United States Statutes at Large/Volume 2/9th Congress/1st Session/Chapter 55

United States Statutes at Large, Volume 2
United States Congress
Public Acts of the Ninth Congress, 1st Session, LV

April 21, 1806.
Chap. LV.—An Act further to alter and establish certain Post Roads; and for other purposes.

Repealed 1810, ch. 30.
Post roads discontinued.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following post roads shall be discontinued: from Dixon’s Spring, to Lebanon, in Tennessee; and from Raleigh, by Haywood, Chatham Courthouse, and Chapel Hill, to Hillsborough in North Carolina.

Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the following post roads be established:

Post roads established.In Massachusetts.—From Granville, through Sandisfield and New Marlborough, to Stockbridge; and from Rochester, by Middleborough, East Meeting House, to East Bridgewater; from Brookfield, through Brimfield in Massachusetts, to Stafford Springs, and thence to Tolland in Connecticut.

In the district of Maine.—From Brewer’s to Plantation number five; from Vassalborough, through Fairfax, Unity, Collegetown, to Hamden; from Buckfield, through Hartford, to Livermore; and from New Milford, through Ballstown, Palermo, and Davistown, to Belfast.

In Vermont.—From Royalton, through Tunbridge, Chelsea, and Vershire, to Corinth.

In Connecticut.—From Pomfret, through Gloucester, to Providence in Rhode Island. Post roads established.In New York.—From the town of Cherry Valley, through Springfield, Richfield, Plainfield, and Bridgewater, to Sangersfield; and from Harrisburg, through Williamstown, Ogdensburg, Potsdam, Chautaugay, to Plattsburg; from Rome, through Redfield, Adams, by Smith’s mills to Sacket Harbor, and from thence to Chemangh; from Bath, through Canistio-town, Danville, and Williamsburg, to Hartford; and from Ondandago to the village of Oswego in Lysander; and a cross post from West Hampton, to River Head; from New Lebanon, in the state of New York, by Hancock, Richmond, Lennox, Lee, Becket, Loudon, and Sandisfield, in Massachusetts, to New Hartford in Connecticut.

In New Jersey.—From Belvidere to Stroudsburg, in Pennsylvania.

In Pennsylvania.—From Berlin, through Salisbury, to Cumberland; from Greensburgh to Kittanning; from Tuckhannok to Chenango Point in New York; and from Greensburgh, through Mount Pleasant, Robbstown, and Williamsport, to Washington; and from Washington, through Alexandria, to Wheeling; from Gettysburg, through Miller’s town, Nicholson’s Gap, and Waynesburg, to Green Castle.

In Delaware.—From the village of Christiana, through Newark, to Strasburgh in Pennsylvania; and from Georgetown, through Concord, to Laurel.

In Maryland.—The post road from Vienna, in Dorchester county, to Snow Hill, in Worcester county, and thence returning to Vienna, may, in the discretion of the Postmaster-General, be so altered as to pass over Wicomico lower ferry and Quantico mills: Provided, no additional expense in transporting the mail shall be incurred thereby.

In Virginia.—From Lynchburg to Lexington; from Waterford to Sniker’s Gap, by the stores of Robert Braden and Jessy Janny, and from thence to Upperville, and to return by Israel Janny’s mill; from Wythe Courthouse, by Tazewell Courthouse, Russel Courthouse, Lee Courthouse, to Robinson’s mills; and from Madison Courthouse to Stanardsville; the post road from Manchester to Colesville, shall pass by Chesterfield Courthouse and Spring Hill.

In North Carolina.—From Averysborough by Haywood, Chatham Courthouse, to cross Haw river near Jones’ ferry, to Hillsborough; from Raleigh, by Chapel Hill, to Hillsborough; from Wilmington through Conwayborough to Georgetown, in South Carolina; and from Wilksborough to Ashe Courthouse.

In South Carolina.—From Portsferry to Conwayborough; and from Portsferry, by Marion Courthouse, to Thomas Harley’s.

In Georgia.—From Washington to Petersburg, and from Athens to Knoxville in Tennessee.

In Ohio.—From Cincinnati, by North Bend, to Lawrenceburgh in the Indiana territory; from Austinburg to Erie in Pennsylvania, and from Franklinton to Worthington.

In Kentucky.—From New Castle or Henry Courthouse, by Gallatin Courthouse and Boone Courthouse, to Laurenceburgh, in the Indiana territory; and the post road from Henderson to Eddeville shall pass by Livingston Courthouse.

In Tennessee.—From Mount Granger to Carthage, thence, by Kavenaught, to Lebanon; from Nashville to Charlotte; from Burville by Walnut Cove, thence along the turnpike road, by way of Chitwood’s to Pulaski in Kentucky; and from Palmyra to Stuart Courthouse, and thence to Eddyville.

In Orleans Territory.—From Rapid settlement to Opelousa.

Sum appropriated on account of Joseph H. Webb.Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That a sum not exceeding two hundred and fifty dollars, be, and the same is hereby appropriated, out of any monies in the treasury not otherwise appropriated, to enable the Postmaster-General to defray the expenses which already are, or hereafter may be incurred in providing for the accommodation of Josiah H. Webb, who, in August last, was wounded by some person unknown, whilst he was employed in carrying the mail of the United States, and who is now under the care of the commandant at fort Stoddert.

Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That this act shall not be so construed as to affect any existing contract for carrying the mail.

Approved, April 21, 1806.