Translation:The Young Man's Love by Ludwig Tieck, translated from German by Wikisource

4: Happiness

Will you take pity
Graciously on this poor man?
Is it then no dream?
O how the springs trickle
And the waves resound.
O how the tree rustles!

Deep I lay, by frightening
Walls imprisoned.
Now the light of day greets me.
O how the Sun's rays amuse themselves!
They dazzle my eyes and bring colours
To my timid face.

Dare I believe it?
Will no one rob me
Of this precious delusion?
But dreams fade away.
Love: that alone is life.
A welcome fate!

How free and cheerful!
Tarry awhile.
Put away your pilgrim's staff!
You have prevailed.
You have found it:
The happiest place!