Translation:The High Mountains

The High Mountains  (1918) 
by Zacharias Papantoniou, translated from Greek by Wikisource

Zacharias Papantoniou

The High Mountains

Children's Literature, Greece, 1918.

A journey of initiation of a group of children in the mountains.

Illustrations by the author
Engravings by Petros Roumpos

Table of contents Edit

  1. The Three Fires
  2. Andreas's Letter
  3. The Departure
  4. The Young Travellers Climb up into the Mountains
  5. The Song of Uncle Fotis
  6. The Children See the Waters of the Roumelle
  7. Disaster in Foudoulis's Biscuits
  8. The Mules Know Where to Stop for Lunch
  9. The Fountain
  10. First Evening in the Forest
  11. Stars, Crickets and Bells
  12. The Children Form a Community
  13. Battle with a Watchdog
  14. A Young Vlach Who Doesn't Speak Very Much
  15. The Young Vlach Talks to the Children
  16. First Home Cooking
  17. Kaloyannis's Signs
  18. Communication with Inhabited Places
  19. They Get Tools for the Roads
  20. The Children Open the Roads
  21. The Fox Arrives
  22. The Seven Little Ones on a Hen Hunt
  23. The Owners Hear the News
  24. Foolish Panageois
  25. The Old Lady Charmaine
  26. Lambros Leads his Herd
  27. A School Where Nobody Expected One
  28. What Lambros Saw at the End of the Lesson
  29. A Teacher in the Community
  30. In the Shade of the Pines
  31. Old Athanase
  32. A Voluntary Policeman for the Fox
  33. An Unexpected Episode
  34. The Man who Consumes the Forest
  35. The Children Warn the Police
  36. The Stripped Pine
  37. The Children Become Forest Rangers
  38. Forest Rangers, Watch Out!
  39. Rough Time for the Tree Choppers
  40. The Black Ibex
  41. Aphrodo's Song
  42. The Story of Yannis from Yeuse
  43. The Malediction of the Pine 
  44. Bathing
  45. The Drunken Miller
  46. At the Fir Tree
  47. For the Sunset
  48. Phanis Completely Alone
  49. Great Concern at the Cabins
  50. On the Way to Phanis
  51. The Day's Blessings
  52. The Moor's Rock
  53. Goodnight Old Moor
  54. Even Gkeka Is Delighted
  55. Thymios the Bell Maker from Salona
  56. Foudoulis Is Sick
  57. Costakis With One Shoe
  58. The Wolf
  59. A Little Ceremony in the Forest
  60. The Mountain Stream
  61. Where Does the Water Come From?
  62. Trees Can Also Feel Pain
  63. The Villager's Dream
  64. The Dead Trees
  65. At the Hydraulic Saw
  66. The Song to the New Ship
  67. Spyros Finds Something Useful
  68. The Storm
  69. The Storm on the Children's Cabins
  70. A Message
  71. At the Monastery
  72. Vespers
  73. Compline
  74. The Mass
  75. Aphrodo's Wedding
  76. Gkeka Did What Was Needed
  77. Old Athanase Doesn't Want to Cry
  78. The Return Journey
  79. Years Later

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