Treaty of Peace between Poland, Russia and the Ukraine

Treaty of Peace between Poland, Russia and the Ukraine
Peace of Riga
Treaty of Riga

Partial English text of the Peace of Riga as Appendix C in G.V. Kacewicz (2012), Great Britain, The Soviet Union and the Polish Government in Exile (1939–1945), p. 229–230. (18 March 1921). "Treaty of Peace Between Poland, Russia and the Ukraine". Resource: Appendix C.  The full text has 26 articles.

Treaty of Peace between Poland, Russia and the Ukraine

Riga, March 18, 1921


Poland – on the one hand – and Russia and the Ukraine – on the other – being desirous of putting an end to the war and of concluding a final, lasting and honourable peace based on a mutual understanding and in accordance with the peace preliminaries signed at Riga on October 12, 1920, have decided to enter into negotiations and have appointed for this purpose as plenipotentiaries:

The Government of the Polish Republic: MM. Jean Dabski, Stanislaw Kauzik, Edouard Lechowicz, Henri Strasburger and Leon Wasilewski.

The Government of the Federal Socialist Republic of the Russian Soviets, on its own behalf and with the authorization of the Government of the White-Ruthenian Socialist Republic and of the Government of the Ukraine Socialist Republic of Soviets: MM. Adolphe Joffe, Jacob Ganetski, Emmanuel K vi ring, Leonide Obolenski and Georges Kotshoubinski.

The above-mentioned plenipotentiaries met at Riga, and having exchanged their full powers, which were recognized as sufficient and found to be in good and due form, agreed to the following provisions:

Article 1Edit

The two Contracting Parties declare that a state of war has ceased to exist between them.

Article 2Edit

The two Contracting Parties, in accordance with the principle of national self-determination, recognize the independence of the Ukraine and of White Ruthenia and agree and decide that the eastern frontier of Poland, that is to say, the frontier between Poland on the one hand, and Russia, White Ruthenia and the Ukraine on the other, shall be as follows: (Detailed Description).

Article 3Edit

Russia and the Ukraine abandon all rights and claims to the territories situated to the west of the frontier laid down by Article 2 of the present Treaty. Poland, on the other hand, abandons in favour of the Ukraine and of White Ruthenia all rights and claims to the territory situated to the east of this frontier. The two Contracting Parties agree that, in so far as the territory situated to the west of the frontier fixed in Article 2 of the present Treaty includes districts which form the subject of a dispute between Poland and Lithuania, the question of the attribution of these districts to one of those two States is a matter which exclusively concerns Poland and Lithuania. (...)

Article 4Edit

Each of the Contracting Parties mutually undertakes to respect in every way the political sovereignty of the other Party, to abstain from interference in its internal affairs, and particularly to refrain from all agitation, propaganda or interference of any kind, and not to encourage any such movement. Each of the Contracting Parties undertakes not to create or protect organizations which are formed with the object of encouraging armed conflict against the other Contracting Party or of undermining its territorial integrity, or of subverting by force its political or social institutions, nor such organizations as claim to be the Government of the other Party or of a part of the territories of the other Party. The Contracting Parties, therefore, undertake to prevent such organizations, their official representatives and other persons connected therewith, from establishing themselves on their territory, and to prohibit military recruiting and the entry into their territory, and transport across it, of armed forces, arms, munitions and war material of any kind destined for such organizations. (...)

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