Translation:To the Virgin Mary

To the Virgin Mary  (15th century) 
by Marko Marulić, translated from Croatian by Wikisource
Croatian English
Divici Mariji

Zdrava si, Marije, zdrav, žilju pribili,
    ki u parsi krije tvoj sinak premili;
na grišne se smili, puna si milosti,
    duša k tebi cvili, čuvaj nas žalosti.
Da nam tvoj sin prosti, moli ga, kraljice,
    sunčene svitlosti prisvitla Danice;
božja nevistice u Trojstvu božjemu,
    dobra odvitnice pri sinku tvojemu.
Uzdahu mojemu priklon uši tvoje,
    u grihu mojemu gdi cvilim, Gospoje;
neka sarce moje vazda želi k tebi,
    gdino sveti stoje da najdem stan sebi.

To the Virgin Mary

Oh Mary, hail to thee, hail lily, thou most white
    which thy beloved son does shelter at his breast;
to sinners mercy show, who do abound in grace;
    our souls cry out to you, from grief deliver us.
That us your son may spare, do pray to him, our queen,
    oh splendour of the sun, most radiant morning star,
sweet spouse of the Divine within the Triune God,
    oh gracious advocate with your beloved son.
To these deep sights of mine do lend a gentle ear
    in my transgression grave when I lament, oh Queen;
oh may this heart of mine fore'er desire of you
    in saintly company my true abode to find.

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