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CMH Pub 100-1: PAPUAN CAMPAIGN The Buna-Sanananda Operation 16 November 1942 - 23 January 1943[1]
United States Army Center for Military History

This work is in the public domain in the United States because it is a work of the United States federal government (see 17 U.S.C. 105).

  • The Buna-Sanananda Operation
  • 16 November 1942 - 23 January 1943
  • WASHINGTON, D.C., 1990
  • CMH Pub 100 1 Coverr.png

  • First printed by the Historical Division, War Department, for the American Forces in Action series, 1945
  • CMH Pub 100-1

Foreword to CMH EditionEdit

  • Papuan Campaign: The Buna-Sanananda Operation (16 November 1942-23 January 1943) is one of a series of fourteen studies of World War II operations originally published by the War Department's Historical Division and now returned to print as part of the Army's commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of that momentous clash of arms. These volumes, prepared by professional historians shortly after the events described, provide a concise summary of some of the major campaigns and battles fought by American soldiers. The skillful combination of combat interviews with primary sources, many of which are now lost, gives these unassuming narratives a special importance to military historians. The careful analysis of key operations provides numerous lessons for today's military students.
  • I am pleased that this entire group of studies will once again be available I urge all military students and teachers to use them to enhance our collective awareness of the skill, leadership, daring, and professionalism exhibited by our military forebears.
  • Washington, D.C.
    15 September 1989
    Colonel, FA
    Chief of Military History


In the thick of battle, the soldier is busy doing his lob. He has the knowledge and confidence that his job is part of a unified plan to defeat the enemy, but he does not have time to survey a campaign from a fox hole. If he should be wounded and removed behind the lines, he may have even less opportunity to learn what place he and his unit had in the larger fight.

  • American forces in action is a series prepared by the War Department especially for the information of wounded men. It will show these soldiers, who have served their country so well, the part they and their comrades played in achievements which do honor to the record of the United States Army.

  • s/G. C. Marshall
    Chief of Staff

    WASHINGTON 25, D. C.
  • Papuan Campaign: the Buna-Sanananda Operation is the second of a series called AMERICAN FORCES IN ACTION. The series was prepared at the suggestion of General of the Army George C. Marshall, Chief of Staff. His foreword, as used in the original edition, appears on the previous page. The series was originally designed for military personnel only and primarily for wounded soldiers in hospitals to tell them the military story of the campaigns and battles in which they served. With the cessation of hostilities, Papuan Campaign is released as a public document.
  • This study was based on the best military records available. Although in its published form it contains no documentation, the original manuscript, fully documented, is on file in the War Department. Aerial photographs are by the Allied Air Forces, S. W. P. A.; all others are by the U. S. Army Signal Corps.
  • Readers are urged to send directly to the Historical Division, War Department, Washington 25, D. C., comments, criticisms, and additional information which may be of value in the preparation of a complete and definitive history of the Buna-Sanananda operation.

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  1. First printed by the Historical Division, War Department, for the American Forces in Action series, 1945.
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