United States Statutes at Large/Volume 3/13th Congress/2nd Session/Chapter 75

United States Statutes at Large, Volume 3
United States Congress
Public Acts of the Thirteenth Congress, 2nd Session, Chapter 75

April 18, 1814.
Chap. LXXV.—An Act to alter and establish certain post-roads.

Discontinuance of post-roads.Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the post-roads hereafter named be discontinued:

Maryland. In Maryland.— From Queen Ann’s to Pig Point.

Virginia. In Virginia.— From Mecklenburg Courthouse, by St. Tammany and Lombardy Grove, to Gees’ Bridge. From Tazewell Courthouse, by Russell Courthouse and Lee Courthouse, to Cumberland Gap. From Springfield to Romny.

Discontinuance of post-roads.
North Carolina.
In North Carolina.—From Suffolk, by Gates Courthouse, to Edenton. From Elizabethtown to Whitesville. From Charlotte, by Beaty’s Ford, to Lincolnton.

Georgia.In Georgia.—From Greensborough to Washington. From Darien, by Jones to Milledgeville.

Kentucky.In Kentucky.—From Lewis Courthouse, by Flemingsburg, Millersburg, Mount Sterling, Olympian Springs, and Little Sandy salt works, to Cattletsburg.

Tennessee.In Tennessee.—From Alexander’s, by White Plains, to Carthage. From Bledsoe Courthouse to Franklin Courthouse.

Ohio.In Ohio.—From Steubenville, by Faucettstown, to New Lisbon. From New Lisbon, by Salem, to Columbiana. From Springfield to Troy. From Zanesville to Coshocton.

Louisiana.In Louisiana.—From La Fourch, by Point Coupee, to Opeloosa.

Establishment of post-roads.Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the following be established post-roads:

New Hampshire.In New Hampshire.—The post-road from Rochester to Wakefield be altered so that it pass through Farmington, Middleton, and Wolfborough, to Wakefield.

Maine.In Maine.—From Waterford, by Norway, Plantation Third, Rumford and Bethel, to Waterford. From Livermore, by Jay and Wilton, to Farmington.

Massachusetts.In Massachusetts.—From Springfield to Southwick. From Stafford, Connecticut, by Monson, to Palmer, in Massachusetts. From Hatfield, by Whately, Conway, and Ashfield, to Charlemont. From Athol to Greenfield. From Kingston to Halifax.

Connecticut.In Connecticut.—From Middletown, by Hebron, to Windham. From Sharon, by Ellsworth, Cornwall bridge, and Warren, to Litchfield. From Providence, Rhode Island, through Scituate, to Ashford, in Connecticut.

New York.In New York.—From Bettsburg to Deposit. From Albany, by Bath, Sand Lake, Stephenson, Hancock, and Lanesborough, to Dalton, in Massachusetts. From Sheldon, by Willink and Hamburg, to Buffaloe. From Onondago, by Tully, Preble, and Homer, to Courtland Courthouse. From Chesterfield to Jay, in Essex county. From Peekskill, by West point, to Newsburg. From Stamford, by Waterville, to Roseville. From Esperanza, by Scoharie Courthouse and Middleburg, to Stanford, on the turnpike road. From Middletown, Delaware county, by Colchester and Hancock, to Deposit. From Aurelius to Sempronius. From Brooklyn to Flatbush. From Albany, by Spencertown, to Sheffield, in Massachusetts. From Cairo, by Windham, to Lexington. From Green, on the turnpike, west, to Lisle.

New Jersey.In New Jersey.—From Morristown, by Newtown, to Millford, in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania.In Pennsylvania.— From Wysor, by Orewill and Warren, to Nanticocke, in New Jersey. From Washington to West Alexandria. From York, by York Haven, to Middletown. From Somerset, by Melford, Turkyfoot and Addison, to Smith’s Stand on the national road. From Lewistown, by Beavertown to Burgetstown. From Burgestown, by Hookstown, Georgetown, Beaver bridge and Fulkstown, to New Lisbon, in Ohio. From Burlingville to Easton. From Wilmington, by West Chester, to Pottsgrove, Swamp Churches and Summary town, to Samuel Seller’s tavern, on the post-road leading from Philadelphia towards Bethlehem, in Bucks county. From the town of Indiana, through Kataning to Butler Town.

Ohio.In Ohio.—From Urbanna to Springfield, in Champaign county. From Canton, by Springfield, Suffield, Talmadge and Stow, to Cleveland.

Establishment of post-roads.From Portsmouth to Vanceburg, in Kentucky. From Urbanna to Troy. From Chilicotha, by Lebanon, to Cincinnati. From Athens, by Lancaster, to Columbus. From Cadiz, by Freeport, White Eyes Plains, Coshocton, Mount Vernon and Clinton, to Frederickstown. From Steubenville, by Faucettstown, Fulkstown, Achor, Fairfield, Columbiana, Salem, Grissels, Sandy Store, Thompson’s salt works, and Lower salt works, to Steubenville. From Columbus, by Washington, to New-market. From Columbus, by London, to Xenia.

Indiana.In Indiana.—From Eaton, in Ohio, to Salisbury. From Washington Courthouse to Valonia. From Charlestown, by Washington Courthouse and Lindly’s mills, to Vincennes.

Illinois.In Illinois.—From Cahokia, by Madison Courthouse and Clinton Hill, to Cahokia. From Kaskaskia to Johnson Courthouse.

Delaware.In Illinois.—From Chrisstiana to Newark.

Maryland.In Maryland.—From Libertytown, by Union Bridge and Uniontown.

Virginia.In Virginia.—From Clarksburg, by Morgantown, Waynesboro’, in Pennsylvania, to Wheeling. From Monroe Courthouse to Lewisburg. From Fredericksburg to the mouth of the Potomac run. From Fincastle, by the mouth of the Cowpasture, to Callahan’s. From Norfolk, by Elizabeth-city, to Edenton, in North Carolina. From Wood Courthouse to Jacksonville. From Abingdon, by Russel Courthouse and Mockinson Gap, to Abingdon. From Pughtown to Springfield. From Dumfries, by Walnut Branch, to Fauquier Courthouse. From Columbia to Warren. From Charlottesville to Warren.From Percival’s, by Lewisville and Lombardy Grove, to St. Tammany. From Petersburg, by Frenchtown, to Morganville. From Hanover Courthouse, by Hanover-town and New-Castle, to New Kent Courthouse.

Kentucky.In Kentucky.—From Mount Sterling to Floys Courthouse. From Bairdstown, by Grayson Courthouse and Butler Courthouse, to Russelville. From Washington, by Williamsburg, to Lewis Courthouse. From Greenup Courthouse to Little Sandy salt works.

North Carolina.In North Carolina.—From Grayson Courthouse, Virginia, by Edwards and M'Millen’s, to Ash Courthouse. From Suffolk, Virginia, by Sunbury and Gates Courthouse, to Edenton. From Trent Bridge, by Trenton, to Duplin Courthouse. From Winton to Gates Courthouse. From Windsor to Williamston’s. From Wilmington, by Whiteville and Fairbluff, to Barfield Mill, in South Carolina. From Charlotte to Lincolnton. From Hillsborough, by High Rock, to Lennox Castle.

Tennessee.In Tennessee.—From Newport, by Greenville, Rogersville, and Lee Courthouse, in Virginia, to Cumberland Gap. From Carthage, by Sparta, to Alexander’s and Winchester, in Franklin county, to Huntsville, in the Mississippi territory.

South Carolina.In South Carolina.—From Belfast, by Satterthwait’s, to Cambridge.

Georgia.In Georgia.—From Milledgeville, by Greenboro, Lexington, and Danielsville, to Carnsville. From Milledgeville, by Irvington, Dublin, Montgomery Courthouse, Tatnal Courthouse, and Barrington, to Darien. From Dublin to Telfair Courthouse. From Riceboro, by Barrington and Jefferson, to St. Marys. From Brunswick to Frederica.

Louisiana.In Louisiana.—From Blanchardsville, by Assumption, to Opeloosa. From Assumption to La Fourch (Interior) Courthouse. From Concordia to Washita Courthouse. From Concordia to Warren Courthouse.

Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the Postmaster-general cause a mail to be carried from the nearest post-office on any established post-road to the Courthouse of any county which is now, or may hereafter be, established in any of the states or territories of the United States, and which is not or will not otherwise be accommodated with the mail; and the road on which the same shall be so carried, shall thereupon become a post-road, and so continue until other provision shall be made by law for the accomodation thereof with the mail.

Certain documents may be transmitted by Secretary of State free of postage.Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That the Secretary of State be, and is hereby authorized to transmit by the mail, free of postage, one copy of the documents hereafter mentioned, being on subjects of a general nature, and which may be ordered to be printed by either house of Congress, namely, of communications with the accompanying documents, made by the President of the United States, or either house thereof; of reports made by Secretary of State, by the Secretary of Treasury, by the Secretary of War, by the Secretary of the Navy, by the Postmaster General, by the Commissioners of the Sinking Fund, to Congress, or either house thereof, in pursuance or any law or resolution of either house: affirmative reports on subjects of a general nature made to Congress, or either house thereof, by any committee respectively: for each of the Judges of the Supreme Court, and of the District Courts, and of the territories of the United States, to any post-office within the United States, they may respectively designate.

Approved, April 18, 1814.