United States Code/Title 7/Chapter 6

United States Code
by the United States Government
Title 7, Chapter 6. Insecticides and Environmental Pesticide Control

The Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (or FIFRA), (P.L. 75-717) 7 U.S.C. 136 et seq. is a United States federal law that set up the basic U.S. system of pesticide regulation to protect applicators, consumers and the environment. It is administered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the appropriate environmental agencies of the respective states. The current version of FIFRA underwent a major revision in 1972 and superseded the Federal Insecticide Act of 1910 and the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act of 1947. The act was amended somewhat in 1996 by the Food Quality Protection Act. In 1988, it was amended again to change pesticide registration laws and to require reregistration of certain pesticides that had been registered before 1984. Excerpted from Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Title 7 — Agriculture
Chapter 6 — Insecticides and Environmental Pesticide Control
§§ 121 to 134 Repealed.
§§ 135 to 135k Omitted.
§ 136 Definitions
§ 136a Registration of pesticides
§ 136a-1 Reregistration of registered pesticides
§ 136b Transferred
§ 136c Experimental use permits
§ 136d Administrative review; suspension
§ 136e Registration of establishments
§ 136f Books and records
§ 136g Inspection of establishments, etc.
§ 136h Protection of trade secrets and other information
§ 136i Use of restricted use pesticides; applicators
§ 136i-1 Pesticide recordkeeping
§ 136i-2 Collection of pesticide use information
§ 136j Unlawful acts
§ 136k Stop sale, use, removal, and seizure
§ 136l Penalties
§ 136m Indemnities
§ 136n Administrative procedure; judicial review
§ 136o Imports and exports
§ 136p Exemption of Federal and State agencies
§ 136q Storage, disposal, transportation, and recall
§ 136r Research and monitoring
§ 136r-1 Integrated Pest Management
§ 136s Solicitation of comments; notice of public hearings
§ 136t Delegation and cooperation
§ 136u State cooperation, aid, and training
§ 136v Authority of States
§ 136w Authority of Administrator
§ 136w-1 State primary enforcement responsibility
§ 136w-2 Failure by the State to assure enforcement of State pesticide use regulations
§ 136w-3 Identification of pests; cooperation with Department of Agriculture’s program
§ 136w-4 Omitted
§ 136w-5 Minimum requirements for training of maintenance applicators and service technicians
§ 136w-6 Environmental Protection Agency minor use program
§ 136w-7 Department of Agriculture minor use program
§ 136w-8 Pesticide registration service fees
§ 136x Severability
§ 136y Authorization of appropriations

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