United States Statutes at Large/Volume 3/14th Congress/2nd Session/Chapter 44

United States Statutes at Large, Volume 3
United States Congress
Public Acts of the Fourteenth Congress, 2nd Session, Chapter 44

March 3, 1817.
Chap. XLIV.—An Act to alter and establish certain post-roads.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,Post-roads discontinued. That the post-roads hereafter named be discontinued:

Pennsylvania.In Pennsylvania.—From Wysoxby, Orville and Warren to Nanticoke.

From Silver Lake or Montrose to Binghampton.

From Williamsport to Jersey Shore.

Virginia.In Virginia.—From Liberty to Fincastle.

Indiana.In Indiana.—From Brookville, by Bath and Lewistown, to Salisbury.

Kentucky.In Kentucky.—From Isbellville to Ewingville.

From Greenup c. h. to Little Sandy salt works.

From Danville, by Casey c.h., Pulaski c.h., Wayne c. h., Burksville and Columbia, to Danville.

Post-roads established.Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the following be established post-roads.

Maine.In Maine.—From Jay, by Jaypoint, Dixfield and Holmantown, to Rumford.

From Anson to Solon.

New Hampshire.In New Hampshire.—From Dunstable, by Nottingham West, to Pelham.

From Ackworth, Lempster and Unity, to Newport.

From Ossippe, by Effingham, to Parsonfield.

Vermont.In Vermont.—From Craftsborough, by Kelyvale, and Montgomery, to Richford.

Massachusetts.In Massachusetts.—From Groton, by Pepperel and Holles, to Amherst, N. H.

Connecticut.In Connecticut.—From Bridgeport, by Weston, Reading and Bethel, to Danbury.

From Stanford, by way of New Canaan, and North Ridgefield, to Danbury.

From Colchester, by Chatham, to Middletown.

New York.In New York.—From Chanandaigua, by Bristol, Richmond, Livonia, Gennessee and Warsaw, to Sheldon.

From Oswego Falls, by Port Glasgow and Portland, and along the ridge road by Carthage, to Rochester.

From Moscow, by the state road, to Buffalo.

From Oswego, by Montrose, Pa. and the turnpike to Milford, thence by Hamburg, in New Jersey, to Jersey City.

From Poughkeepsie, through Beekmantown, to New Milford.

From Bath, by Angelica, Hamilton, Cerestown, Pa. Coudersport and Jersey Shore, to Williamsport.

From Bath to Naples.

From Angelica, by Nunda and Leicester, to Batavia.

From Salem, by Hebron, Argyle and Fort Edwards, to Sandy Hill.

From Kingston, by Hurley, Marbletown, Rochester, Warsawsink, mamakoting, to Milford, Pa.

From Madison, by Peterboro, to the Sullivan Post-offive at the Chittenengo creek.

New Jersey.In New Jersey.—From Trenton, by Birmingham, Lambertsville, Prattsville, Frenchtown, Milford, and Hughes’ Forge, to Easton, Pa.

From Baskinridge, by New Providence, to Springfield, in Essex county.

Pennsylvania.In Pennsylvania.—From Newtown on the Somerset great road, by Fairfield meeting-hosue, to Armagh.

From Greensburgh, by the Great Salt works, to Indiana.

From Connelsville to Mount Pleasant.

From Kittaning to Roseburg.

From Franklin, by Oil Creek Town, Centreville, Bloomfield and Union, to Waterford.

From Lewistown, by Bellville, M’Aleavy’s, Henry’s and Petersburgh, to Alexandria; or, from Lewistown, by Bellville, Kisharvyville’s valley, Wilson’s mills, and Huntingdon, to Alexandria.

From Womelsdorf, by Rohrersburg, Pine Grove, Klingerstown, and Georgetown, to Sunbury.

From Meansville, by Wysox, Pike, Head of Wyalusing creek and Windham, to Montrose.

From Measville, by Sugar creek, and Smith’s, to Putnamville.

From Putnamville, by Columbia, Springfield, Athens and Old Sheshiquin, to Meansville.

Post-roads established.From Montrose, by Orwell and Warren, to Athens.

From Shickshenny, by Huntingdon, Jackson, and Evernvills, to Jerseytown.

Maryland.In Maryland.—From Westminster, by Taneytown and Emmittsburg, to Waynesburg.

From Baltimore, by Randalstown, Freedom and New Windsor, to Uniontown.

Ohio.From St. Clairsville, by Harrisville, Cadiz, Flushing, Morristown, Belmont and Barnsville, to Woodfield, thence by Dillon’s on Capteen Creek, to St. Clairsville.

From Dayton to Monroe.

From Columbus to Granville.

From London, by Springfield, to Dayton.

From Newark, by New Lebanon, to Lancaster.

From Cincinnati, by Carson’s, Ingersoll’s ferry, or town of Miami, Clarke’s store, and Harrison, to Brookville, Ind.

Virginia.In Virginia.—From Charlottesville, by Grayham’s store, to Brown’s turnpike.

From Liberty to Salem.

From Clarksburg, by Lewis c. h., to Point Pleasant.

From Hull’s store, in Pendleton county, to Bath c. h.

Kentucky.In Kentucky.—From Cattelsburg, by Little Sandy Salt works, Isle’s mills, Owingsville, and Mouth of Bald Eagle, to Paris.

From Louisville, by Middletown, New Castle, Twin meeting house, to Boone c. h.

From Russelville, by Elkton and Ewingville, to Hopkinsville.

From Hopkinsville, by Greenville, Madisonville, Bellville and Morganfield, to Shawneetown, (Indiana.)

From Elizabethtown, by Philadelphia, to Corydon (Indiana.)

From Danville, by Liberty and Somerset, to Monticello.

From Monticello, by Burksville, to Glasgow.

From Burksville to Columbia.

From Upper Blue-lick, by Moorfield, to Owingsville.

From Port William, by Bedford, to New Castle.

North Carolina.In North Carolina.—From Morgantown, by Rutherfordton, to Greenville, S. C.

Tennessee.In Tennessee.—From Boat-yard to Scott c. h.

From Danridge, by Seviersville, to Maryville.

From Knoxville, by Loysborough and Speedville Iron Works, to Cumberland Gap.

From Shelbyville to Winchester.

From Nashville, by John Hunts, to Clarksville.

From Morgantown, by Russel’s ferry, Chota, Tellico Plains, Beaver Dams and Griffins, to Carnesville, Ga.

South Carolina.In South Carolina.—From Pocotaligo, by Hickory Hill, in Prince William Parish, to Lower Three Runs, or Higginsbottoms.

From Cambridge, by Scuffletown, to Pickensville.

Georgia.In Georgia.—From Washington, by Elberton c. h. and Danielsville, to Carnesville.

Indiana.In Indiana.—From Corydon, by Shoemaker’s, Troy, Mount Pleasant, Darlington and Evansville, to Harmony.

From Corydon, by Fredericksburg, to Salem.

From lexington, by Salem, to Peola.

From Vincennes, by Emmersonville, Carlisle, and Terre Haut, to fort Harrison.

From Madison to New Castle, Ky.

From Madison to Vernon.

From Lawrenceburg, by Decatur, to Wilmington.

From Hamilton, O., by Bath, Brookville, Connersville, Waterloo, Centreville, Salisbury, Dunlapsville and Fairfield, to Brookville.

From Princeton to Hendersonton, Ky.

Approved, March 3, 1817.