Twine weel the plaiden (1)/O Jeanie, There's Naething to Fear Ye

Twine weel the plaiden (1)  (1825) 
O Jeanie, There's Naething to Fear Ye

o jeanie, there's naething to fear ye.

O! My lassie, our joy to complete again,
Meet me again in the gloamin, my dearie:
Low down i’ the dell let us meet again,
O! Jeanie there’s naething to fear ye:
Come when the wee bat flits silent an’ eerie:
Come when the pale face o’ nature looks weary
Love be thy sure defence,
Beauty and innocence—
O, Jeanie, there’s naething to fear.

Sweetly blaws the haw an' the rowan-tree,
Wild roses speck our thicket so breerie;
Still will our bed in the greenwood be——
O, Jeanie there’s naething to fear ye,
Note when the blackbird o’ singing is weary,
List when the beetle bee’s bugle comes near ye,
Then come with fairy haste,
Light foot and beating breast——
O, Jeanie, there’s naething to fear ye.

Far, far, will the bogle and brownie be;
Beauty an' truth, they darena come neari(illegible text),
Kind love is the tie of our unity,
A’ maun love it, an’ a’ maun revere it
Love maks the sang o’ the woodland so cheer(illegible text)
Love gars a’ nature look bonnie that’s near ye,
Love maks the rose sae sweet,
Cowslip an’ violet——
O, Jeanie, there’s naethiug to fear ye.

This work was published before January 1, 1928, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.

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