Translation:The Young Man's Love by Ludwig Tieck, translated from German by Wikisource

12: Temptation

My beloved, where tarry
Your straying feet?
The nightingale chatters
Of longing and kisses.

The trees whisper
In the golden glow,
Dreams slip in
At my window.

Ah! Do you know the pining
Of a pounding breast?
These thoughts and aspirations,
Full of torment, full of joy?

Lend wings to your haste:
Come and rescue me.
In the dark night
We shall flee from here.

The sails are full;
Fear is but a trifle:
There, beyond the waves,
Is your fatherland.

My homeland is falling behind;
O, let it go!
The power of love
Is now guiding my mind.

Hark! Voluptuously resound
The waves in the sea.
They hop, they jump
Wantonly along.

And if they should lament?
Why, they are summoning you!
For they know it is love
That they bear from here.