Translation:French Nursery Rhymes/The Student's Ten Commandments

French Nursery Rhymes  (1881) 
C. B., translated from French by Wikisource
The Student's Ten Commandments


  1. To class you'll return
    Punctually every day.
  2. Do your homework with care,
    And write it out cleanly.
  3. Study your lessons
    And learn them perfectly,
  4. And above all never chat
    During class at any time.
  5. Avoid Lady Laziness,
    And flee her with care.
  6. You will follow the teacher's
    Advice very dutifully.
  7. A good friend you will be:
    You will certainly be liked.
  8. Every evening you'll return
    Quietly to your home.
  9. You will greet passers-by
    Respectfully every day.
  10. Doing this, you will be
    A good student assuredly.