Translation:Romance of the Three Kingdoms
by Luo Guanzhong, translated from Chinese by Wikisource
Chapter 7
Yuan Shao fights with Gongsun at the Pan River; Sun Jian crosses a different river and attacks Liu Biao.
224342Translation:Romance of the Three Kingdoms — Chapter 7
Yuan Shao fights with Gongsun at the Pan River; Sun Jian crosses a different river and attacks Liu Biao.
Luo Guanzhong
Chapter 7

Yuan Shao fights with Gongsun at the Pan River; Sun Jian crosses a different river and attacks Liu Biao.


Let us now turn to Sun Jian, who was surrounded by Liu Biao's men. Fortunately, General Cheng Pu, General Huang Gai and General Han Dang fought tooth and nail to save him and allow him to escape. They lost more than half of their forces, but they managed to lead their army on an escape route, and return to the eastern bank of the Yangtze.[1] From then on, Sun Jian developed a grudge against Liu Biao.

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Let us now turn to Yuan Shao. He had stationed his troops in Henei, but was short of food rations. Han Fu, the overlord of Jizhou, had dispatched people to send more grain for the use of Shao's army. The advisor Pang Ji implored Shao, saying, "You have license to do as you please anywhere in the country, why wait for someone to send grain for you to eat? Jizhou has an abundance of food and riches. Why don't you confiscate what you need from there?" Shao said, "I don't have a good strategy." Ji replied, "You could secretly send someone with an express letter to Gongsun Zan, ordering him to advance his army and take over Jizhou. You could then coordinate with his forces in a pincer attack. If you ordered him, Zan would have no choice but to put together his force. Han Fu is rather clueless, he would almost certainly invite you to take charge of the place. Since you would be running the show from the inside, anything you desire would be yours for the taking."

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Shao was overjoyed, and immediately sent a letter to Zan's headquarters. When Zan received the letter and saw that he and Shao were to jointly attack Jizhou, and then split up the land between them, he was overjoyed and raised an army that very day. Shao also sent someone to secretly tip off Han Fu. Fu hastily gathered together his two advisors Xun Chen and Xin Ping to discuss the matter. Chen said, "Zan will rapidly deploy a large force from the area near Yan and Dai; we will be unable to keep the tips of their spears at bay. Not only that, he will have Liu Bei, Guan and Zhang assisting him. We will have a difficult time fighting off this enemy. Now, Yuan Benchu is cunning and brave to a degree not matched by other men, and there are a great many notable generals under his command. You could invite him to govern jointly with you. He would almost certainly give you preferential treatment, and you would not have to worry about Gongsun Zan."

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Han Fu immediately sent his assistant, Guan Chun,[2] to propose the matter to Yuan Shao. Geng Wu, his chief secretary, admonished him, "Yuan Shao is all alone, with an army which is cut off and isolated. They rely on our power and influence just like a baby relies on hips and palms to be carried around. If we deny the baby mother's milk, it will soon die of starvation. How can you entrust him to handle matters within your province? It's like leading a tiger into a group of lambs." Fu responded, "I am a former employee of the Yuan family, and I know that my abilities do not match those of Benchu. The ancients would select men of talent and then defer to them. Why are you all so jealous of him?" Geng Wu sighed, saying, "Jizhou is done for!" After that, more than thirty people abandoned their posts; only Geng Wu and Guan Chun remained hidden outside of the city walls, in anticipation of Yuan Shao's arrival.

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Tian Feng
Ju Shou

Several days later, Shao arrived with his army. Geng Wu and Guan Chun drew their swords and headed out with the intention of slaying Shao. Shao's general, Yan Liang, immediately cut down Geng Wu, and Wen Chou killed Guan Chun. Shao entered Jizhou and gave Fu the title of general of summoned might and power. He divided the official duties of the province among Tian Feng, Ju Shou, Xu You and Pang Ji, thereby completely stripping Han Fu of his power. It all happened so fast, that Fu had no time to regret his decision. After that, he abandoned his wife and children, and set out, by himself, to see Zhang Miao, governor Chenliu Commandery.

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Let us now turn to Gongsun Zan who, upon finding out that Yuan Shao had occupied Jizhou, had sent his younger brother Gongsun Yue to see Shao. He wanted the land to be divided between them. Shao said, "You should ask your brother to come himself, I would like to discuss the matter with him." With that, Yue took his leave. He had gone not more than 50 li,[3] when a group of soldiers and horses appeared from the side of the road. They yelled out, "We are Chancellor Dong's personal guards!" Then, a flurry of arrows was let loose, killing Gongsun Yue. One of his attendants managed to escape and make his way to Gongsun Zan, reporting to him that Yue had died. Zan was outraged, saying, "Yuan Shao enticed me into raising an army in order to attack Han Fu so that he could run things from the inside. Not only that, his men shot and killed my brother with arrows, then tried to pretend that it was Dong Zhuo's men who had done it. How can I not avenge this injustice!" He gathered up every one of the soldiers of his main force, and launched an attack against Jizhou.

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Shao found out that Zan's army had arrived, so he led his army out as well. The two armies met at the Pan River; Shao's army was on the east of the Pan River Bridge, and Zan's army was on the west of the bridge. Zan was on the bridge in an instant, yelling out, "You sellout! How could you betray me?" Shao also spurred his horse onto the bridge. He pointed at Zan, saying, "Han Fu was lacking in ability, he wanted to give Jizhou to me. What does any of that have to do with you?" Zan said, "In the past, I took you for someone who understood loyalty; that's why I recommended that you be leader of the alliance. But now you've gone and done this! Your treachery is now revealed to me. How is it that you have the nerve to show yourself before the world!" Yuan Shao was outraged, saying, "Who can capture him?"

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He had not yet finished his sentence, when Wen Chou raised his spear and whipped his horse into action. He charged straight onto the bridge. Gongsun Zan crossed blades with Wen Chou at the side of the bridge.[4] After not more than ten bouts, Zan could no longer keep him at bay, and fled in defeat. Wen Chou took advantage of the situation and gave chase. Zan reentered his own battle formation, but Wen Chou galloped straight into the Army of the Center, and they ended up fighting back and forth. Four of Zan's fiercest generals all attacked in unison; one of them was stabbed by Wen Chou, and fell off of his horse. The other three all ran away. After Wen Chou chased Gongsun Zan out of his own battle formation, Zan fled toward a mountain valley. Wen Chou rode his horse at full gallop, and shouted sternly, "Dismount from your horse and surrender this instant!" Swords and arrows rained down on Zan, and his helmet fell to the ground. He galloped away, hair disheveled, and fled toward a hillside. The front hooves of his horse got stuck, sending Zan tumbling head over heels to the ground. Wen Chou clutched his spear and hastily jabbed at his opponent. Suddenly, a young general appeared from the left side of the grassy hillside; he was charging full speed at Wen Chou, with his spear raised over his head.

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Zhao Yun

Gongsun Zan climbed up the hill to get a better look. The young man stood at a height of eight chi,[5] had bushy eyebrows and big eyes, with a wide face and a prominent jaw. He was quite majestic in appearance. He fought fifty or sixty bouts with Wen Chou, but one could not tell who was winning and who was losing. After Zan's men arrived on the scene and joined the fray, Wen Chou wheeled his horse around and withdrew. The young man did not give chase. Zan hurried down from the hillside, and asked the name of the young man. The young man bowed, and replied, "I am from Zhending County, Changshan Commandery. My surname is Zhao, my given name is Yun, and my style name is Zilong.[6] I was originally under Yuan Shao's command. Because I saw that Shao lacked fidelity to his ruler, and had no desire to help the people, I made a conscious decision to abandon him and throw in my lot with Your Excellency; however, I didn't expect to run into you here." Zan was overjoyed, and they subsequently returned together to camp and began to whip the troops into shape.

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The following day, Zan divided his war horses into two groups, one on the left and one on the right, so that they resembled the wings of a bird. The horses numbered more than 5,000, a good number of which were white horses. Because Gongsun Zan had fought against the Qiang, he had selected all white horses to take point. He was called the "white horse general." The minute the Qiang saw those white horses, they immediately would flee. Because of this, he had an unusually large number of white horses. Yuan Shao ordered Yan Liang and Wen Chou to take point, each leading 1,000 archers. These two groups were also split up, one on the right and one on the left. The group on the left was ordered to shoot at Gongsun Zan's army of the right, while the group on the right was to shoot at Gongsun Zan's army of the left. Qu Yi was placed at the center of the battle formation, and was ordered to lead 800 archers and 15,000 soldiers. Yuan Shao brought up the rear, personally leading tens of thousands of cavalry and infantry.

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When he initially recruited Zhao Yun, Gongsun Zan was unsure about Yun's true intentions, so Zan ordered Yun to lead a force in the rear, and placed senior general Yan Gang on point. Zan personally led the Army of the Center,[7] and immediately was on the bridge. He planted a banner beside him, in front of his horse. On the banner, surrounded by a bright red circle, was embroidered the Chinese character for "general" in golden silk thread.[8] From the hours of the dragon[9] -- when the beating of the war drums began -- until the hours of the snake,[10] Shao's army did not advance. Qu Yi had ordered all of his archers to take cover underneath their protection shields for incoming arrows, and to only shoot their arrows after they had heard the sound of the cannon. The drums and shouts of Yan Gang's army could be heard as his forces charged directly at Qu Yi's army. When Yi's army saw Yan Gang's soldiers, they all took cover and did not move; it was not until the army drew very close, that the sound of the cannon could be heard, and 800 archers all fired their bows and crossbows in unison. Gang hastily retreated, but Qu Yi whipped his horse into action and flourished his sword in the air, cutting Yan Gang down from his horse. Zan's army was suffering a major defeat. His left and right groups launched a rescue mission, but were stopped in their tracks by the arrows of Yan Liang's and Wen Chou's archers. Shao's army advanced abreast, slaughtering their way to Jie Bridge. Qu Yi immediately arrived, first cutting down the general holding the banner , then cutting down the silk embroidered banner.

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When Gongsun Zan saw that his silk embroidered banner had been cut down, he wheeled his horse around, and rode his horse off the bridge. As Zan's army was leaving, Qu Yi led his men in a direct assault on Zan's rear, running headlong into Zhao Yun, who raised his spear and charged Qu Yi at full gallop. After not more than a few rounds, Qu Yi was knocked off of his horse with a single thrust of Zhao Yun's spear. Zhao Yun then rode his horse, at full gallop, straight into Shao's forces, attacking everything in sight with impunity. Gongsun Zan wheeled his army back around to mount another attack. Shao's army suffered a major defeat.

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Let us now turn to Yuan Shao, who had sent one of his scouts to ride ahead and find out what was happening. When the scout returned, he reported that Qu Yi had achieved an easy victory, and was now pursuing the defeated army. Because of this, Shao made no preparations before riding out with Tian Feng to observe. The two of them only brought along several hundred halberdiers, and several dozen horse archers. When they arrived, they laughed uproariously, saying, "Gongsun Zan, what a no-talent bum!"

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While they were talking, they suddenly saw Zhao Yun charging towards them. Yun stabbed several people with his spear, while the archers were unleashing a flurry of arrows; Shao's entire army fled. Zan's army came from behind and surrounded them in a tight circle. Tian Feng quickly said to Shao, "Your Excellency should hide in an empty building!" Shao threw his helmet onto the ground, and shouted, "A real man heads for the front lines, and fights to the death. How could I ever duck into a building and hope for deliverance!" All of his men decided to fight to the death; Zhao Yun was unable to penetrate their defenses. A large group of Shao's soldiers arrived and joined the fray. Yan Liang led in his men as well; the two forces attacked from different directions. Zhao Yun went to protect Gongsun Zan, fighting his way out of the tight encirclement, and returning to the Jie Bridge. Shao pressed his troops in a massive surge forward, once again fighting their way over the bridge. Countless men fell into the water to their deaths.

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Yuan Shao led the charge in pursuit of the enemy; he had not gone more than five li,[11] when all one could hear was a roar of shouting voices from behind a hill. A group of men and horses came out of nowhere, with three generals in the lead. It was Liu Xuande, Guan Yunchang and Zhang Yide. They had been in Pingyuan County, and when they found out that Gongsun Zan was in a battle against Yuan Shao, they came especially to lend their assistance in the fight. Presently, the three men raced on their horses toward Yuan Shao, each man carrying his own type of weapon. Shao was so taken aback that he dropped the sword he was holding in his hand. He hastily wheeled his horse around and fled; his men fought tooth and nail to cross the bridge and rescue him. Gongsun Zan rounded up his men as well and headed back to camp. After Xuande, Guan and Zhang had exchanged pleasantries with Zan, Zan told Xuande, "If you had not come to the rescue, I might have been done for." He then introduced them to Zhao Yun. Xuande and Zhao Yun hit it off right away, and they developed an abiding affection for one another.

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Let us now turn to Yuan Shao, who had lost in battle, and was hunkered down at camp. He refused to go out, and the two armies were at a standoff for more than a month. Someone came to Chang'an to report on the situation to Dong Zhuo. Li Ru said to Zhuo, "In our times, Yuan Shao and Gongsun Zan have both proven to be men of outstanding abilities. As we speak, they are slaughtering each other at the Pan River. We should write a forged edict of the Son of Heaven, and send someone with it so that they will make peace with each other. Both of them are men of principle, and will surely defer to you, seeing as you're the Senior Grand Tutor." Zhuo was overjoyed. The next day, he sent Grand Tutor Ma Midi and Minister Coachman Zhao Qi to deliver the imperial edict. After the two ministers arrived to the north of the river, Shao travelled more than one hundred li to pay his respects and formally receive the imperial edict.[12] The day after that, the two ministers went to Zan's camp in order to publicly recite the edict. Zan then sent an emissary with a letter addressed to Shao, in which he proposed they mutually declare a truce. The two ministers returned to the capital to report on the situation. Zan disbanded his army that very day, and also recommended that Liu Xuande be promoted to the rank of Pingyuan County Magistrate.[13] Xuande and Zhao Yun bid each other farewell; they shook hands and shed tears, for they did not want to part each other's company. Yun sighed and said, "In days gone by, I wrongly thought that Gongsun Zan was a hero; now that I have seen him in action, I have come to the conclusion that he is no better than Yuan Shao and the rest of them!" Xuande said, "You must still obediently serve him; we will see each other again one day." With tears in their eyes, they bid each other farewell.

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Let us now turn to Yuan Shu, who was at Nanyang. When he heard that Yuan Shao had obtained Jizhou, he sent an emissary to request 1,000 horses. Shao denied the request, which angered Shu. From then on, there was no peace between the two brothers. He then sent an emissary to Jingzhou in order to ask Liu Biao if he could borrow 200,000 in food provisions. Liu Biao refused his request as well, causing Shu to have hard feelings. Accordingly, he secretly sent someone to deliver a letter to Sun Jian. Shu wanted him to launch an attack against Liu Biao. The letter more or less said the following:

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Previously, when Liu Biao blocked your path,[14] it was actually my brother Benchu who came up with the idea. Now, Benchu has again secretly conspired with Biao to attack the eastern bank of the Yangtze.[1] You must quickly raise an army in order to launch an attack against Liu Biao; I will take on Benchu, so as to keep him out of your hair. In that way, we will both get our revenge at the same time. You can take Jingzhou, and I will take Jizhou. No matter what, you must not fail to take advantage of this opportunity!

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After Jian received the letter, he said, "I will not abide Liu Biao. In the past, he blocked my path on my way home; if I don't seize the moment and take my revenge right now, when will I?" He gathered his subordinates, including Cheng Pu, Huang Gai and Han Dang, to discuss the matter. Cheng Pu said, "Yuan Shu has been deceitful on numerous occasions, and cannot be trusted." Jian said, "I would like to personally exact my revenge, so why on earth would I desire the help of Yuan Shu?" He then sent Huang Gai ahead to the bank of the river in order to prepare the war junks; weapons and food rations were loaded aboard, and warhorses were put onto the larger ships. Following that, he scheduled a date for calling up the army. When the spies along the river found out what was going on, they reported what they saw to Liu Biao. Biao was shocked, and hastily convened his military and civilian advisors to discuss the situation. Kuai Liang said, "No need to worry, we can order Huang Zu to take charge of the Jiangxia troops; his force would be at the front. Your Excellency could lead the men from Jingzhou and Xiang as a contingency force. Sun Jian has crossed many rivers and lakes to get here; in light of that, how would he be able to use a sizable military force against you?" Biao concurred with this assessment, and ordered Huang Zu to make preparations. Biao then raised a large army.

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  卻說孫堅吳夫人長子伯符次子仲謀叔弼季佐吳夫人孫堅次妻早安過房 公禮幼臺
Sun Ce
Sun Quan

Let us now turn to Sun Jian's sons, four of whom were the offspring of Lady Wu. The given name of the oldest was Ce, whose style name was Bofu;[15] the given name of his second son was Quan, whose style name was Zhongmou;[16] the given name of his third son was Yi, whose style name was Shubi;[17] the given name of his fourth son was Kuang, whose style name was Jizuo;[18] Lady Wu's younger sister was Sun Jian's second wife. She also bore him one son and one daughter. The given name of the son was Lang, whose style name was Zao'an;[19] the daughter's given name was Ren. Jian had also adopted a boy from the Yu family, whose given name was Shao, and whose style name was Gongli.[20] Jian had one younger brother, whose given name was Jing, and whose style name was Youtai.[21]

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Just prior to Jian's departure, Jing brought forward all of Jian's sons and had them pay obeisance by order of age in front of Jian's horse. Jing then admonished Jian, saying, "Dong Zhuo is now monopolizing all power, and the Son of Heaven is cowardly and weak. The nation is in chaos, and everyone has made a grab for their own turf. The eastern bank of the Yangtze has only recently been pacified.[1] Raising such a massive army over a minor slight wouldn't be prudent. Older brother, I hope that you take that into consideration." Jian said, "Younger brother, you will say no more. I must have license to do as I please anywhere in the country; in light of that, how can I not avenge a slight?" Sun Ce, Jian's oldest son, said, "Father, if you must go, I will accompany you. After all, I am your son." Jian gave his consent, and then boarded the war junk, along with Ce. Together, they set their sights on attacking Fancheng.

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Huang Zu hid his archers on the river bank; when they saw the boats approaching the shore, they let loose with a wild flurry of arrows. Jian ordered his troops to take no rash actions, but rather to hide in the hold of the boats. The boats were to advance and withdraw in order to bait the enemy into firing. Over the course of three days, they approached the shore dozens of times. Huang Zu's army thought of nothing else but shooting their arrows; eventually, they exhausted their supply. Jian ordered his men to fish the hundreds of thousands of arrows out of the water. The winds were favorable on that day; Jian ordered his troops to shoot the arrows in unison. The forces on shore could not hold their ground, and had no choice but to withdraw.

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After Jian's army went ashore, Cheng Pu and Huang Gai divided into two forces, and launched a direct assault on Huang Zu's camp. Behind them, Han Dang led the forces bringing up the rear. The three of them staged a pincer attack from three sides. Huang Zu suffered a major defeat, abandoned Fancheng, and withdrew to Dengcheng. Jian ordered Huang Gai to stay with the war junks, then personally led his army on the attack. Huang Zu led out his army in response, and arrayed his troops in a field. Jian arrayed his own battle lines, and then rode out on his horse, passing underneath the banners located at the entrance to his camp. Sun Ce was fully decked out in body armor. Holding his spear, he stopped his horse beside his father. Huang Zu led two of his own generals out onto the field: one was Zhang Hu of Jiangxia; the other was Chen Sheng of Xiangyang. Huang Zu raised his riding crop in the air, and cursed at them, "Bandit vermin from the eastern bank of the Yangtze;[1] how dare you invade the ancestral lands of the House of Han!" He then ordered Zhang Hu to challenge the enemy to battle. Han Dang emerged from Jian's battle lines in order to meet the challenger. Their two horses engaged, and they fought more than thirty bouts. Chen Sheng saw Zhang Hu was growing weak, so he galloped his horse over in order to lend his assistance. When Sun Ce looked out into the distance and saw what was happening, he stayed the spear in his hand and notched an arrow in his bow. He fired an arrow, which struck Chen Sheng in the face. Chen Sheng fell from his horse in the same instant that one heard the snap of the bowstring. Zhang Hu saw that Chen Sheng had fallen to the ground; he was startled for a moment, and was at a loss as to what to do. Half of his skull was then sliced off by one slash of Han Dang's sword. Cheng Pu spurred his horse into action, and charged his horse directly at Huang Zu. Huang Zu got rid of his helmet and war horse, and waded into his infantry in order to save himself. Sun Jian killed everything in sight, and drove the enemy all the way to the Han River. He then ordered Huang Gai to anchor the war junks in the Han River.

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Huang Zu gathered up his defeated army, and went to see Liu Biao; he explained in great detail how Jian was an unstoppable force. Biao hastily summoned Kuai Liang to discuss the matter. Liang said, "The army has just suffered a recent loss, and the soldiers no longer have the will to fight. Our only option is to dig in so as to withstand the brunt of the enemy's attack; furthermore, we should secretly send someone to ask Yuan Shao to come to the rescue. It's the only way we will break out of the enemy's encirclement." Cai Mao said, "Zirou's words of advice represent nothing but a foolish plan. The enemy army is just outside the gates of the city, and their general has arrived on the banks of the river. How can we simply fold our hands and helplessly await death? I'm not a man of ability, but I'm willing to lead our army out of the city and fight to the death." Liu Biao gave him permission to try.

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Cai Mao led more than ten thousand troops out of the city of Xiangyang, and formed battle lines at Mount Xian.[22] Sun Jian mounted an advance with his own victorious troops. Cai Mao took to the battlefield on his horse. Jian said, "This man is the older brother of Liu Biao's concubine; who will capture him for me?" Cheng Pu raised his iron-ridged long lance, and rode out on his horse to take on Cai Mao. After not more than a few bouts, Cai Mao fled in defeat. Jian pushed his army forward, killing everyone in sight, until dead corpses blanketed the countryside. Cai Mao fled into Xiangyang. Kuai Liang accused Mao of not heeding a good strategy, which led to a major defeat; Liang went on to say that, according to military law, Mao should be beheaded. Liu Biao was unwilling to carry out the sentence, because Biao had recently married Mao's younger sister.

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Let us now turn to Sun Jian, who had dispersed his army in four directions in order to surround and attack Xiangyang. One day, a violent wind suddenly arose, the force of which snapped the flagstaff of the Army of the Center in half. The flagstaff had been flying a banner with the word "general" on it. Han Dang said, "This is not a good omen; we should temporarily stand down our army." Jian said, "I have fought and won many battles; it is only a matter of days before we take Xiangyang. Why would I stand down my army, just because a strong wind broke a flagstaff in half!" Accordingly, he did not heed the words of Han Dang, and attacked the city with even greater urgency. Kuai Liang told Liu Biao, "I have been observing phenomenon in the nighttime sky, and have noticed that the General Star will soon descend. By dividing the nighttime sky into regions, one can see that this should correspond to Sun Jian. Your Excellency, you must immediately send a letter to Yuan Shao, asking him for assistance."

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Liu Biao wrote a letter asking who would be daring enough to break out of the encirclement. His powerful general Lü Gong responded to the call and volunteered to go. Kuai Liang said, "Since you are daring enough to go, you should listen to my plan. I will give you five hundred horses and men. Make sure that you bring extra archers, then push through their battle lines and make your way to Mount Xian. They will almost certainly lead their army in pursuit, at which point, you will dispatch one hundred of your men to climb up the mountain. There, they should prepare themselves by searching for rocks and stones. Another one hundred men should take their bows and crossbows, and hide in the forest. The instant the pursuing army arrives, the rest of your men should not depart in a straight line. Rather, they should wind their way up the mountain, making their way to the ambush spot. Once there, let the enemy have it with all of your rocks and arrows. If you manage to obtain a victory, launch a bunch of flares, and we will exit the city and join forces with you. In the event that the enemy does not give chase, hurry up and leave the area without launching any flares. The moon is not very bright tonight; you can leave the city at dusk."

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After Lü Gong received the plan, he gathered his men. At dusk, he stealthily opened the eastern gate, and led his troops out of the city. Sun Jian was in his tent, when he suddenly heard the sound of men shouting; he quickly mounted his horse and led 30 or more mounted troops out of camp in order to see what was happening. A soldier reported, "There is a group of soldiers and horses that charged out of the city, and are headed toward Mount Xian." Jian did not convene his generals; instead, he simply led his 30 or more mounted troops in pursuit. Lü Gong was already located in a forested area of the mountain, which was thick with overgrowth. There, his men spread out and hid in ambush. Jian's horse was fast; he was out in front by himself, with his lead force not far behind. Jian yelled out, "Halt!" Lü Gong wheeled his horse around, and engaged in battle with Sun Jian. The two men only fought one bout on their horses, before Lü Gong rode off on a mountain path. Jian followed close on his heels, but did not see Lü Gong. As soon as Jian went up the mountain, a sudden cacophony of war gongs rang out. Stones rained down on him from higher on the mountain, and arrows were launched in unison from the forest. Jian was struck by the stones and arrows, and his brain fluid came gushing out. Both man and horse died on Mount Xian, Sun Jian was just 37 years old.[23]

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Lü Gong intercepted the 30 mounted troops, killed all of them, then launched a series of flares. From inside the city, Huang Zu, Kuai Yue and Cai Mao split up and went out on the attack. The entire army from the eastern bank of the Yangtze[1] was in disarray. Once Huang Gai heard the screaming and shouting, he led his water-based army on the attack, at which point, he ran into Huang Zu. They had not fought two bouts, when Huang Zu was captured alive. Cheng Pu was protecting Sun Ce, hastily looking for an escape route, when he ran into Lü Gong. Cheng Pu galloped forward. After not more than a few bouts, he stabbed Lü Gong with his lance, causing him to fall from his horse. The two armies engaged in a major battle, fighting until dawn, before both sides withdrew. Liu Biao's army entered into the city. It was not until Sun Ce returned to the Han River, that he found out that his father had been killed by stray arrows, and that his corpse had been carried into the city by Liu Biao's army. He began to sob and wail. The entire army then began to shed tears. Ce said, "How can I ever return home, when my father's body is here!" Huang Gai said, "We have captured Huang Zu alive. We must have someone go into the city and sue for peace. We can exchange Huang Zu for His Excellency's body."

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Before he had finished speaking, a military officer named Huan Jie stepped out and said, "I go back a ways with Liu Biao; I am willing to enter the city as an envoy." Ce granted him permission. Huan Jie entered the city to see Liu Biao, and stated his case. Biao said, "I have already interred Wentai's body in a coffin here. You must quickly return Huang Zu, so that both sides can stand down our armies, and not encroach upon each other's territory." Huan Jie expressed his thanks and was about to leave, when Kuai Liang emerged from underneath the base of the steps, saying, "Unacceptable! Unacceptable! I have something to say; we must see to it that the army from the eastern bank of the Yangtze[1] is completely defeated. I request that Huan Jie first be beheaded; after that, we can come up with a plan of action." It was a case of:

Pursuing the enemy, Sun Jian had no sooner lost his life, than Huan Jie met his end while pursuing peace.

Don't know whether Huan Jie survived? Keep reading, and all will be explained.

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  10. 9:00am to 11:00am
  11. One li was approximately 415.8 meters, five li would have been 2.079 km (~1.2918906 miles).
  12. One li was approximately 415.8 meters, 100 li would have been 41.58 km (~25.837812 miles)
  13. equivalent in rank to a commandery governor.
  14. see: Chapter 6#18.
  15. Literal meaning: auspicious eldest brother
  16. Literal meaning: second brother who plots great things
  17. Literal meaning: father's younger brother, who lends assistance
  18. Literal meaning: younger brother who lends assistance
  19. Literal meaning: morning peace
  20. Literal meaning: public propriety
  21. Literal meaning: esteemed younger brother
  22. Mount Xian is south of Xiangyang.
  23. Sun Jian was probably closer to 36 years old at the time of his death. In the traditional Chinese age system, a year is added because of the gestation time in the womb. (see: East Asian age reckoning)