Translation:Dhammapada/Chapter 6

Dhammapada by Gautama Buddha, translated from Pāli by Wikisource
Chapter 6: The Wise

6:1 (76)
Should one a man of wisdom meet
who points out faults and gives reproof,
who lays a hidden treasure bare,
with such a sage should one consort.
Consorting so is one enriched
and never in decline.

6:2 (77)
Let him exhort, let him instruct,
and check one from abasement.
Dear indeed is he to the true,
not dear is he to the false.

6.3 (78)
Don’t go around with evil friends,
with rogues do not resort.
Spend your time with noble friends,
and worthy ones consort.

6.4 (79)
Happy is he who Dhamma drinks
with heart that’s clear and cool.
One so wise e’er delights
in Dhamma declared by the Noble.

6.5 (80)