Translation:French Nursery Rhymes/Little Mary

French Nursery Rhymes  (1881) 
C. B., translated from French by Wikisource
Little Mary


Who doesn't love little Mary,
She is so wise in the night!
She neither calls nor cries out,
And never makes any noise at all,
If she has to wait more than an hour,
Sometimes, without being able to sleep,
Don't think that she cries,
Or even gives a sigh.

She waits for day to appear;
Then, silently leaves her bed,
To find out what her mother says.
Her mother sleeps; she lets her be.
When mother finally awakes:
"Good morning, Mother!"—"It's you, my daughter!
Your eyes open this fine morning,
Without saying a word: how sweet she is!
Come embrace me, little chicken!"[1]
I thus have good reason to write:
Who does not love little Mary!

  1. Poussin (s.m.), chicken.