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Translation:El Marino/Our first word

El Marino  (1917) , translated from Spanish by Wikisource
Our first word by Augusto Ramírez Olivares
First published in El Marino on 14 January 1917, as Nuestra primera palabra.

We present today this little journalistic sheet, with the purpose of fulfilling a local season necessity.

The resort of Pichilemu already needs a bulletin to serve as the bond of union of the tourists' thoughts, who favor with their presence this beach. El Marino aims to comply with an aspiration widely felt, being printed in a place where it would be risky to even suppose the existence of a typographical workshop.

El Marino is edited in our own workshops, in the same town. It is certain that this sheet is of a very modest presentation; but it is great the purpose it will serve and believes to count with the protection of the little and the greater to happily finish the purpose of bringing commodity while informing the local news.

May go, then, a respectful greeting and our greater votes of prosperity, to all and each of the persons who will read this sheet.

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