United States Statutes at Large/Volume 2/6th Congress/1st Session/Chapter 32

United States Statutes at Large, Volume 2
United States Congress
Public Acts of the Sixth Congress, 1st Session, Chapter XXXII

April 23, 1800.
Chap. XXXII.—An Act to alter and establish sundry Post Roads.

Section 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,Discontinuance of certain post roads.
Act of May 1, 1810.
That the following post roads be discontinued, viz:—From Washington to Petersburg, in Georgia; From Augusta, by Robinson’s, at the White Ponds, and Gillet’s Mills, to Coosawhatchie; from Charlotte, by Lincolnton, to Statesville, North Carolina; from Chester Courthouse to Spartan Courthouse; from Fayetteville, by Lumberton, to Cheraw Courthouse; from Moffat’s store to Danville; from Culpepper Courthouse to Orange Discontinuance of certain post roads.Courthouse; from Leesburg to Faquier Courthouse; from Tappahannock, by Richmond Courthouse, and Westmoreland Courthouse, to Kinsale; from Prince Edward Courthouse to Lynchburg; from Easton, by New Market, to Vienna; from Allensfresh, by Hoe’s ferry, to Port Conway; from Bladensburg to Upper Marlborough; from Harrisburg, by Petersburg, Millerstown, Thompsontown, Mifflintown, Lewistown, Huntingdon, Alexandria, Center Furnace, Bellefont, Milesburg, Aaronsburg, Mifflinsburg, Lewisburg, Northumberland and Sunbury, to Harrisburg; From Easton to Sussex Courthouse; From New Brunswick to New Germantown; from Washington, in Pennsylvania, to Wheeling, in Virginia; from Old Fort Schuyler, by Cincinnatus, to Orxford; from Vergennes to Basonharbor, to Plattsburg; from Rome to Rotterdam; from Boston, by Taunton, to New Bedford; from Camden, by Lancaster, South Carolina, Charlotte, North Carolina, and Lincolnton, to Statesville, North Carolina; from Fayetteville, to Pittsburg, in Chatham county; from Halifax Courthouse, Virginia, by Danville, to Caswell Courthouse; from Liberty, by Rocky Mount, to Martinville; from Louisburg, by Nash Courthouse, to Tarborough; from Newbern, by Beaufort and Swansborough, to Newbern; from Rutherfordton, to Spartanburg; from Springfield, Massachusetts, to Northampton; from Standish, in Maine, by Flintstown, and Fryberg, to Conway, Tamworth and Sandwich, in New Hampshire; from Suffolk, by South Quay, to Murfreesborough; from Wilmington, North Carolina, to Georgetown, South Carolina; from Petersburg, by Sussex Courthouse, and Southampton courthouse, to South Quay.

New post roads established.Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the following be established as post roads, viz.

In Georgia.—From Augusta to Petersburg, by Lincoln Courthouse; from Franklin Courthouse to Jackson Courthouse; from Georgetown to Warrenton; from Louisville to Saundersville; from Washington to Ogelthorpe Courthouse.

In South Carolina..—From Augusta, Georgia, by the Three Runs, to Coosawhatchie; the post road from Edgefield Courthouse, to Augusta, shall pass through Campbeltown; from Georgetown, by Willtown, Greenville, and Chatham, to Richmond Courthouse, North Carolina; from Statesburg, by Salem Courthouse, and Kingstree, to Willtown; from Columbia to Clarendon Courthouse; from Chester Courthouse, by York Courthouse, Pinckneyville, and Union Courthouse, to Spartansburg.

In North Carolina.—From Washington to Bath, and from thence by Woodstock, to Hyde Courthouse; From Fayetteville, by M‘Fall’s, and Winfield’s, to Cheraw Courthouse, South Carolina; from Fayetteville, by Lumberton and Barefield’s mill, to Willtown, South Carolina; from Lumberton, by Elizabethtown, to the house of John Anders, or William H. Beaty, on South River; from Fayetteville to Wilmington; from Charlotte, by Lincolnton, and Morganton, Buncomb Courthouse, the Warm Springs, and thence to Greenville, in Tennessee; the post road from Salem to Salisbury, shall pass through Lexington; the post road from Raleigh to Newbern, shall pass through the county of Davie; the post road from Moore Courthouse to Salisbury, to pass by the new or old Courthouse of Randolph, as may be found most eligible; from Rockford to Grayson Courthouse, Virginia.

In Tennessee.—From Knoxville to Marysville; from Sullivan Courthouse, by Hawkins Courthouse, and Orr’s tavern, to Knoxville; from Nashville, by Robertson Courthouse, and Montgomery Courthouse, to Palmyra; from Nashville to Natchez, in the Mississippi territory; the post road which now passes from Abington, in Virginia, to Knoxville, in Tennessee, shall hereafter pass by Sullivan Courthouse, Jonesborough, Greenville, Cheek’s cross roads, and Jefferson Courthouse.

In Kentucky.—From Frankfort, by Versailles, and Richmond, to New post roads established.Orr’s tavern, Tennessee; from Danville, by Standford, to Lancaster; from Frankfort, by Clark Courthouse, Montgomery Courthouse, and Fleming Courthouse, to Washington; from Frankfort, by Scott Courthouse, Harrison Courthouse, Pendleton Courthouse, and Campbell Courthouse, to Cincinnati, North Western Territory; from Frankfort, by Shelbysville, Bardstown, Hardin Courthouse, and Logan Courthouse, to Robinson courthouse, in Tennessee; the post road from Washington, to Cincinnati, shall pass by Bracken Courthouse; the post road from Beardstown, to Louisville, shall pass through Shepherdsville; from Logan Courthouse, by Christian Courthouse, Livingston Courthouse, Henderson Courthouse, to Muhlenberg Courthouse; and from Logan Courthouse, by Warren Courthouse, and Barren Courthouse, to Green Courthouse.

In the North West Territory.—From Washington, Kentucky, by Manchester, in North Western Territory, to Chilicothe; from Louisville, Kentucky, to Vincennes; from Zanes, on the Muskingum, to Marietta.

In Virginia.—From Culpepper Courthouse, by Madison Courthouse, to Orange Courthouse; from Fredericksburg, by Spotsylvania Courthouse, and Louisa Courthouse, to Columbia; from Fredericksburg, by King George Courthouse, Mattoxbridge, Leedstown, Westmoreland Courthouse on Templeman’s cross roads, Richmond Courthouse, and Farnham, to Kinsale; from Fredericksburg, by Rogers’ mills, Chiles’ store, Chesterfield, Oxford, and Crew’s store, to Goochland Courthouse; from King and Queen Courthouse, to Shackleford’s store; from Gloucester Courthouse, to Matthews Courthouse; from Moorefields, by Franklin, to Bath Courthouse; from Richmond, by Coles’ in Chesterfield county, Janetoebridge, Amelia Courthouse, Pridesville, and Ligontown, to Jamestown; from Petersburg, by Amelia Courthouse, Nottaway Courthouse, Bibb’s ferry on Staunton river, to Halifax Courthouse; from Alexandria, by Centerville, Middleburg, Paris, and Millwood, to Winchester; from Cartersville, by New Canton, Buckingham Courthouse, and Bent Creek, to Lynchburg; from Romney, by Springfield and Frankfort, to Cumberland, in Maryland; From Centerville, by the Red House, to Fauquier Courthouse; from Washington, Pennsylvania, by Charlestown or Brooke Courthouse, in Virginia, to Wheeling; the post road from Alexandria to Leesburg, shall pass through Matildaville; and the post road from Leesburg, to Shepherdstown, shall pass through Charlestown, in the county of Berkeley; the post road from Sweetspring, to Greenbrier Courthouse, shall pass by Monroe Courthouse; from Greenbrier Courthouse to Kanhaway Courhouse; from Lexington, direct to Cabellsburg; from Mecklenburg Courthouse, the mail shall return by Christian’s store, at Coxe’s, to Lunenburg Courthouse, and Edmond’s store, to Gholson’s.

In Maryland.—From Baltimore, by Reisterstown, Westminster, Taneytown and Emmitsburg, to Fairfield, Pennsylvania; from Baltimore, by Libertytown, to Fredericktown; and from Fredericktown, by Harper’s Ferry, to Charlestown, in Berkeley county, Virginia; from Port Tobacco, by the Top of the Hill, to Nanjemoy; from Leonardtown, by the Great Mill to the Ridge; from Washington, to Upper Marlborough; from Washington, by Queen Ann, to Annapolis; from Easton, by Cambridge and New Market, to Vienna; from Easton, by Hillsborough, Denton and Greensborough, to Whitelysburgh.

In Pennsylvania.—From Lancaster, by Elizabethtown and Middletown, to Harrisburg, Sunbury, and Northumberland; from Lancaster to New Holland; from Harrisburg, by Clark’s ferry, Millerstown, Thompsontown, Mifflintown, Lewistown, and Huntington, to Alexandria; from Lewistown, by Mifflintown, Aaronsburg, Milesburg, and Bellefont, to Centre Furnace; from Lewistown, by Muncey, and Milton, to Williamsport; from Northumberland, to Berwick, and thence by New post roads established.Catawassee, to Northumberland; from Wilkesbarre, by Wyalusing, to Athens; from Union, to New Geneva; from Pittsburg, by Franklin, Meadsville, and Le Beuf, to Presqu’isle; from Washington to Waynesburg.

In New York.—From Hudson, by Katskill, Harpersfield, Ouliout, Unadilla, and Union, to Athens, Pennsylvania; from Athens, Pennsylvania, by Newtown, Painted Post, and Bath, to Canandarqua; from Utica, by New Hartford, Hamilton and Sherbourne, to Oxford; from Cooperstown, on the State road, to Scipio; from Vergennes, Vermont, by Charlotte, Vermont, and Peru, to Plattsburg.

In New Jersey.—From Easton, Pennsylvania, by Belvidere, and Johnsonburg, to Newtown; from New Brunswick, by Somerset Courthouse, and Pluckemin, to New Germantown; from Trenton, by Bordentown, Slabtown, Mount Holly, Moorestown, and Haddenfield, to Philadelphia.

In Connecticut.—From Fairfield, by Trumbull, Huntington, Newtown, and Brookfield, to New Milford.

In Massachusetts.—From Boston, by Bridgewater, and Taunton, to New Bedford; from New Bedford, by Rochester, and Wareham, to Sandwich; from Hanover, by Scituate, Marshfield, and Duxbury, to Kingston; from Truro to Provincetown; from Billerica, by Patucket bridge, to Dracut, and Hovey’s tavern, to Pelham, and Nottingham, West, in New Hampshire; from Concord, by Groton, New Ipswich, and Jaffray, to Marlborough, New Hampshire.

In Vermont.—From Westminster, by Bellows Falls, through Rockingham, Chester, and Cavendish, to Rutland; from Newbury, to Danville; from Burlington, through St. Albans, to Hyegate.

In New Hampshire.—From Exeter, by Nottingham, to Concord; from Salisbury, through Grafton, to Hanover.

In Maine.—From Portland, by Windham, Waterford, Buckfield, and Turner, to Portland; from Bucktown, to Edenton.

Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That nothing contained in this act shall be construed so as to affect any existing contracts for carrying the mail.

Approved, April 23, 1800.