. Their temples now were gray and in his body, showed the years lived in search of his identity.

The warrior had been impeccable in his task; he had managed to erase himself from this world, without a trace. No one recognized him, nobody knew him, and he had managed to dissolve his personal importance in the darkness of the night. He had managed to break the walls of the "I" and crossed the borders of the unnamable. The challenge to become nothing, in order to be everything. To be and not be, to become invisible and impalpable, dissolve into nothingness.

Night Eagle did not looked for anything in this world any longer, He didn't have anything to hold on, had fulfilled his destiny and was free. Death in this way was the beginning of a new cycle and his personal decision.

The priests, leaders, or administrators of his people, had not given him a satisfactory answer to the what to do in life. He was no longer interested over anything in this world and the death appeared attractive, a new and terrifying challenge.

The Venerable Teacher of the House of measure ordered that a procession took Night Eagle to Mictlán, the land of the place of the dead. Mictlán was in a valley to the east. There went to die all those who by their age, disease or desolation wanted to commit suicide.

The land of the place of the dead was constituted by five splendid architectural sets, which at the beginning of time, the old grandparents built around a deep cavern, which was the entrance to the lordship of the Lord and the Lady of death.

Night Eagle walked to that place, saying goodbye to this wonderful world. The sky, the light, the mountains and earth were appreciated with passion and intensity. The warrior knew that this was the last time that he would be in this planet and with all the quiet lust that he could develop, was saying farewell to everything he saw, smelled, heard and felt.

In the afternoon, the procession arrived in Mictlán, and Night Eagle was led, by four priests dressed in black clothes and bodies painted in red and black, to a room.

In the evening the high priest arrived and asked him the reason for taking the path to the place of the dead. Night Eagle told him that his life had no meaning, that he had failed to fully recover his memory and that the life memories he had, were to find the Etla Valley, where he believed his home and identity would be. However, he came from there, because after many years and sacrifices, when to reached the Etla Valley, nobody had recognized him and did not have anything else in life, only wait for death.

Night Eagle told him that on the search road of his origins, he had managed to rid of all the feelings of possession, and especially, of the vice of feeling unhealthy love for himself, that all personal importance had been reduced to almost nothing. That he was not interested in the world of ideas and objects; that he wished nothing and that he rejected nothing; that he knew nobody could defeat him and he could not defeat anyone. In the stillness of his spirit, he had decided to leave this world.

—I feel that my task in this world has concluded —said the Warrior with a definitive tone and without regret in his words— it is my internal decision.

—So be it, —answered the high priest—, and then asked him to follow him. In the center of a patio, surrounded by four rectangular buildings, was the entrance to a underground tunnel.

Through a corridor, came to a large square chamber. In each of the large chamber walls, were doors leading to separate rooms.

In the first one at the right side, was a beautiful altar to the Lord and the Lady of death. The second room was a vast crypt, richly carved with friezes, where were the remains of the high priests of the Lord and the Lady of death. In the third room was another crypt, in which rested the remains of the leaders of the peoples of the region. The last door, to the north side, lead to a room that was empty and there was only a large circular slab, the size of the wall and about three bodies wide. It was the entrance to the land of the dead.

With great effort, the priests moved the slab and appeared the entrance to the cave. Night Eagle received a torch and following the instructions, of walking in these labyrinths, until reaching death, he entered the depths of the cave.

He heard the noise of the stone closing the entrance. The air was stale, a humid heat mixed with the putrid smell of corpses in decomposition state.

The echo of the slab sound provoked a very strange reaction in the body of the warrior. A sentiment took over his body, a quasi- memory began to vibrate throughout his body. He threw the torch to the ground and began to walk as if by instinct, without the need of light.

He walked for hours, between the labyrinths of the immense cave. As if his body walked in a well-known place, Night Eagle let go. His body temperature began to rise and had totally disconnected his mind. He advanced as if possessed by an energy which attracted him as a magnet to the depths of the cave.

When felt that his body was about to faint, he entered a great cavern. Although it was totally dark, Night Eagle perceived his body’s surroundings. The spacious place and the very high ceiling, made Night Eagle feel his littleness and insignificance.

In the center of the room was a rectangular stone carved on four sides. The Warrior came up and instinctively lay down in the stone. He felt his energy was exhausted and his life with it.

A kind of very strange sound began to emerge from his entire body. As a cricket song, intermittently, changed its frequency and tone. It was a sound with three dimensions and could almost touch it.

Night Eagle felt that he was beginning to fall into an abyss and every moment of the fall, the sound was lost in the distance, until it was again silence and total darkness. Little by little, without forces and dimly Night Eagle felt himself dissolving into the darkness of nothingness.

Desperate particles not resigned to die echoed. The energy in flames consumed all the memories. An energy flux and reflux ran through the inert body. The union had been broken, establishing confusion, as there are particles not accepting it and others that already forgotten the original agreement, undertaking with fury, the path of reintegration to the whole.

With deep pain, amidst major thunders, the most essential of the warrior, begins to detach from the body collapsed on the stone.

In the absolute darkness and total silence of the cave, a high-pitched buzz is first heard and the immense stone begins to glow.

Electric discharges detach from the walls and ceiling of the cave and all focus on the inert body of a warrior, which lies on the stone.

The buzz becomes so acute, that it begins to turn into light. The cavern lit up and Night Eagle's body shines.

His face is now calm and the whiteness of light makes him a perfect statue. From the deepest and most remote of himself, Night Eagle begins to return with much difficulty and great pain invades all over his body. Night Eagle consciousness returns with great speed and rapidly passes through the present, to introduce in the past. Memories as images begin to pass quickly through the warrior’s mind.

As if in reversed order, goes fast through the path of his life. Vertigo images of faces of people he knew; Etla Valley, the sea, the forest, cities and places that he visited, to finally reach the floor of the arch where they fell back in Uxmal, "The land of the feathered serpent".

There memories stop and a huge wall of fog arises. Night Eagle feels anguish and his entire body shakes. The wall of fog begins to grow and with it, pain.

The fog imprisons him and expels him, will not let him go to towards the past. The warrior grasps all his strength and charges against the wall, in a definitive impulse, in which ahead is all that he is.

A light beam is expelled from the warrior solar plexus, an inflexible intent feeling, and an energy charge of a clear and immaculate purpose. The will of trespassing the wall of fog, takes over as a single note, vibrating throughout the body of Night Eagle, at last, the spirit of the warrior is manifested in total fullness!

And the impossible happens. A colorful explosion tears down the fog wall. Night Eagle crosses the fog and turning into an eagle over flies his entire life.

Without feelings or thoughts, he starts recovering his history. As a distant spectator, is assembling each part of his life, without passion, or emotion in its route.

He returns to DAANY BEÉDXE, and filled with memories of his Teacher. Each of these ancient stones greets him as he flies over in his silent flight. He goes to his village and sees from atop the House of measure and the House of the youth; and sees himself again studying with his cousin Star serpent.

He finds his parents, working in the field and there, he sees himself, as a small boy smiling and running in the cornfield. Until he is tired and goes to perch in a tree, it is a stormy night. Lightning first and then a powerful thunder make him fly again, but it now in circles over his parents’ house, and watches the time of his birth!

At that instant Night Eagle opens his eyes and totally remembers all of his life, at that moment the warrior was fully recovered. The spirit takes control. Then there is continuity between his past and present; and recovers the possibility of his future.

A sense of sobriety and clarity wraps his heart and mind. He got up slowly. His eyes see perfectly in the darkness.

He knows they are waiting for him and goes to a tunnel hidden at the end of the room and starts walking through it. It is a tunnel dug into the stone heading west.

After many hours walking, the tunnel begins to ascend slowly, until he reaches a chamber, with a flight of stairs and begins a long climb.

Little by little, sun light begins to enter the tunnel, the exit is close. Night Eagle finds steps carved in stone, goes to a small room, at the end he sees an exit at the top and a stone stairway. When Night Eagle reaches the top of the stair he finds himself in the central building of DAANY BEÉDXE. The view is wonderful; the clean and blue sky welcome him.

A familiar voice tells him —"you came just in time, we are waiting for you to leave". The warrior sought out the voice and when he turned, found the Venerable Teacher of DAANY BEÉDXE. Star serpent was that old man that spoke to him, when he was still a child and told him that he would expect his arrival to the holy mountain and fulfill his destiny.

Star serpent was still the same old man he met when he was a child, without any physical change, when he was his teacher in DAANY BEÉDXE.

Star serpent added, as if reading the warrior thoughts:

—For a man of knowledge, time no longer works in the same way as for common men. A man of knowledge can live in one day, ten years of common life. The time has intensity and in an instant, eternity can be reached.

For you may have been many years since we met, for my might be very little time. A man of knowledge learns to compress time.

Night Eagle was with his Teacher, in the main building of the great plaza of DAANY BEÉDXE. Except for him, which denoted the passage of years, because his body despite being flexible and grown, his hair was white and his face, had carved an expression of peace and wisdom. It seemed that he had not spent all those long years away from the holy mountain.

Night Eagle not only had recovered his memory and also his identity, in the stone of the cave at the place of the dead. But that was as important as that; was that he had assembled the knowledge acquired during his lifetime, in a single unit and this allowed him to have a clarity and depth that provided a comprehensive and integral perception of his life and of his florid battle.

From the moment of his birth, until this very moment, his whole life of study, effort, sacrifice and struggle; encountered total sense and full coherence.

Nothing had been fortuitous and everything was at its time, in its place and with the signaled persons. Night Eagle had pledged absolutely and totally in the enterprise of being the best of himself, of forging himself as a human being and of flourishing his heart.

Night Eagle had traveled in an impeccable manner the warrior path, as the ancient tradition required. The ultimate goal of the warriors was total freedom. Burn and consumed in the inner fire, disappear without being devoured by immeasurable, by the force, receiving the "gift of the Eagle".

The final challenge, the only true feat was cheat death! And penetrate the unknown, in the immeasurable; maintaining unity and the will of its energy charge, without damaging it; and maintaining at the same time, the same being consciousness.

Night Eagle walked about all the buildings in the four hills, comprising DAANY BEÉDXE. He accurately remembered everything he learned and lived there.

The beauty and sobriety of the buildings, its balance and perfect harmony, with broad blue space and the mountains surrounding it, were perfectly designed to cause an effect of stability and internal force in warriors, of equilibrium.

These stones not only had great power, but perhaps the most incredible, the stones possessed, feelings, knowledge and life of its own. These stones were hundreds of bundles of years since they stopped being common stones. For warrior’s generations and through hundreds of years, DAANY BEÉDXE had been a bridge between heaven and earth, between what is known and the immeasurable, between the divine and sacred.

Night Eagle understood, why, common men were never allowed to climb the Jaguar Sacred Mountain. Simply the stones energy would have done much damage to any mortal, who got near them.

The new day was clear and transparent; from the Jaguar Sacred Mountain the wide and deep valley crowned by mountains could be clearly seen.

Night Eagle was called by his teacher, who was waiting in the north plaza.

Star serpent was sitting on a petate in the center of the small central plinth.

—We have to talk Night Eagle —said the Teacher—. Today you are a man and have dedicated your whole life to the knowledge of the secrets of the old Toltec grandparents; since you were a child the power pointed you out and you've scrupulously complied with your responsibility.

Now you're one of us and your destiny is totally attached to this mountain.

As you know, everything in the universe is cyclic, composed of complementary pairs. And so, as is the day is the night, just as it is cold, it is hot, so then, immaculate warrior, you should know that the time of the Feathered Serpent is finished over the land.

Light begins to be defeated by the dark and we have to leave again to the region of the mystery. This is repeated every time a great cycle is completed. The darkness will take power and light has to retire. This is, so it has been and so will always be.

The wisdom of the old Toltec grandparents retires, as the light of dusk, to make way for the night.

The forces of darkness and the Lords of the night, little by little, will take over command of the world. Human beings will have to spend this long, dark night without the light of the knowledge of the old Toltec grandparents.

But this is not new. As the day and night, this is part of a reality. As in the night, this will be a time of darkness and ignorance, where night entities become owners of the world.

Therefore, it is time that total freedom warriors, we will have to leave and abandon this wonderful world, to penetrate the region of the mystery.

The ancient tradition says that Toltec Warriors will have to leave the abandon the known world, to fall back in the world of mystery, and there maintain teachings and knowledge of the old grandparents, until the night cycle is completed and light returns and with it knowledge.

Night Eagle listened closely, his body periodically shuddered. The words of his Teacher were resonating one by one, in his interior.

—Tomorrow, when the Sun rises, the 400 southern warriors will have to destroy DAANY BEÉDXE and cover it with dirt, because when the Lord of the darts of fire leaves, we will leave with him, and will not return, until the new cycle begins. —Why destroy a very beautiful site and why cover it dirt, would it not be enough to just leave it until our return? —asked Night Eagle.

—There will be more than twenty-two bundles of years until we return. In this period not only the time tonal will change, but also the human beings tonal.

The energy in these stones, who have been active witnesses of the human being metamorphosis into impeccable warriors, given that the stones are not only part of material structures, but they are power energy fields; they make DAANY BEÉDXE a powerful energy charge, which has allowed thousands of people to achieve the feat of transcending the consciousness of being and to obtain total freedom.

Each stone that you see here, is not a simple stone, in the nagual field, we could say that they have their own life. This energy is very dangerous for human beings, for that reason, we will have to destroy the structures, so that they do not reuse them after we are gone and we must cover them, so that earth absorbs its energy and releases the stones of the energy charges they have acquired over time.

When the first rays of light of a new day arrive, announcing the return of the Feathered Serpent, DAANY BEÉDXE will be unearthed and a new cycle will start again.

There was a great silence until Night Eagle asked:

—How can we destroy and cover with dirt in one day the four hills of DANNY BEEDXE, if we are only four hundred warriors?

The teacher looked deeply at Night Eagle and slowly replied: —Remember that in the Nagual irrational world. DAANY BEÉDXE is nothing more than an accumulation of energy loads. And energy is governed by other laws.

Just as it would be impossible for large and heavy amounts of snow, go down the valleys by themselves, changing its state from solid to liquid, the go down without any problem.

Similarly, it would be impossible for large amounts of water to rise to heaven, but if its state is changed from liquid to gas, then they can do it without any problem.

The same way, the four hundred southern warriors, in the nagual world, can move with their will large amounts of energy.

What we will do, will be moving energy and not dirt and stones. To do this you need to stop perceiving the world as a set of objects and transform it into what is its essence... energy!

When the Sun was at the top of the sky, the four hundred southern warriors began to arrive. One by one assembled in the large square in the northern part of the main complex.

The Venerable Teacher, Star serpent, he was at the center and the four hundred warriors surrounding him began to sing an invocation which was monotonous and changed tone cyclically.

It began softly and gradually gained greater strength and vigor. The voices became one; the invocation was repeated over and over again. The Warriors danced moving the body in a rhythmic and repetitive manner.

The sky began to darken, little by little, as in an eclipse. Wind gusts whipped the mountain. Unexpectedly DAANY BEÉDXE started to be covered by immense black clouds and the song of the four hundred southern warriors began to penetrate the stones, dirt and the entire mountain.

The singing of the warriors became the sound of the furious wind. An impenetrable fog completely covered the holy mountain. Lightning and thunder fell and a powerful buzz took over space.

The Jaguar Sacred Mountain was fully covered by dark clouds. An eclipse had obscured the Valley, thunder and lightning overwhelmed the mountains.

At the time of total darkness, the buzz became a powerful roar and the sacred mountain began to glow with a greenish light. The dirt and stones were transformed into a gelatinous mass, which emitted a high-pitched noise and possessed own light.

From the depths of the earth, very strong noises were heard and successive tremors shook the Valley.

From the mountains feet, began climbing the gelatinous mass, as an iridescent light rising tide. The buildings became undone and the luminous gelatin coming up from the base of the mountain, started covering them.

The spectacle was impressive, the minutes that the total eclipse lasted, turned into an infinitely long time, enough, so that earth, converted into energy with its own life, slowly climbed the slope of the mountain and covered what was left of the destroyed buildings, making a few mounds where buildings stood before.

The warriors had abandoned their human form and were converted in bright spheres, which were still rhythmically singing and moving. Gradually sunlight again returned. The Sun was released from the dark cloud that had defeated it. The black clouds were diluted and began to clear DAANY BEÉDXE.

Night Eagle heard in himself, the voice of his Teacher, who told him to prepare to see the departure of the four hundred southern warriors.

The Lord of fire darts began to decline; the Jaguar Sacred Mountain was fully covered with Earth. There was no trace of the splendid buildings and the beautiful squares. There were only small mounds where the exquisite constructions stood.

Over what was the north plaza, was a hollow and the four hundred southern warriors were still there, moving now as light spheres; Night Eagle and the Venerable Teacher were on a dirt mound, on the north side of the square. Below the bright spheres began to circle from right to left. One by one, the spheres went to the central cluster of dirt, which was in the middle of what had been the square and with an explosion, which lit up the area, lefty towards the sky, lost in the infinite blue of the evening.

Night Eagle felt in every burst and sphere departure, a pain in the stomach, as a tear of himself, he understood that every luminous sphere departure was a piece of him, forever detaching from this world.

With anguish the warrior felt the departure of his peers; something in him said that it was the last time he was with them. However, being next to his Teacher, gave him assurance and sobriety.

When the last of the southern warriors left and its luminous trail was lost in the immense blue sky of that afternoon, Night Eagle turned to see his Teacher and realized that the two were glowing spheres. Then he heard a voice in himself which said:

—You lost your human form; never again you will be as before, just started your journey into the unknown.

The sun began to decline towards the horizon. The atmosphere was covered with oranges and reds. The afternoon was especially bright. The Teacher and the warrior went to what was the southern pyramid, now converted into a rocky hill.

—Everything in the universe is composed of cycles, like night and day; now we have to leave this wonderful world, will go beyond the "plain".

Dear spirit warrior, hard-working man of knowledge, I have to tell you something very important. Night Eagle instinctively stopped breathing to listen closely. The Teacher looked at him straight in the eye; his gaze was deep and despite his serenity, showed a slight air of sadness.

You will not go with us; you will remain in this world!

Night Eagle felt a stab in the center of his being. He opened his eyes, as if wanting not having heard those words. A lifetime of sacrifice and effort devoted to prepare for the opportunity to obtain total freedom and in the last minute lose the chance. He felt as if losing the floor, to fall into confusion and desolation.

The eyes of the Teacher were focusing directly on the face of Night Eagle, who asked, with clear voice.

—In what have I failed, Venerable Teacher; I have dedicated my entire life to impeccably follow the lessons I've learned in DAANY BEÉDXE, what has been my clumsiness, what are my errors, that deny me the light opportunity? Said the warrior with a paused and firm voice, without reproach. The face of the Teacher was austere and seemed made of stone. On the horizon the Sun shone yellow and immense, accompanied by an entourage of clouds, seemingly time had stopped waiting for the response.

—You have not failed on anything. On the contrary, you have been the most virtuous apprentice and the most impeccable warrior I've ever met. You've been the mark of the spirit of the warrior. Since you were a child, the power selected you and you have dutifully met the responsibility.

However, because you are the best, the power that rules the destinies of human beings and the warriors, has chosen you to fulfill an important mission.

The warrior attempted to tell his Teacher that he wanted to go with him and the four hundred southern warriors, but Star serpent did not let him finish.

—You must listen to me carefully.

The decisions of the power are not analyzed or rejected... only complied with.

We do not have time, when the Sun hides I will go with him and we will never see each other in this world. I have to explain to you what will be your mission; listen carefully.

The warrior eyes filled with tears, not over the denial to be heard, but by knowing that he would never again see his beloved Teacher.

—Times are coming with great changes. The Feathered Serpent and the knowledge of the old Toltec grandparents will be buried, just like their buildings and their creations. Times of confusion and orphanage are coming. The memory of the Feathered Serpent will become blurred in time. Its complementing opposite will emerge from the darkness, and the Lord of the night will reign.

Harmony and peace among the peoples will be lost, the ambition and envy, will again penetrate the hearts of human beings on earth. The teachings of the Toltecáyotl will be lost little by little, in the hands of the administrators and the priests, who will no longer be instruments of the ancient wisdom and will instead use power and authority to help themselves. Without their teachers and over time, these people will become Lords and delimit their domains, returning to trigger jealousies and ambitions, with them will again have wars.

The priests will take over the divine teaching and will materialize the various devotions of "He for whom one lives". The priests will behave associated with those that will assume themselves as great lords, in favor of their material and personal interests; they will call themselves as the incarnation of the Feathered Serpent. This will be the beginning of the darkness which will cover all the lands that are surrounded by great waters.

Then the barbarians of the north will come and will take over the superficial part of the ancient Toltec knowledge and the hearts of our children. They will defeat the Feathered Serpent and will enthrone the Left handed Hummingbird, Lord of war and matter.

The barbarians of the north will make an institution of human sacrifice and from matter a religion. They will violate the ancient rules of the old Toltec grandparents. And like crabs, will use the caparacho of our education but they will walk backwards.

The barbarians of the north will try to erase our memory from the face of Earth and will become gentlemen and pretend to be nobility, old and wise men. They will burn our books and they will make a new story, where they will usurp our noble lineage. But all the peoples including them will know that they are impostors and will live with the anguish of our return and just punishment.

When their deception becomes stronger, from the great eastern waters will arrive, wild and bloody white face and bearded invaders, which will bring in their mouths false words and in their hearts evil and ignorance. Through their hands, it will run the blood, which will shower all our land, as a great storm that had never before existed.

The barbarians of the north and the peoples they submitted and exploited, will confuse the invaders with the Feathered Serpent. These will be times of confusion, pain and blood; children will fight against parents, brothers against brothers, towns against towns. All will tear and the wild invaders through lies and greed will poison the hearts of some and will frighten the consciences of others.

The white conquerors of the Great Waters will come with lies, intrigue and greed. They will be able to seize power and illegitimate authority that the barbarians of the north; will build in less than four bundles of years. The rapacious white face murderers from distant lands, will pour our children blood in all lands and will defeat the impostors, the barbarians of the north, those who will sacrifice, faithful to their God the left-handed Hummingbird, believing that they will receive punishment for having infringed the teachings of the Feathered Serpent.

The sanguinary white invaders will try to destroy and erase from the Earth our millenary old memory and that of our impostor brothers, the barbarians of the north.

Our peoples will then live the most painful experience of our history, in which they will be treated as animals.

The white savage conquerors, in search of material wealth and in the name of a distant, confusing and sanguinary God, will destroy our buildings and institutions, will kill our sages, and persecute our teachers. Burn our priests alive and turn our books to ashes.

They will ban our language and our customs, will make our authorities corrupt. In a little more than two bundles of years, will kill almost all of our children. They will kill them one by one with a knife and viciously, with forced labor and cruelty; and with terrible diseases which they will bring from their distant lands.

Then will come the moment in which our children will have to CONCEAL and HIDE our millenary knowledge, which is the most valuable heritage of our wise and old Toltec grandparents, to wait for the light and with it the end of darkness. New times will come and the cycle change will be when it is believed that all is lost and again confusion and pain is in the hearts of our children.

It is this, the highest responsibility, your precious mission Night Eagle, your responsibility is to stay in this world and wait for the black, painful, and dark night to pass. You will need to remain underground, beneath the Earth, in "The cave of the Jaguar", the Toltecáyotl, which is the wisdom and knowledge of the old Toltecs grandparents.

Because the conquerors, the worshipers of matter will remain for at least six bundles of years in power, time in which our children will live as slaves, without any right, without the slightest opportunity, they will treated as sons of evil and as prisoners of war, will be exploited and humiliated relentlessly.

Until the same blood of the white invaders through a betrayal defeats them, so the sons of the conquerors born in our land, become the lords and for about four bundles of years, in which they will divide and will fight among themselves, for the bounty of our land and the exploitation of our children. During this long period, there should be a "brotherhood with many lineages", that from underground and out of sight of the invaders, maintain secretively, the Toltecáyotl teachings, the most exquisite creation of old Toltec grandparents, shall be transmitted from generation to generation; to our finest children.

Your night flight will have to cross over all these injustices and loot, without the exploiters seeing or feeling you. Your flight must be quiet, hidden and nocturnal. You shall hide in the darkness of times.

Hence, our children's children, will be cornered, without words, and as vagabond shadow in the emptiness of the defeat, will be scattered and obscured. The defeated will be fiercely denied any value and will always be stripped and treated as foreigners in their own land. The main weapon used by the oppressors will be the people’s own ignorance, the loss of identity and memory, of all the children of the earth between the great waters. They will live as ignorant foreigners, poor and without rights in their own land.

Injustice will be so great in those days, that a struggle will ensue that will impose a Government that will cheat the children of the children during almost two bundles of years, delivering the blood and the land of our children, to the most powerful Lords who live beyond the sea, which in those dark moments will dominate all the land.

These will be times of pain and emptiness. Almost all of our children will be blinded by the passion of matter possession. Their hearts will almost wither; their minds will be numbed and will have no memories; at those times nobody will remember the old Toltec grandparents and much less the Toltecáyotl. They all will have their eyes; mind and heart fixed on matter and will continuously search for an identity in distant lands.

The children of our children will be foreign ignorant in their own land. They will be lost in a maze of loneliness, desiring to be like their conquerors; that will exploit them and at the same time will despise them.

Our children will repudiate their oldest mother and will walk as poor orphans, suffering bereaved in this land that will be foreign to them.

The barbaric white conquerors and their descendants, over these years of injustice, exploitation and pain; will remove from our children the language, memories, knowledge, spaces, art and the millennia-old passion for the divine existence. They will try to remove from them all customs and traditions; and they will teach them to feel grief and shame of what belong to them for many years; they will lose their face and their heart. They will yearn to be like their conquerors and their reality will be that they will be always scorned and rejected by their exploiters, both outside and inside.

But exactly two bundles of years after the last war, the path back to the Feathered Serpent will begin, its government of peace and harmony will be established, in this our land.

A major change in the world, will accompany the arrival of the Feathered Serpent, human beings will open their hearts as dry land, receiving the first rains of the storm.

Your mission Night Eagle is to maintain in the hearts and the minds of the children of our children, the wisdom of the old Toltec grandparents … the Toltecáyotl, throughout all this immense, painful, and dark night.

Your mission is preserving the wisdom and knowledge of the Toltec grandparents in a secretive manner, so that when the Sun of knowledge rises again, the children of our children carry this teaching in the depths of their hearts. Your flight must be long and silent; you must reach the depths of the hearts of our children and their children's children.

The knowledge must be kept intact. It will be passed from mouth to ear, in a secret and unobtrusive manner. Knowledge will be covert and stalking, waiting for the time of its exciting revelation.

The Lord of fire darts had begun to enter the region of mystery. The Teacher and the student glowed; their bodies were like two small pieces of the Sun.

Night Eagle had understood in the depths of his being, the high responsibility, which the power entrusted in him through his Teacher.

The sky and the mountains where the Sun was about to hide were set on fire; clouds reflected all shades of red and orange, combined with blue and pink.

Star serpent embraced the warrior and said to his ear; -we will always be with you. He turned and went to the central part of the Hill. At the same time the Sun finished plunging in the kingdom of the Lord of death; a strong flash with a sound explosion, followed by a luminous trail rising to the depths of the sky, to become a tiny bright dot.

A stream of cold air caressed the Jaguar Mountain. In the west, the mountains were surrounded by a golden crown of light. Night Eagle raised his sight and saw the evening star, intense and bright, that seemed to speak to him.

The warrior remained still as a stone trying to hold in his eyes the brightness that was being lost under the earth.

Gradually, darkness was gripping the Valley. The Jaguar Mountain barely outlined its contour in the night. In the highest part of the south hill, was the figure of Night Eagle, which was disappearing in the dark.

Suddenly the warrior opened his huge wings and with an impulse launched his night flight, leaving DAANY BEÉDXE forever.