US Coast Guard NOK missing notification

US Coast Guard NOK missing

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Jones
123 Main Street
Somewhere, CA 95123
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Jones

I deeply regret to inform you on behalf of the United States Coast Guard that your (specify relationship, name, rate/rank, SSN) is missing as a result of (provide brief description of the cause and circumstances concerning missing status). The incident in which your (specify relationship) was involved occurred on (date) at (or in the vicinity of) (show location of incident). Your great anxiety in this situation is understood and when further information is available concerning results of the search now in progress you will be promptly notified.

You may be assured that every effort is being made with personnel and facilities available to locate your (specify relationship).

(Name and Phone # of CG Contact) has been assigned to give you every possible assistance. Please be assured of the heartfelt sympathy and prayers of your (specify relationship)'s shipmates at this time of heartache and uncertainty. I join you in prayer for (his/her) eventual recovery alive.

(Name, rate/rank, and title of unit commanding officer)