Kochavei Ohr
by Abraham Chazan ben Reb Nachman of Tulchin, translated from Hebrew by Wikisource

Jerusalem, 1896, 1st Ed., and Jerusalem, 1972.

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Stories written in a book that R' Naftali had: #1 Story of a Small King Who was Conquered by a Big King edit

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#4 The Villager, Varda, Bitter Herbs, Treasure Under the Bridge, Turkey Prince, Tainted Grain, Astrologer King, Sefer Elim, Maharsha 1-3, Blind Musician, Tende-Rende Priest's Clothes edit

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At the time that there was dispute on Rabi Natan, they gave him encouragement so that he would not fall in his da`at/state of mind, and they told him some worldly story: That there was a doctor, and he had an assistant. As time went by, the masses began to make more of a matter and fame of the assistant than of the doctor, until he became more known and honored in the world. And once the King made a meal, and everyone sat according to his honor, and the studnet sat first, and afterwards the doctor. The doctor answered and said, "But look! You indeed know the difference between me and you!" He (Rabi Natan) replied and said to him, "Do not despair and do not be weakened in your mind, for this is the way of the world, that in each generation ninety-eight percent do not know of the truth, and two percent know."

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This work was published before January 1, 1929, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.

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