United States Statutes at Large/Volume 1/4th Congress/2nd Session/Chapter 7

March 2, 1797
Chap. Ⅶ.—An Act, in addition to an act, intituled “An act concerning the registering and recording of ships or vessels,” and to an act, intituled “An act for enrolling and licensing ships and vessels employed in the coasting trade and fisheries, and for regulating the same.”

Act of Dec. 31, 1792, ch. 1.
Secretary of Treasury authorized to grant certificates, &c. in certain cases.
1793, ch. 8.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That whenever it shall appear, by satisfactory proof, to the Secretary of the Treasury, that any ship or vessel hath been sold and transferred by process of law; and that the register, certificate of enrolment, or license, as the case may be, of such ship or vessel, is retained by the former owners, it shall be lawful for the said secretary, to order and direct the collector of the district to which such ship or vessel may belong, to grant a new register, certificate of enrolment, or license, as the case may be, on the owners, under such sale, complying with such terms and conditions, as are, by law, required for granting of such papers; excepting only the delivering up of the former certificate of registry, enrolment or license, as the case may be: Provided nevertheless, that nothing in this act contained, shall be construed to remove the liability of any person or persons to any penalty for not surrendering up the papers, belonging to any ship or vessel, on a transfer or sale of the same.

Approved, March 2, 1797.