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Translation talk:The poems of Catullus


Organization and formattingEdit

I began to reformat the carmina but stopped realizing their organization is a bit different than any other body of work here, each poem being largely independant of the others and held together by an uncertain structure (as noted in the Wikipedia article). Should they be treated as all one body of work, which is to say with a header going from one to the other and all categorization and preface done on this table of contents page, or each as independant poems? PoptartKing 07:05, 16 August 2006 (UTC)

Independent poems not subpages. But they could still have links to the next and previous. You might want to find a good hard-copy (out of copyright) that you can mimic.--BirgitteSB 17:29, 23 August 2006 (UTC) Edit

Latin translations are a dime a dozen, The problem is, the authors whom you want are mostly not translating the text literally. In most situations literal translations only come from students, so that the teacher might better have a method of grading their work. What should be done about this?

Other ProjectsEdit

Wikipedia and Wikibooks have some of these poems, is it ok to copy and paste from there or should translations and original be from a "certified" source?


When completing articles about the following poems, please use something similar to the following as a template for consistency:

| previous=[[Catullus *The name of the previous poem*]]
| next=[[Catullus *The name of the following poem*]]
| title={{subst:PAGENAME}}
| translator=wikisource
| section=
| author=Catullus
| notes=*The meter and other notes*
{| border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="5" align="center"
! Literal English Translation !! Original Latin !! Line</noinclude>
|- style="vertical-align: top;"
| <poem>*The literal English Wikisource translation*</poem>
| <poem>*The original latin*</poem>
| <poem>*A full list of line numbers*</poem><noinclude>
{{AP Latin Footer}}


Do not submit copyrighted translations without permission.

Indicate in your edit summary:

  1. if you are releasing your own translation,
  2. if the translation is in the public domain, or
  3. if you have express permission from the author.

Translations without a source indicated will be deleted.

Please keep translations as literal as possible.

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