United States Statutes at Large/Volume 2/6th Congress/1st Session/Chapter 57

United States Statutes at Large, Volume 2
United States Congress
Public Acts of the Sixth Congress, 1st Session, Chapter LVII

May 10, 1800.
Chap. LVII.—An Act to make appropriations for the Navy of the United States, during the year one thousand eight hundred.

Appropriations.Section 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That for defraying the expenses of the navy of the United States, during the year one thousand eight hundred, there shall be, and hereby is appropriated the sum of two millions, four hundred and eighty-two thousand nine hundred and fifty-three dollars and ninety-nine cents, that is to say: for the pay of the officers of the navy of the United States, the sum of three hundred and ninety-one thousand five hundred and ninety-six dollars; for the subsistence of the officers of the navy, the sum of seventy thousand, seven hundred and twenty-two dollars and forty cents; for the pay of the seamen, the sum of eight hundred and eighteen thousand three hundred and forty dollars; for provisions, the sum of six hundred and three thousand, six hundred and forty-two dollars and sixty-seven cents; for contingent expenses, including the waste of military stores, the expense of the navy store at Philadelphia, comprising storekeeper’s salary, clerk hire, store rent, labourers, porterage and freight, and for making good deficiencies in former appropriations, and for similar expenses at Boston, Newport, Baltimore, Norfolk, New York, and other ports, the sum of three hundred and ninety-three thousand six hundred dollars; for the expense of hospitals, medicines and hospital stores, the sum of thirty-two thousand six hundred and forty-seven dollars and twenty cents; for the support of the revenue cutters while employed in the navy service, the sum of ten thousand dollars; for the pay of the officers, non-commissioned officers and privates of the marine corps, the sum of ninety-four thousand, seven hundred and thirty-four dollars; for subsistence of the officers of the said corps, the sum of eight thousand and eighteen dollars and sixty cents; for clothing for the said corps, the sum of thirty-three thousand five hundred and thirty dollars, and seventy-four cents; for military stores for the said corps, the sum of twelve thousand two hundred and seventy-seven dollars and eighty-eight cents; for the contingent expenses of the said corps, including camp equipage, quartermasters, barrack-masters, and hospital stores, and bounties and premiums, the sum of thirteen thousand eight hundred and forty-four dollars.

Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the aforesaid appropriations shall be paid out of any monies in the treasury of the United States, not otherwise appropriated.

Approved, May 10, 1800.