United States Statutes at Large/Volume 2/9th Congress/2nd Session/Chapter 43

United States Statutes at Large, Volume 2
United States Congress
Public Acts of the Ninth Congress, 2nd Session, XLIII

March 3, 1807.
Chap. XLIII.—An Act to establish certain Post Roads; and for other purposes.

Act of April 28, 1810, ch. 30, sec. 2.Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following post roads be established:

Post roads established.In Orleans.—From New Orleans to the Balize, and from New Orleans, by the mouth of the Fourche, mouth of the canal of Attakapas, lake Veret, the ferry of lake Veret, the mouth of the Teache, the church of Attacapas, and the church of Appelousas, to Rapides. And the Postmaster-General be, and he is hereby authorized to allow and pay to the postmaster, which may be appointed at the Balize, in addition to the legal fees of office, such sum as he may judge reasonable, not exceeding four hundred dollars per annum, as a compensation for his services.

A road to be opened, on the route from Athens to New Orleans.
Unexpended balance of a former appropriation to be applied to this object.
Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the President of the United States is hereby authorized, to cause to be opened a road from the thirty-first degree of north latitude to New Orleans, on the route from Athens to New Orleans, under such regulations as may be agreed upon for that purpose, between the executive of the United States and the Spanish government: and he is hereby authorized to expend, in opening the same, any part of the money heretofore appropriated for opening a road on the said route, from the frontier of Georgia to the thirty-first degree of north latitude, which remains unexpended.

Approved, March 3, 1807.