United States Statutes at Large/Volume 3/15th Congress/1st Session/Chapter 13

United States Statutes at Large, Volume 3
United States Congress
Public Acts of the Fifteenth Congress, 1st Session, Chapter 13

Feb. 19, 1818.
Chap. XIII.—An Act making appropriations for the military service of the United States for the year one thousand eight hundred and eighteen.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following sums be, and the same are hereby, respectively, appropriated, viz:

Pay.For the pay of the army of the United States, one million three hundred and three thousand dollars:

Subsistence.For subsistence, one million twenty-five thousand nine hundred and twenty-seven dollars:

Forage.For forage for officers, three thousand one hundred and sixty-eight dollars:

Bounties, &c.For bounties and premiums, forty-four thousand dollars:

Clothing.For clothing, six hundred and eighteen thousand one hundred and fifty dollars:

Hospital department.For the medical and hospital department, fifteen thousand dollars:

Ordnance.For the ordnance department, one hundred and fifty-four thousand two hundred dollars:

Contracts for cannon, &c.For fulfilling contracts already entered into for cannon and shot, seventy thousand three hundred dollars:

For arsenals, &c.For completing the arsenals, and other works, at Watertown, near Boston, thirty-nine thousand dollars:

For an arsenal near Augusta, in Georgia, forty thousand dollars:

For an arsenal at Baton Rouge, fifteen thousand dollars:

For an arsenal at Detroit, ten thousand dollars:

For completing the arsenal and other works, at Watervliet, near Albany, ten thousand dollars.

For completing the arsenal and other works, at Pittsburg, five thousand dollars:

Armories.For armories, three hundred thousand dollars:

Quartermaster.For the quartermaster’s department, four hundred and sixty thousand dollars:

Contingencies.For contingencies of the army, sixty thousand dollars:

Indian department.For the Indian department, two hundred thousand dollars:

For the purchase of maps, plans, books, and instruments, for the war office, one thousand dollars:Maps, &c.

Gratuities, &c.For gratuities and travelling expenses to soldiers discharged, seventy thousand dollars:

Fuel, &c. for West Point.For fuel, transportation, class books, repairs of barracks, and other buildings, and for contingent expenses for the military academy at West Point, twelve thousand and seventy-five dollars:

Medals.For the expense of medals for the officers of the army, ten thousand dollars.

Running lines, &c.For marking and running the lines of the several cessions of land made by the Indians in the Illinois territory, five thousand dollars:

For defraying the expense, which may have been incurred, for running and marking the boundary lines of the several cessions of land made by the Indians in the Missouri territory, five thousand dollars:

For expense of a brigade of militia.To defray the expense of employing a brigade of militia, three hundred and six thousand seven hundred and forty-three dollars.

Approved, February 19, 1818.