United States Statutes at Large/Volume 1/Advertisement


The Publishers would call the attention of all those who have occasion to consult the laws of the United States to the following characteristics of this edition, which justify them in unhesitatingly recommending it as worthy of the public approbation, in addition to high testimonials in the accompanying letters as to its merits.

It has the sanction of Congress, and is issued under their auspices. It is to be the edition supplied to the officers of government, and an interest in the copyright is reserved to the United States.

It will contain all the laws, and yet will be put at a less price than those editions which contain only a portion of those laws. The purchaser will be sure that he can find every law which he may have occasion to refer to.

It is enriched with copious notes of the decisions of the courts of the United States on the several statutes, and with references to other statutes.

It will be the only edition in which the laws are chaptered as is directed by the joint resolution of Congress of March 3, 1845, except the session acts, which are too expensive to be within the reach of but very few persons.

It can be relied upon for accuracy. It is printed with great care, from authorized editions of the laws, and then is subjected to a careful revision by the records at the seat of government. The value given to it, by so great care to secure its entire authenticity, will be at once perceived by all professional persons. The Publishers would refer those whose pursuits have not given them occasion to appreciate the importance of the entire accuracy of the text, to the letters of the Hon. Rufus Choate, and of the Hon. Robert C. Winthrop, which are printed herewith.

The superiority of the paper on which it is printed, and of its typographical execution, over all other editions, will be seen and appreciated at once by every one.