Translation:Mondo kaj Koro/Se ekbrulus

Mondo kaj Koro  (1921)  by Kálmán Kalocsay, translated from Esperanto by Wikisource
Se ekbrulus (If it started burning)

Out of me, because of my yearning, burning heart,
My painful love flows ardently.
Rigid metal from flowing iron
Obtuse verse melted out of pain.

Here's a song, as if bell-sound
Singing dirges through the air,
Here's a savage song, a hopeless song:
Never bright, never lightly coloured.

Oh, if love's flame would start burning in you
And the heart of the one who eternally loves you
You would caress with your true love.

Oh dear, then would my song be
A joyous shiny golden-made ornament
For your head, with an ostentatious diamond.