Translation:French Nursery Rhymes/The Poultry-Yard

French Nursery Rhymes  (1881) 
C. B., translated from French by Wikisource
The Poultry-Yard


Madam Duck, with a flirty air,
Said: "I see some soldiers coming."

Mr Duck, who was on watch,
Said: "My goodness, where, where?"
Rover[2] asked, "Bow-wow, bow-wow?"
Kitty[3] replied, "Meow, meow."
"Yes," said the rooster, "I see them,
Cock-a-doodle-doo, one, two, three!"

  1. Basse-cour (s.f.), poultry-yard.
  2. Médor, name of a dog.
  3. Minette, Pussy.