United States Statutes at Large/Volume 2/12th Congress/1st Session/Chapter 80

May 11, 1812.
Chap. LXXX.—An Act to alter and establish certain Post Roads.

Post routes discontinued.Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following post routes be discontinued:

From Jacksonborough in South Carolina, by Barnwell Courthouse, to Augusta in Georgia. From Rahway to New Providence; and from Baskenridge to Somerset in New Jersey. From Fort Stoddert to Natchez in the Mississippi Territory. From Galliopolis to Chilicothe in Ohio. From Salisbury, by Lincolnton in North Carolina. From Peytonsburg to Danville. From Salisbury, by Andover, New Chester and Bridgewater, to Plymouth, thence by Holderness, New Hampton and Sandbornton to Salisbury in New Hampshire. From Baltimore, by Queenstown, to Centreville in Maryland. From Buchanon to Beverly in Virginia.

Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, Post roads established.That the following post roads be established:

In New Hampshire.—From Hopkinton, through Warner, Bradford, Fisherfield, Wendell and Newport, to Cornish in the county of Cheshire. From Concord in the county of Rockingham, through Weare, Dearing, Hancock and Packersfield, to Keene in the county of Cheshire. From Gilmanton to Meredith. From Concord, by Loudon, Gilmanton, Meredith and New Holderness, to Plymouth, thence by New Hampton, Sandbornton, Northfield and Canterbury to Concord.

Massachusetts.—From Blue Hill to Sedgwick. From Kennebunk to Arundel. From Readfield, by Fayette, to Livermore.

Rhode Island.—From Providence, through Gloucester, to Pomfret in the state of Connecticut.

Connecticut.—From Canton in Hartford county, by New Hartford and Torrington, to Goshen, in Litchfield County. From Hartford, through Bristol, Plymouth, Watertown, Woodbury, Southbury and Newtown, to Danbury.

New York.—From Jamaica, through the Alley and by the head of Cowneck, to Hempstead harbor, and through Oyster bay to Huntington; this is declared to be an alteration of the existing post route. From Trip’s hill, by Montgomery Courthouse, to Sheldon’s in the county of Oneida. From Madison, by Cazenovia, to Manlius. From Rome, through Constantia and Mexico, to Oswego. From Kinderhook in New York, by Spencer town, to Weststockbridge in Massachusetts.

New Jersey.—From Morristown to Easton in Pennsylvania. From Scotch Plains to New Providence. From Salem, by Hancock’s bridge and New Canton, to Greenwich in Cumberland county.

Pennsylvania.—From Bedford, by Stoystown and Ligoniers, to Greensburg. From Pittsburg, by Baldwin’s mills, Steubenville and Cadiz, to Cambridge, in the state of Ohio. From Quakerton, by Saucona, to Northampton. From Belfont, by the counties of Clearfield and Jefferson, to Venango. From Bear Gap, by Danville, to Washington. From New Alexandria to Pittsburg. From Greensburg to New Castle in the county of Mercer.

Ohio.—From New Lisbon, by Wayne Courthouse, Richland Courthouse and Knox Courthouse; returning by Coshocton Courthouse and Canton, to New Libson. From Chilicothe, by Fayette Courthouse, Green Courthouse and Dayton, to Eaton; returning from Green Courthouse, by Clinton Courthouse and Greenfield, to Chilicothe. From Urbana to Springfield. From Galliopolis to Athens in Ohio. From Huron to Danbury.

Maryland.—From Princess Ann to the corner where the roads from Point and Pocomoke intersect. From Annapolis, by Broad Creek in Kent Island and Queen’s town, to Centreville.

Virginia.—From Dunkirk, to New Kent Courthouse. From Front Royal to Waynesborough. The post road from Stannardsville, in Orange county, to Port Republican, in Rockingham, is declared to be altered so as to pass over the South Mountain at Brown’s turnpike on the same. From Paris in Fauquier county to Gibson’s store. From Staunton, by Pendleton Courthouse, to Beverly. From Halifax Courthouse to Danville, and from Beverly to Clarksburg.

Kentucky.—From Washington, by Flemingsburg, to Mount Sterling. From Grayson to Butler Courthouse. From Russellville to Isbellville in Christian county. From Nicholasville, by the mouth of Hickman and Bellises mill, to Danville, Kentucky.

Tennessee.—From Carthage to New Glasgow in Kentucky. From Hopkinsville in Kentucky, to Clarksville in Tennessee; and from thence, by Dickson Courthouse and M’Allister’s cross-roads, to Columbia in Tennessee.

North Carolina.— Post roads established.From Charlotte, by Beattysford, Lincolnton and Morgan, to Wilkesboro’ and to pass by Mountmorin once in every two routes. From Staatsville to Salisbury. The mail from Fayetteville to Salisbury, shall go by Rockingham, Wardesboro’, Allentown and Henderson, to Salisbury, and return by M’Cauley’s store, to Fayetteville.

South Carolina.—From Charleston, by Giveham’s ferry, on Edisto river; and from thence to Barnwell Courthouse, and by the White Ponds, to Edgefield Courthouse. From Wellington to Beckley’s store, being an alteration of the present route past Vienna. From Coosawhatchie, by Lower Three Runs, to Augusta in Georgia. From Darlington Courthouse to Sumpter Courthouse, by Carter’s crossing.

Georgia.—From Savannah to Louisville. From Milledgeville, by Twigs Courthouse, to Pulaski Courthouse. From Augusta to Campbeltown. From Louisville to Saundersville.

Mississippi Territory.—From Fort Stoddert, by Amite Courthouse, to Pinckneyville. From Natchez, by Wilkinson Courthouse, to Lake Ponchartrain.

Indiana Territory.—From Laurenceburg, by Madison and Charlestown, to Jeffersonville. From Laurenceburg, by Franklin Courthouse to Wayne Courthouse.

Survey of the main post route from Maine to Georgia to be made.
Limitation of expense.
Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the Postmaster-General cause a survey to be made of the main post road from Robinstown, in the district of Maine, to St. Mary’s, in Georgia, causing the courses, distances, and all remarkable objects, to be noted, the latitude to be taken every noon and evening, and the variation of the compass every evening, when the weather is fair: and that there be not less than one surveyor, two chain carriers, and two men with object staves, employed in making the same survey, who shall be sworn to execute the work: Provided, that the same can be done at an expense not exceeding two dollars per mile; and the Postmaster-General is hereby authorized to procure proper instruments for the purpose: Provided, that the expense do not exceed three hundred dollars, and the expense both of the surveys and instruments be paid out of the monies, which may be in his hands for postage.

Approved, May 11, 1812.