United States Statutes at Large/Volume 3/14th Congress/1st Session/Chapter 171

United States Statutes at Large, Volume 3
United States Congress
Public Acts of the Fourteenth Congress, 1st Session, Chapter 171

April 30, 1816.
Chap. CLXXI.—An Act to establish post-roads.

Post-roads discontinued.
Act of April 30, 1810, ch. 37.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following post-roads be, and the same are hereby discontinued, that is to say,

From Portland, by Windham, Raymond, Bridgeton, Lovell, Waterford, Norway, Paris, Buckfield, Sumner, Hartford, Livermore, Turner, Poland, New Gloucester, and Hebron Academy, to Paris, in Maine.

From Waterford, by Norway, Rumford and Bethel, in Maine.

From Maryland to Milford, in New York.

From Delhi to Meredith, in New York.

From Onondaga, by Tully, Preble and Homer, to Courtland Courthouse in New York.

From Montgomery Courthouse, by Tatnall Courthouse and Barrington, to Darien in Georgia.

From Abington, by Russell Courthouse, and Mockinson Gap to Abbington, in Virginia.

From Rogersville, Tennessee, by Lee Courthouse, Virginia, to Cumberland Gap, in Tennessee.

From Huntington, by the north road, to Smithtown, in New York.

From Buckstown, by Frankfort, Hampden, Bangor, and No. I. to Orrington; also the route from Prospect, by Mount Ephraim, to Frankfort in Maine.

From Plymouth, by New Hampton, Meredith, Gilmanton, Northwood, Nottingham and Durham, to Portsmouth in New Hampshire.

From Greersburg, Pennsylvania, to New Lisbon, in Ohio.

Post-roads discontinued.From Barfields, by Port’s Ferry, to Johnson’s Ferry, on Lynch’s Creek, in South Carolina.

From Port’s Ferry to Conwayborough, South Carolina.

From Carthage to Lebanon, in Tennessee.

From Windsor to Williamston, in North Carolina.

From Triadelphia to Ellicott’s Mills.

From Galway to Broadalbin.

From Centreville to Leesburg.

From Taunton to Weymouth, in Massacusetts.

From Canton to Goshen, in Connecticut.

Post-roads established.Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the following be established as post-roads, viz:

Maine.In Maine.—From Lovell to Fryburg.

From Portland, by Poland, Hebron, Norway, Paris, Buckfield, Sumner, Hartford, Livermore, Turner, Minot, New Gloucester, and Hebron Academy, to Paris.

From Portland, by Windham, Raymond, Bridgeton, Lovell, Waterford, Norway, Paris, Rumford, Bethel and Albany, to Waterford.

From Norridgewalk, by Starks and Industry, to Farmington.

From Machias to Hagg’s Point, in Lubeck.

From Belfast, by Mount Ephraim, to Frankfort, Hampden and Bangor, to Edington.

From Augusta, by Brown’s Corner and Harlem, to Palermo.

From Orrington to Brewer.

From Canaan by Palmyra, New Port, Crosley town and Carmel, to Hampden.

New Hampshire.In New Hampshire.—From Plymouth, by Campton, Thornton, Peeling and Lincoln, to Franconia.

From Portsmouth, by Dover, Madberry, Barrington, Barnstead, Gilmanton, Meredith and New Hampton, to Plymouth.

Vermont.In Vermont.—From Grand Isle to Alburgh.

From Hyde Park, by Morristown and Stow, to Waterbury.

From Rutland, by Parkerstown, Pittsfield, to Stockbridge.

From Newbury, on the Passumpsie turnpike, by Barnet, St. Johnsberry, Lynden, Sheffield and Barton, to Derby.

From Colraine, Massachusetts, by Halifax and Whitingham, to Wilmington.

That the post-road from Monkton to Hinesburg, pass through Starksborough.

Massachusetts.In Massachusetts.—From Northampton, by Williamsburgh, Goshen, Plainfield and Savoy, to Adams.

From Worcester, by Milbury, Northridge and Uxbridge, to Smithfield, in Rhode Island.

From New Bedford, by Bridgewater, to Boston.

That the mail from Northampton to Worcester, pass through Paxton.

From the south parish of Bridgewater, by the west and north parishes of Bridgewater, Randolph and Milton, to Boston.

Connecticut.In Connecticut.—From Middletown to Killingworth.

From Hartford, through Canton, Torringford, Torrington, Goshen and Cornwall, to Sharon.

New York.In New York.—From Essex, by Westport, Moriah, Crown Point, Ticonderoga, Hague and Bolton, to Fort George, in Caldwell.

From Williamstown, Oneida county, by Richland, Ellisbury, and Henderson’s, to Sackett’s harbour in Jefferson county.

From Richfield, by Plainfield, Brookfield and Hamilton, to Skaneatelas.

From Catherinetown, by Reading, to Benton.

From Manlius, by Pompey east, and Pompey west, Hill, Tully, Preble and Homer, to Cortlandt Courthouse.

Post-roads established.From Whitehall, (to intersect the post-road from Albany to Middlebury, Vermont, at Granville,) to Pawlett, in Vermont.

From Sullivan, by Camillus, Brutus and Mentz, to Junius.

From Auburn, by Mentz, Cato and Walcott, to Sodus bay.

From Stamford, by Roseville, to Delhi.

From Maryland, by Otego and Milford, to Hamburg Post-office in Unadilla.

From Genoa to Auburn.

From Oswego, by Hannibal and Sterling, to Cato.

From Whitesborough along the new road to the east end of Oneida lake, to Camden.

From Brownsville to Cape Vincent.

From Saratoga Springs, by Palmertown and Moreau, to Sandy Hill.

From Canandaigua, by Rochester, and thence along the ridge road, to Lewistown.

From Owego, by Spencer Courthouse, in Tioga county, Dutch and Johnson’s settlements, to Catharinetown.

From Geneva, by Phelps and Lyong, to Sodus.

From Westport, by Elizabeth and Keene, to Jay.

From Newburgh, by Pleasant Valley, to New Paltz.

From Batavia, by Middlebury, to Warsaw.

From Goshen, by Minisink and Amity, to Warwick.

From Goshen, by Philipsburg, Middletown, Mount Hope, Deer Park and Carpenter’s Point, to Post-office in Montague, in New Jersey.

From Huntington, by Dixhill’s, to Smithtown.

From Hudson, by Kinderhook Landing, Castleton, and Shodack Landing, to Greenbush.

From Hudson to Lebanon.

From Sagg Harbour to Easthampton.

New Jersey.In New Jersey.—From New Brunswick, by Boundbrook, Middlebrook, Somerville, White House, Hunt’s Mills, and Bloomsbury, to Easton, in Pennsylvania.

From Pittstown, in the county of Hunterdon, by Bloomsbury and Stewartsville, to Harmony, in the county of Sussex.

From Jobstown, in the county of Burlington, to Egypt, in the county of Monmouth.

Pennsylvania.In Pennsylvania.—From Meadville, by forks of Oil Creek, Warren, and outlet of Chetauga lake, to Mayville, in New York.

From Seller’s tavern to Doylestown.

From Sunbury, by New Berlin, Union county, and Middleburg, to Lewistown.

From Lewisburg, by Loyal-sock Gap, to Williamsport.

From Bellefont, by Birmingham and Burgoes Gap, to Ebensburg.

From Downingstown, by Brandywine Manor, Waynesburg, Carnavon, Ephrata, Elizabeth, Cornwall and Humelstown, to Harrisburg.

From Beavertown to New Lisbon, in Ohio.

From Gettysburg, by Oxford and Berwick, to York.

From Bedford, by Johnstown, to Indiana.

Ohio.In Ohio.—From Waynesville, by Bellebrook, to Xenia.

From Hamilton, by Oxford, to Bath, in Franklin county, Indiana territory.

From Gallipolis to Aurora; from West Union to Ripley.

From Salem, by Canfield, Austintown, Warren, Braceville, Sharon, Nelson, Hiram, Mantua, and Aurora, to Newberry.

From West Union, by Hillsborough and Wilmington, to Xenia.

From Steubenville, by Salem, Millersburg, and Hamburg, to Canton.

From Gallipolis, by Sciota Salt Works, to Chillicothe.

From Avery, by Jessup, to Ridgeville, to intersect the post-route from Cleveland to Detroit at Rocky river.

Post-roads established.In Indiana Territory.—From Brookville, by Bath, to Salisbury.

Indiana Territory.From Valonia, by Brownstown, to New Natchez, in Jackson county.

From Vincennes to Emmerson’s mills, in Knox county.

That the post-road from Vincennes to Shawnestown pass through Harmony, in Gibson county.

Illinois Territory.In Illinois Territory.—From Shawnestown, by White Courthouse, and Edward Courthouse, to Vincennes, in Indiana territory.

Missouri Territory.In Missouri Territory.—From St. Louis, by Potosi and Lawrence Courthouse, to Arkansas.

From St. Charles, by Murphey’s in St. John’s settlement, to fort Cooper or Howard Courthouse.

Maryland.In Maryland.—From Triadelphia, by Damascus, to New Market.

From Hagerstown to McConnelstown, in Pennsylvania.

From Upper Marlborough to McGruder’s tavern, in Prince George’s county.

Virginia.In Virginia.—From Cabin Point, by J. Edmund’s, Baileysburg, Urquarhart’s store, and C. Bower’s, to South Quay.

From Wythe Courthouse, by Tazewell Courthouse, Russell Courthouse, Scott Courthouse, and Lee Courthouse, to Cumberland Gap, in Tennessee.

From Brown’s store, to Dickenson’s store, Franklin county.

From Winchester, by Cedar Creek, Trout Run, and Lost River, to Moorefields.

From Pittsylvania Courthouse, by B. Wadkin’s store, and Island Fort, Smith’s River, to Rockingham Courthouse, in North Carolina.

From Wythe Courthouse, to Giles Courthouse.

From New Canton, to Columbia.

From Aldie to Leesburg.

From Aldie to Battletown.

Kentucky.In Kentucky.—From Washington, by Maysville, to Xenia in Ohio.

From Columbia to Greensburg.

From Great Crossings, by Sanders’ mills, and New Fredericksburg, to Vevay, in Indiana territory.

From Washington, by Newton, Marysville, and Cynthiana, to Georgetown.

From Middletown to Brunerstown.

From Glasgow, by Hartsville, to Lebanon, in Tennessee.

North Carolina.In North Carolina.—From Tarborough, by Staunton’s Bridge, Snow Hill and Kinston, to Duplin Courthouse.

From Charlotte, by Harrisburg, Pine Hill, Alexander’s, Lanford and Lewisville, to Chester Courthouse in South Carolina.

From Murfreesborough, by Windsor, to Plymouth.

South Carolina.In South Carolina.—From Chesterfield Courthouse, by Lawry’s mills, and Pickett’s store, to Wadesborough, in North Carolina.

From Greenville Courthouse to Spartanburg.

From Barfield’s, by Marion Courthouse, or Gilesborough, and Godfrey’s ferry, to Johnson’s ferry, on Lynch creek.

From Conwayborough, by Gallivant’s ferry, to Marion Courthouse.

From Conwayborough to Smithfield, in North Carolina.

From Chester Courthouse to Louisville.

Georgia.In Georgia.—From Jefferson to Hurricane Shoals.

From Montgomery Courthouse, by Blackmore’s and Hardin’s, to Riceborough.

Tennessee.In Tennessee.—From Nashville by Murfreesborough, Stone Fort, and Winchester, in Tennessee, Lowry’s, Van’s old place, and Blackburn’s, to Athens, in Georgia.

From Lebanon, by Williamsburg, and Hilham, to Monroe.

From Sparta, by Liberty and Lebanon, to Nashville.

From Bean’s station, by Stiffey’s mill, to Iron works of Mossy creek, thence to Danbridge. From Maryville, by Morgantown, to Tellico block house.

From Port Royal to John Hunt’s, in Robertson’s county.

That the post road from Jonesborough to Greenville pass through Leesburg and Brownsburg.

Mississippi Territory.In Mississippi Territory.—From Franklin Courthouse, to Liberty, Amity Courthouse.

Approved, April 30, 1816.